Nine Things You Might Not Know About Earthbound

Pop quiz! How much do you know about the cult-classic Earthbound?

One Of Japan's Oldest (And Most Hardcore) Gamers Passed Away

On January 11, famed actress Keiko Awaji passed away in a Tokyo hospital from esophageal cancer, reports Nikkan Sports. She was 80 years old. And she loved JRPGs.

I Would Buy The Hell Out Of A 3D Earthbound Like This

Designer Christopher Behr says he spent a year on this project, which might be the most spectacular thing you’ll see today: a three-dimensional recreation of Earthbound‘s opening city, Onett.

The Games That Destroyed You

There’s nothing like a good, solid emotional breakdown to really liven up your day. And when it happens in a video game? Even better.

You Can Own A Copy Of Earthbound Signed By Creator Shigesato Itoi

The website Fangamer is putting up an auction for it on December 1. All proceeds go to James Hensiek, a big Earthbound fan who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

The Man Who Wrote Earthbound

A few weeks ago, Marcus Lindblom logged onto TwitchTV. He found someone playing Earthbound, and he watched them stream for a while. Every time they smiled in the right place or laughed at the right joke, he felt a jolt of vindication. Validation. Eighteen years later, he could finally see people enjoying his work.

The Fan-Made Mother 4 Looks Amazing, And It's Out Next Year

The fanmade Mother 4 project now has a release window (Q1 2014) and a trailer (above). It’s stunning.

Three Video Games I Wish I'd Played When They Were First Released

The trend of re-releasing old, underplayed classics is a recent phenomenon. It makes sense: the generation that grew up playing games only really started to comprehend nostalgia en masse about a decade ago.

We longed to relive that false history and the market responded in kind, monetizing our memories with a fresh, slick veneer. High-definition, 60 frames per second new textures, new characters, new content…

Earthbound Sure Is Twisted, If You Think About It

Via Dorkly, here’s a look at what Ness’s adventure is really like, from an outsider’s perspective. Those poor squirrels. :(

Playing Earthbound For The First Time? Tell Us What You Think

Earthbound is officially out on the Wii U’s virtual console as of last Thursday, and now a whole new generation of gamers gets to experience Nintendo’s quirky role-playing game for the first time. Are you one of those gamers? Are you playing Earthbound for the first time?