Star Wars Battlefront Looks Cool, But I'm Not Ready To Get Excited

Star Wars fans are easy marks. It’s one of our kind’s more endearing qualities, even while it tends to leave us vulnerable to being exploited. And we have been exploited, even by, perhaps accidentally, the man who created this universe and brand.

Watch The First Trailer For Star Wars Battlefront

After a decade of cancellations, false starts and one tragic studio demise, this is the year we’ll finally see a third Star Wars Battlefront game. Here’s our first look.

EA Is Closing The Only F2P Game I Ever Loved

While most free-to-play games are garbage, regardless of the platform, sometimes one of them sneaks past your defences and actually finds its way into your spare time. Even I, as hostile as I am to the business practice in general, have my weaknesses.

How To Get The Secret Alien Stuff In The New Sims 4 Expansion Pack

The Sims 4’s first expansion pack comes out this week. In addition to all the cool new career-focused additions Get To Work brings to the game, it also adds aliens into the mix. Here’s what you need to do to find them.

You Should Be Level 20 For Dragon Age's Surprise 1.5GB DLC

The surprise Jaws of Hakkon downloadable expansion for Dragon Age Inquisition appears to be designed for people who’ve played a fair amount of the game. Out today for PC and Xbox One, it advises players to be level 20.

Before Elder Scrolls, Bethesda Created... Madden

Bethesda is a developer famous for its work on the Elder Scrolls and (more recent) Fallout games. It’s also now a successful publisher. Over twenty-five years ago, though, it started small, playing an important — and controversial — part in the creation of the… Madden series.

Battlefield Hardline Tries Real Hard Not To Be Battlefield

Battlefield Hardine is a shooter that rewards not shooting. In the single player at least. If you wondered how it would deal with the idea of a ‘bad cop’ in the current real-world climate, it turns out the solution is, ironically, to pretend it didn’t happen.

Origin Is Updating The Hell Out Of This Guy's Copy Of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Origin is updating the hell out of this guy’s copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Hopefully Redditor theadventuringpanda will let us all know how the next game is once it’s done.

The Shape That's Everywhere In Mass Effect

There’s no getting around it: a lot of modern, graphically intense games look kinda same-y. At a glance, it can be hard to tell the difference. But show me a shot of the Mass Effect series and I’ll instantly be like, “Yeah, that’s Mass Effect.” Why? A single shape that’s everywhere.

A History Of Maxis: Thanks For SimCity

The Maxis that you knew, the studio that released SimCity and invented The Sims, is no more. The SimCity brand might live on, and the Maxis brand might live on elsewhere, but they will survive only as brands, things EA will invoke to sell things. This is a very sad thing, but let’s try and remember the good times.