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From Space Combat To Build-and-Battle In A Single Starhawk Mission

How does Starhawk for the PlayStation 3 seamlessly transition between twitchy spaceship shooter to strategic ground-based build-and-battle gameplay? Lightbox Interactive’s Dylan Jobe talks us through an entire single-player mission.

Yes, Starhawk Will Have Space Battles And Other Welcome Answers

The long-awaited official reveal of Warhawk sequel Starhawk brought with it just as many questions as it did answers. For instance, where are those outer space battles we’ve been hoping for? Oh, they’re in there!

How Long Is Starhawk, The PS3's Latest Shooter?

Starhawk designer Dylan Jobe tells Eurogamer: “Shooters these days range between five and eight hours, depending on a play through. We’re going to be in that range.” This is for singleplayer. Multiplayer, of course, is much longer. [Eurogamer]

All The Starhawk Gameplay Details You Can Handle In One Video

Following last night’s official reveal of Starhawk, the interstellar sequel to/spin-off of Warhawk, Sony and developer Lightbox Interactive reveal even more details on this huge shooter.

Rumoured Starhawk Screens Leak, Curiously Light On Stars

The follow-up to 2007 PlayStation 3 futuristic dogfighter/third-person shooter Warhawk hasn’t been a well kept secret. But it appears we may have gotten our first look at the spacey sequel, Starhawk, earlier than officially anticipated.

Warhawk in Spaaaaaace

Informed sources tell Kotaku that newly minted LightBox Interactive Studio, made up of members of Incognito, are hard at work on a new take on Warhawk.

Warhawk's Dylan Jobe Leaves Incognito, Forms New Studio

This morning Dylan Jobe announced that he and other members of Incognito Entertainment have left the company to form their own studio.

Warhawk Expansion Pegged For April

When Crecente shared tea and biscuits with Warhawk producer Dylan Jobe at GDC, he was told they were hoping to get the game’s second expansion out by either the second half of March or the first half of April. Looking like it’s the latter, as SCEA’s John Hight told Gamasutra yesterday: We just released an expansion on Warhawk in September, and we’ll release another one in April.

April it is, then! The State of PlayStation Network: John Hight Interviewed [Gamasutra]

Details On Warhawk Expansions, Patch

Warhawk’s game director, Dylan Jobe, has posted some more info on the game’s upcoming expansion pack, Omega Dawn. Also more info on the upcoming patch, and a possible expansion after this one. On Omega Dawn, he says you’ll be able to buy it in-game from the Warhawk store, which is handy. On the patch (1.2), it’ll go live on December 19 at 2:00am Pacific Time (simultaneous NA/Euro release), with the game servers down for six hours (2-8) while they roll it out. And on what comes next, he promises there’s “new stuff in the works for ground troops”, and that it’ll be free. Can’t argue with free. Warhawk: Omega Dawn FAQ [PlayStation.Blog]

Warhawk Dedicated Servers Are PS3s, Too

Dylan Jobe, Warhawk director and enthusiastic SIXAXIS manipulator, provides PlayStation.Blog readers with an interesting, behind-the-scenes look at the server cluster for the upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 multiplayer shooter. In addition to that massive stack of PS3s, Jobe udpates us on some fresh Warhawk multiplayer details, including support for global server lists, four-player split screen multiplayer even on multiplayer host consoles, and tips on identifying Sony dedicated servers. Good news all around for Warhawk hopefuls.

More pics of the impressive quantity of PS3 racks at the official PlayStation blog.

Behind The Curtain: The Warhawk Servers [PlayStation Blog, thanks ******]

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