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Here's A Whole Lot Of Battlefield 1 Footage

If you were fortunate enough to be attending the EA Play event outside of E3 this year, then you had a chance of getting some hands on with DICE’s take on World War 1 combat, Battlefield 1.

Criterion's Extreme Sports Game Is No More

At EA’s press conference at E3 two years ago, there was a curious video involving Criterion and a whole mishmash of vehicles and activities. It looked like it might be a extreme sports spin on Burnout Paradise, something that might finally satiate fans waiting for years for the studio to follow up on their classic arcade racer.

But that project has since been canned.

EA Could Have Published Rocket League

EA has made a note of promoting smaller indie games during their press conferences at E3, putting games like Unravel and Fe on the same stage as its major franchises.

But some developers are sceptical about how much of an effort EA wants to make in the indie space, as one Psyonix member cheekily pointed out this morning.

The PS4 Will Have A X-Wing VR Experience

EA and their racing game studio Criterion are making a Star Wars virtual reality mission that has you flying an X-Wing in VR. That will sure help get people into VR.

Podcast: E3 Day Zero

The theatres are empty; the subwoofers have all gone still. How did EA and Bethesda do? Time to discuss, on a special E3 bonus episode of Kotaku Splitscreen.

And Now, A One-Man Theatre Show From The Star Of FIFA 17

FIFA 17 has a story mode, EA said today at their press conference, while also supporting their local theatre troupe by hosting this beautifully committed one-man performance:

Titanfall 2's Vanguard SRS Collectors Edition Is $430

The lid’s finally off Titanfall 2, which means the lid is also off this pretty Titanfall 2 hat.

Which, to the surprise of no-one, costs a hell of a lot.

Everything You Missed From EA's Press Conference

E3 starts early this year with our very first conference. EA took to the stage today to show off Battlefield 1, Mass Effect Andromeda and Titanfall 2. Some very cool stuff here.

EA Originals Gives Big Support To Small Games

Today, during its E3 2016 press conference, EA announced EA Originals, a new program committed to partnering with small developers creating unique experiences and helping them bring their work to life.

Mass Effect Andromeda'sĀ SmilingĀ Asari Is Ridiculously Happy

Video game technology has made some amazing advancements over the last few years. Those advancements have given us exhilarating action, fantastical new worlds, and also the smiling Asari who appeared for approximately two seconds during EA’s Mass Effect Andromeda hype reel.

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