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EA Is Changing Their E3 Plans Big-Time

Electronic Arts is essentially skipping E3 this year, pulling out of the trade show in favour of their own events in Los Angeles and London that will be open to the public.

Assassin's Creed Creator Plans A Most Ambitious Comeback

The man who dreamt up Assassin’s Creed is working on a new game, the first thing you’ll be able to play from him since 2010. The long-time corporate game developer who has gone indie after an acrimonious split from Ubisoft is also level-designing his new office so that it’s a bit different from any other video game studio.

Three Very Different Upcoming Games That Impressed Me At E3

As I look over my notes from the big E3 show in Los Angeles earlier this month, three games stand out that I wanted to be sure to praise. I’m eager to play more of all of them.

Four Hours Of Final Fantasy VII Remake Reactions

Video: Do you have plans for the day? How about clearing your schedule so you can watch people’s Final Fantasy VII remake reactions?

Next From The Maker Of Katamari Damacy: Explosions And Poop

Get a bunch of your friends together. Eat some food. Poop out a new buddy. Then, blow them all up in a giant explosion. Yep, sounds like a Keita Takahashi game.

All The JRPGs I Played At E3

Last week I flew to Los Angeles for E3, an annual event in which all sorts of video game people gather to complain on Twitter about how busy they are.

Dark Souls 3's E3 Demo Was Kinda Dull. That's Fine, Right?

There’s always a dissonance when one of the most promising new games you see at E3 is also one of the least traditionally “exciting” ones.

Mirror's Edge 2 Seems More Skate-Park Than Racetrack

When the developers of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst introduced their new game at E3, they mostly focused on how players would be free to explore a large open world. Cool, I thought. Good. This is a good thing.

The Winners And Losers Of E3 2015

Video: Another year, another E3. Time to hand out some virtual awards. If you read Luke’s excellent (and hilarious) posts from earlier this week, you already have an idea what we thought of this year’s show. But our excellent production team has put together a slick summary of the E3 that was in video form. Enjoy!

The New Hitman's Creative Director Is Saying All The Right Things

On the last day of E3, I checked out the newly announced Hitman game, which is simply called Hitman. I also spoke with IO Interactive creative director Christian Elverdam, and he had some heartening things to say.

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