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Cartman Renames You, And Other Fun Name Prompt Screens

Some adventures cannot begin without naming your character. It’s when Final Fantasy Clouds can be Squalls. Or Freds. Some games provide the option to change your character’s name at the start screen. Others integrate protagonists’ intros and renaming prompts in clever ways. These five games do the latter.

Here's A Flowchart Showing You Which Game To Play Next

Most of us have a bunch of video games in our collection that we’ve never got around to playing. In gaming circles, this is known as the ‘pile of shame’. If you can’t decide which title to pick next, this 90-game flowchart will help you to reach the right decision.

The Mother 3 Rumours Are Getting Intense

It’s been nearly a decade since Nintendo released Mother 3 in Japan, and since then, we haven’t heard a word about an official English release. Until now.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Retold With Earthbound Characters

Using tilesets and the characters from Earthbound, CineFix made a short clip about John Hughes’ classic from the 80s.

Man, Earthbound Is Weird

So I’ve been playing Earthbound lately. It’s my first go-around. A few hours in, I’m delighted and slightly bemused at how strange Earthbound can be.

Watch A Speedrunner Break The Hell Out Of Earthbound 

Did you know that if you press the right buttons in the right order, you can manipulate Earthbound‘s random enemies into doing whatever you’d like? No? Now you know.

Nintendo's Reggie Talks Metroid, Amiibo And (Of Course) Mother 3

My annual interviews with Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime are upbeat affairs. He’s always feeling good about the line-up and remains unruffled as I pepper him with as many questions about as many topics as I can squeeze in.

Lucas From Earthbound Is Headed To Super Smash Bros On June 14

Briefly: Lucas from Earthbound is headed to Super Smash Bros. on June 14 at 8am PDT (June 15, 1am AEST), according to Nintendo. Maybe they will make another joke about Mother 3 at E3 soon too.

Fan-Made Mother 4 Still Looks Incredible

Video: Here is a new trailer for Mother 4, the upcoming fan sequel to the much-beloved Mother trilogy that, incredibly, looks worthy of the name. The folks behind the game say it will be out in coming months. Think it will live up to expectations?

Earthbound Rap Mashup Is Appropriately Odd

Earthbound might be old enough to warrant the moniker “cult classic” at this point, but Nintendo’s beloved SNES-era RPG has still managed to win over new fans ever since it came to the Wii U last year. One such player fell in love with the game so wholly that he’s now honored it with — what else? — a rap mashup tribute.

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