'When You're Making Fun Of His Suit, You're Making Fun Of His Mum'

Video: Far Cry 4′s Executive Producer Dan Hay gives yet another eccentric tidbit of information about Pagan Min, the game’s villain, in an interview Ubisoft just posted.

Sony Has Completed Their Big E3 Mural.

Sony has completed their big E3 mural. The the man standing in George Washington’s place is none other than Mr. Joey Chiu, better known as the first guy to buy a PlayStation 4. Congratulations, Mr. Chiu. Say hi to the Minecraft guy for us.

Evolve Wins 'Best Of Show' At E3 2014

As voted on by 28 outlets and Kotaku, here are the official Game Critics Awards winners of various E3 2014 awards, a good chunk of which were stolen by Evolve and No Man’s Sky, unsurprisingly.

What Nintendo's E3 Would Have Been Like In Tomodachi Life

Last week in my review, I described Tomodachi Life as “a bizarre, alternate universe where everybody had giant heads and spoke in ghostly robotic warbles”. If that’s not weird enough as it is (and it’s already pretty weird), imagine a veritable chorus of Nintendo developers chirping and prancing about in Mii form to hawk their latest games.

Why Mortal Kombat X Is So Gory

If you, like me, were in the front few rows of Sony’s E3 press conference when they showed off Mortal Kombat X on stage, you would also have been deafened by the loud cheers of excited gamers. They were oohing and aahing at decapitations and exposed organs and lost limbs.

Miyamoto Ponders Nintendo Making Games That Run On Handheld And Console

Could you imagine Nintendo making games that play on both their console and their handheld? Nintendo’s top game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, can. He told me he sees that as a challenge but also an “area of opportunity”.

Before It Was Revealed, No Man's Sky Had Some Sceptics

During the first year of No Man’s Sky‘s development, not even half of the Hello Games studio knew what a team of their four developers were working on.

Final E3 Comic: Excitement Versus Hype

E3 is all about presentation and it can be hard to see through some of the smoke and mirrors. But there’s genuine excitement around the games shown there too.

Velocity 2X Makes My Brain Hurt (In A Good Way)

Did you play Velocity or Velocity Ultra on Vita? You should — right at the end of the PSP’s life and at the beginning of the Vita’s, Brighton-based studio Futurlab came up with a compact but complex arcade space-shooter that was both nostalgic in its aesthetic and inspirations and playfully modern in its mechanics.

Shigeru Miyamoto Has A Question For All Of You

The man who made Mario and Zelda needs you to tell him something, Kotaku. As I was concluding my interview with him at E3 last week, I asked if he had anything else he’d like Kotaku readers to know. Oh, he did. But he also wanted to know something that only you can answer.