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Torchlight 2 Has Been Re-Rated In Australia, Could Be Coming To Consoles*

When I woke up and checked the Classification Board’s website this morning, Torchlight 2 wasn’t a title I expected to see. But it’s there, and it’s got a new publisher to boot.

Star Wars: Battlefront Finally Getting New DLC This Week

When Star Wars: Battlefront came out last November, both critics and players noted that the number of vehicles, maps and modes in the first-person shooter came off as a little underweight when compared to similar full-priced games. EA promised that there’d be more stuff to do and play in Battlefront but the additional offerings seem to be missing in action. After a long wait, news about what’s coming got announced today.

The Star Wars Game I've Played Every Day For Three Months Straight

This is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. It’s a game I called “another mobile Star Wars card game” when it was announced. A game I called “not bad . . . not great, either” at launch. A game that’s been part of my daily routine since mid-October.

EA Offers Origin Access On PC, Australians Not Yet Included

If you woke up this morning and checked the internet you would have seen the news that EA Access, the corporation’s subscription service for Xbox One that provides early access to new EA releases and permanent access to older titles, is becoming available for users on PC.

Unfortunately, it’s not available in Australia just yet.

I Thought I'd Seen Every FIFA Goal. I Was Almost Right

There’s something about having played years of FIFA that might make one immune to otherwise insane goals, like bicycle kicks and long range volleys. It’s like nothing can surprise you anymore. But a few of the goals in EA’s 2015 roundup might still impress you.

EA Head Andrew Wilson Is One Of Australia's Highest Paid CEOs

The Australian Financial Review has a profile on EA CEO Andrew Wilson, the young Aussie mover and shaker who kicked a few goals for the FIFA franchise before being promoted to the top spot. It just so happens Wilson is doing even better than the bosses of the big four banks.

2016 Is A Crucial Year For Star Wars: The Old Republic

With Knights of the Fallen Empire, the latest expansion for SWTOR, Bioware tried something different, and right now I’m not talking about all the gameplay changes I applauded back when it first hit in October. The game is in a better place than it was. Now it has to keep improving.

What's With EA Shooters And Longevity?

We’ve all seen and felt the winds of change in Star Wars: Battlefront. It started off with a bang, before people realised there just wasn’t much to the game and left in droves to play one of the many other cool games vying for our time. We’ve been through this before though, and recently.

Games Of 2015: March

February saw the first of the year’s major AAA titles land — or at least the ones that were delayed from 2014 — but March was when gamers truly got to get excited. Sony got some more exclusives. Indie darlings dropped their long-awaited sequels. Some long-awaited Kickstarter projects were finally released to the public, and there was even a new Mario Party to crow about.

Star Wars Battlefront's Matchmaking Is A Mess

While playing the PC version of Star Wars Battlefront, I’ve experienced all sorts of ridiculous matchmaking mishaps. It seems like I’m far from alone.

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