You Won't Be Able To Use Guns In Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Oh thank goodness. During EA’s E3 press conference, the company said that Faith “doesn’t need any guns”, which prompted a collective sigh of relief so powerful that it nearly levelled the city of Los Angeles. However, there was still doubt. She might not need them, but would guns — perhaps the single worst aspect of the original Mirror’s Edge; clunky, unnecessary, at odds with the rest of the game’s forward-motion-heavy philosophy — still be around?

Garden Warfare 2 Finally Puts Plants On The Offensive

Plants Vs. Zombies has always been about innocent flora defending against ravenous undead. In Garden Warfare 2 the tables have finally turned — and we can finally play solo.

EA Introduces Hoop Gawd, The Gawd Of Hoops

Today at EA’s E3 press conference, we got to meet a guy who goes by “Hoop Gawd”. Hoop Gawd demonstrated a new way to make a self-styled custom character in NBA Live 16, and also gave lots of people opportunities to use the words “Hoop God” in complete sentences.

Brother Battles Brother In Knights Of The Fallen Empire

Video: Brother battles brother in Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire, a free expansion pack coming later this year that promises a return to BioWare-style storytelling. Expect epic adventures, a new companion character and a website that says all of this and has since it accidentally leaked over the weekend.

EA Announces Incredible-Looking Indie-ish Yarn Game Unravel

This is Unravel, an awesome-looking game that EA — of all companies — is publishing for various platforms.

Five Minutes Of Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay

Straight outta EA’s E3 press conference, here’s a big chunk of multiplayer gameplay from Star Wars Battlefront, out November 17 for PS4/Xbox One/PC.

Watch EA's E3 Conference Here!

So you thought you could go to sleep? Wrong. EA is starting in 15 minutes. Get your shit together!

(I’m talking to myself by the way.)

EA's E3 Conference Liveblog: We Are Still Awake!

We are still liveblogging E3 and why not. Who’s still awake? I’m actually quite excited for EA’s conference — Mirror’s Edge!

The Sims 4 Just Added A New World For Free

Well here’s a nice little piece of content. In its latest update for The Sims 4 today, EA added a whole new world to the game. No, not the Aladdin kind. But that would be pretty awesome too.

Mod Adds Working Hotels To The Sims 4

The Sims modders. Is there anything they can’t do?