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Nintendo's President Already Has Some Wii U Regrets

The Wii U isn’t even a week old in the public eye, and already, Nintendo is lamenting that things could have gone a little better when it comes to the system’s reveal.

Japan's Video Game Decline Is "Humiliating"

At the 2009 Tokyo Game Show, game designer Keiji Inafune, then at Capcom, said the Japanese game industry was “finished”. At this year’s E3, one Square Enix exec seemed to realise just that.

The Xbox 360's Minecraft Will Be A Little Different

Minecraft is officially coming to the Xbox 360 this Fall. When it hits, though, don’t be surprised if it’s not the same Minecraft you’ve been playing on the PC.

Remember The PS Vita Memory And Game Cards (Don't Forget!)

Sony’s already showed off the proprietary PS Vita memory cards. At the E3 gaming expo, Sony showed them off again. This time was different.

The PlayStation Vita Is Region-Free (To The Best Of Sony's Knowledge)

Region-free gaming is something we should all be behind, whether we’re importers or citizens of countries with arcane classification laws. So whether the PlayStation Vita is region-free is, for many, a subject of great importance.

Battlefield 3 Out In October, Beta Starts A Little Earlier

Electronic Arts announced today that upcoming shooter Battlefield 3 will be released on October 25. Those who can’t wait that long, know that a “multiplatform beta” will kick off a little sooner, in September.

Adidas Ready To Coach Your Kinect And PS Move

THQ is bringing Adidas’ virtual coach platform miCoach to Kinect and PS Move sometime early next year. [Dtoid]

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