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New Trailer Hypes Battlefield 1's Campaign

Battlefield games are known for their multiplayer mode, but EA is trying to get fans invested in the campaign for Battlefield 1, too.

Titanfall 2's Movement Is Looking Sharp

It’s almost at the point where it looks a million times more fun than the mechs themselves.

The New Death Star DLC Makes Star Wars Battlefront More Interesting

The new paid Death Star expansion for Star Wars Battlefront won’t significantly alter the game’s reputation as a fairly casual shooter designed for quick, chaotic fun. But it does add an interesting three-stage mode that culminates with the possible destruction of the Death Star. That new mode at least makes a session with the game feel more substantial.

Battlefield 1 Gets Critical Horse Nerf

Battlefield 1 will see some changes now that its extended beta period is over. The most important? Horses will no longer be galloping death machines.

Titanfall 2's Campaign Could Have Had A Female Character

If you’ve been following news about Titanfall 2’s singleplayer, you’ll probably know that the protagonist is a bloke called Jack Cooper. And that sounds about right for a game that’s being made by a studio filled with Call of Duty alumni.

But that wasn’t always the case. The campaign would have originally let players choose between a male and a female avatar, but Respawn’s Joel Emslie explained why that wasn’t the case.

Skaters Are Pushing EA Really Hard To Make Skate 4

The Tony Hawk reboot last year confirmed what a lot of people felt: the skateboarding video game genre wasn’t quite what it used to be. It’s why, for instance, EA hasn’t really been particularly fussed about making Skate 4.

But skateboarders would really like EA to make Skate 4 anyway, and they’re trying to start a social media movement to make it happen.

Community Review: Battlefield 1 Beta

After about a full week, which wasn’t as long as people were probably expecting, the Battlefield 1 beta finally signed off.

And, for all intents and purposes, it was a success. At least in the sense that, yes, taking the Battlefield series back to WW1 was Not A Bad Idea.

Guy Tries To Play Battlefield 1 With Voice Commands, Gets Absolutely Wrecked

From clearing Dark Souls with a guitar controller to besting Ocarina of Time with a dance pad, players always find new ways to play games. Slimecicle tried to fight the good fight in Battlefield 1 using only his voice. It doesn’t go well.

Garden Warfare 2 Has So Much Fun With Its Free Updates

The steady stream of free content for Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 continues today with the release of Trials of Gnomus. It’s got a heavy Gnome theme, a Cats Vs. Dinos game mode and a mysterious, well-dressed vendor named Rux the Deal Breaker. Fun!

Here's Some Mass Effect: Andromeda Footage

At the PlayStation Meeting in New York early this morning, we finally got to see what Mass Effect: Andromeda actually looks like in the flesh.

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