Fan-Made Mother 4 Still Looks Incredible

Video: Here is a new trailer for Mother 4, the upcoming fan sequel to the much-beloved Mother trilogy that, incredibly, looks worthy of the name. The folks behind the game say it will be out in coming months. Think it will live up to expectations?

Earthbound Rap Mashup Is Appropriately Odd

Earthbound might be old enough to warrant the moniker “cult classic” at this point, but Nintendo’s beloved SNES-era RPG has still managed to win over new fans ever since it came to the Wii U last year. One such player fell in love with the game so wholly that he’s now honored it with — what else? — a rap mashup tribute.

You Like Earthbound?

Briefly: The cool people at Fangamer are running a Kickstarter for a bunch of stuff including an Earthbound handbook, an album and a documentary. Back it here.

This Animated Earthbound Tribute Is Just Incredible

Look, let’s be straight: if you’ve played Earthbound, it is impossible to watch this video and not tear up a little bit.

Legendary Game Creator Attacked On Twitter Over Fukushima Peaches

Earthbound designer Shigesato Itoi sent out a fairly simple tweet: “If you go to Fukushima, you can buy peaches like this.” The remarks were accompanied by the above photo. Online, some people got pissed.

Nine Things You Might Not Know About Earthbound

Pop quiz! How much do you know about the cult-classic Earthbound?

One Of Japan's Oldest (And Most Hardcore) Gamers Passed Away

On January 11, famed actress Keiko Awaji passed away in a Tokyo hospital from esophageal cancer, reports Nikkan Sports. She was 80 years old. And she loved JRPGs.

I Would Buy The Hell Out Of A 3D Earthbound Like This

Designer Christopher Behr says he spent a year on this project, which might be the most spectacular thing you’ll see today: a three-dimensional recreation of Earthbound‘s opening city, Onett.

The Games That Destroyed You

There’s nothing like a good, solid emotional breakdown to really liven up your day. And when it happens in a video game? Even better.

You Can Own A Copy Of Earthbound Signed By Creator Shigesato Itoi

The website Fangamer is putting up an auction for it on December 1. All proceeds go to James Hensiek, a big Earthbound fan who was recently diagnosed with cancer.