An Updated List Of Studios EA Has Bought And Then Shut Down

Massive game publisher Electronic Arts has a reputation for snatching up talented development studios and then running them into the ground.

EA Shuts Down SimCity Developer Maxis

EA has shut down Maxis Emeryville, the main Maxis studio and longrunning developer behind SimCity and Spore, among other games. Though the Maxis brand will carry on, the studio that most people knew as “Maxis” is no more.

A Neat New Trailer For The Sims 4's Job-Driven Expansion Pack

Video: A neat new trailer for The Sims 4′s job-driven expansion pack shows what it will be like to play as a doctor. So that’s how Sim babies are made!

The Sims 4 Is Now Out For Mac

Briefly: The Sims 4 is now out for Mac. If you own the PC game, you can get the new version for free. If you’re just starting out, make sure to check out our tips for how to improve your Sims experience. Or how to kill your Sims once you start to get bored. System requirements are listed on the game’s FAQ page.

A Cool New Way To Try Playing The Sims 4

Briefly: Here’s a cool new way to try playing The Sims 4: The creator of one of popular “legacy challenges” recently came up with an idea for another custom mode he’s calling the “moments challenge“. It adds neat short-term objectives and funny punishments (like grounding your Sims). Check out the rules here and give it a shot!

Dragon Age: Inquisition Used To Be A Way Different Game

Just a year before it came out, Dragon Age: Inquisition looked very different. And I’m not just talking about trivial things — UI changes, line tweaks — what we saw in 2013 was almost an entirely different game than what we saw last year.

The Sims 4's First Expansion Pack Sounds Cool, Super Expensive

The Sims 4is getting its first full-blown expansion pack in April, developer EA announced today. Known as “Get To Work,” the pack adds new jobs with full-blown workplace locations you can actually visit and play around in. That’s pretty darn exciting. Less thrilling is the $US40 price tag.

Months Later, Dragon Age's PC Version Is Still Frustrating Players

I remember when I first booted up Dragon Age: Inquisition on my (not exactly wimpy) PC. The framerate was unexpectedly low, and there were stutters and crashes. Moreover, the controls were awkward as all get-out. Months later, some problems have been solved, but many still linger. PC players are getting fed up.

The Old-School Business Sim Game Theme Hospital Is Currently Free On Origin

The old-school business sim game Theme Hospital is currently free on Origin, EA just announced. Go get it — stat!

The Sims 4 Is Coming To Mac Next Month

Well, it’s finally happening. Nested underneath an announcement about the game’s first paid DLC, The Sims 4 developers confirmed today that a Mac version will be arriving very soon. As in, next month. I know, I know: Took them long enough!