e3 2013

There Was No Real Reason To Be Excited During E3, You Fool

Did you cheer when Sony delivered that epic smackdown retort to Microsoft’s unpopular policies during its E3 press conference this year? Did you gasp at the shiny newness of The Division? Were you choked up at seeing Mega Man in the upcoming Smash Bros game? You shouldn’t have been. The hobby/medium that you’ve loved has no pulse anymore. Only one man has the spine to tell it to you straight.

Japanese Gamers And Retailers On The Next Gen Consoles' Pricing

This year’s E3 turned out to be one of the more interesting and exciting conventions in recent memory. Unfortunately for yours truly, I was stuck across that pesky barrier, commonly referred to in geography classes as the Pacific Ocean. But that didn’t keep me and other interested peoples here in Japan from checking in on the happenings online.

Titanfall Sweeps Game Critic Awards With Six Wins At This Year's E3

E3 is for showing off the games that everyone will be talking about in the future. It’s a show about building buzz. And, this year, according to the various members of the media who dole out the Game Critics Awards, Titanfall is a game that folks should be paying attention to.

Here Are The Official 'Best Of E3 2013' Nominees

The Game Critic Awards, of which some editors of this website are judges, have announced their nominees for the 2013 Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 awards.

See Assassin's Creed IV's Improved Stealth, Naval Combat In New Trailer

Maybe you’re on the fence about Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and its whole pirate-centric motif. Well, you should let this latest clip reveal one crucial gameplay element to you: pirates were basically partying all the time. And lead character Edward Kenway can just sit down and have a drink with his fellow salty dogs when they’re chilling on the beach.

Nintendo's E3 Presentation, Now Shorter And With Way More Jokes

Nintendo may not have given an “official” E3 press conference, but that doesn’t mean it skipped the show entirely. If you didn’t get up early enough to watch the Nintendo Direct and its accompanying announcements (or if the lousy feed crapped out), you may be wondering just what was shown. Maybe you’d like to watch a shorter version with more jokes?

TowerFall Was The Most Fun I Had At E3

I have this problem having what humans call “fun” at E3. You see, to me, E3 is work — a pressure-cooker of exhaustion, hand sanitiser and confusing PR campaigns centred in an incredibly sad and weird part of Los Angeles.

Nintendo: All These Sequels Don't Mean We're 'Playing It Safe'

In a season of new Mario Karts and Donkey Kong Country games Nintendo hears the calls from supporters and critics to make something new. The answer: we’re already doing it.

I Can't Stop Watching This GIF From E3

Taken from a video by the folks at Digital Trends, this GIF is kind of unreal, and I can’t stop watching it. Just another example of what it can be like for women to be at a convention like E3.

No, Bethesda Didn't Secretly Show Fallout 4 At E3

The rumour windmill spun out of control this week as a number of people speculated that Bethesda had shown their newest Fallout game behind closed doors at E3, but the publisher says that’s just not true. It started with a tease by 2old2play.com writer Derek Nolan, who hinted that he had seen something unannounced at Bethesda’s booth during E3 in Los Angeles last week. Gaming forum NeoGAF picked up the tweets, and the breathless speculation began. An unannounced game? At E3? Fallout 4?