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Madden 17's Cover Star Is Rob Gronkowski

The next cover athlete for Madden will be Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, EA announced this evening. Given that the Xbox Store leaked this news earlier today, the only real shock here is that he’s wearing a shirt.

Star Wars Battlefront Sells More Than 14 Million, Will Return Next Year

It might have suffered from a dearth of content and the audience on PC, particularly in Australia, didn’t hang around too long. But that didn’t stop EA and DICE from making a motza courtesy of Star Wars Battlefront, according to the group’s latest quarterly earnings.

The Next Battlefield Is Called Battlefield 1, Set In WW1

The PlayStation Store leaked the new Call of Duty, so it’s only fair that Xbox gets to leak the new Battlefield. This morning, that’s what happened, with the above image (showing character art from the new game) popping up on Xbox Live as part of an advertisement for the reveal stream.

Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes Gets Guilds, Raids And Huge PvPness

After spending several months sitting alone in the bathroom clicking Star Wars themed things on my phone, Galaxy of Heroes now gives players the ability to sit together in the bathroom clicking Star Wars themed things, complete with horrible guild names.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Has Been Slightly Delayed

Briefly: EA has just announced a slight delay for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The new release dates are June 7 for North America and June 9 for Europe. This is the second delay for the free-running first-person game, which was previously slated to come out in February but then moved to May 24.

Want To Know How Well The Xbox One Is Doing? Ask EA

Out of the three major console manufacturers, Sony has been the most vocal when it comes to their sales figures. And you would be too if you were beating your main rival to the tune of tens of millions of consoles.

So it’s understandable that Microsoft haven’t been overly loose lipped when it comes to the size of their install base. But that’s OK, because EA is.

New Mirror's Edge Game Locks Some Basic Skills Behind Upgrades

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst seemed like one of those games that was never going to happen, a sequel to a beloved game that wasn’t exactly a best-selling hit. Fans who have been waiting for more beautiful free-running are happy that it’s coming out soon, but some don’t like how it’s handling its upgrades.

Forums Abuzz About Possible Leaked Mass Effect Andromeda Footage

A video identified by NeoGAF user Taker34 as a demo reel from the website of a developer working on the next instalment of BioWare’s space opera shows off special effects and new movement abilities that may or may not show up in next year’s Mass Effect Andromeda.

EA Apologizes To Muslim UFC Fighter For Giving Him Christian Victory Celebration

EA Sports UFC 2 is a game that does its damnedest to imitate every element of the UFC broadcast experience (except for the weird part where it pretends commentator Mike Goldberg knows what he’s talking about). By and large, it works. It’s in the particulars that EA falters.

EA Sports UFC 2 Feels Great, But It Lacks Substance

Meet Brock “The Problem” Kucao, AKA Spider “The Spider” Spider. He may not look like much with his neon wildman hairdo and 29 instances of the same tattoo, but he’s gonna win the crap out of the UFC featherweight title.

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