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Japanese Manga Stirs Up Fukushima Nuclear Controversy

A famous Japanese food manga takes on the “truth about Fukushima”. After the incident, there is a discussion with another character who says that he too has suffered from such unexplained nosebleeds and fatigue, finishing with the comment, “There are a lot of people in Fukushima who suffer from the same symptoms. They just don’t talk about it.”

Three Years After Her Death, Daughter Sends Parents A Touching Letter

11 March 2011 was truly a tragic day in Japan. Lives were changed and lives were ended. Yet, three years later, two parents who lost a daughter have just received a letter she mailed a decade ago.

How Google Is Making Sure We Never Forget Japan's Tragic Earthquake

On March 11, 2011, everything changed. Japan was hit hard with a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami. Lives were destroyed. Lives were lost. The country is still rebuilding, and the aftershocks are still being felt by those impacted most.

What Japanese Game Companies Have Done For Japan Since The Quake


March 11th this year will mark the one-year anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. Since that time, a great deal of time effort and money has been offered for the rebuilding of the North-Eastern area of Japan from all parts of the world. Including the gaming world.

Tokyo Game Show Shaken By A Small Earthquake

This afternoon, just as the Tokyo Game Show was grinding to a halt for the day, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake shook northeastern Japan. There were no immediate injuries according to early reports.

Didn't Feel The Earthquake? Here Are 5.9 Games That Let You Recreate It

Earthquakes are great and terrible forces, destroying homes, claiming lives, and reminding humanity as a whole that this planet we crawl across isn’t as solid as it seems. The east coast of the US found that out today. For the rest of us, there are video games.

Earthquake? QUICK! To Twitter!

An Earthquake hit Virginia today, and we felt tremors all up and down the east coast. Instead of seeking shelter or whatever you do when an earthquake hits, the games industry took to twitter to make jokes. Seems reasonable to us.

A Nice Nintendo Gift For Quake Victims

An individual who apparently is in a refuge shelter because of the March 11 earthquake received a special package from Nintendo. This, it seems, is it.

When Game Console Gifts Were Yanked Out Of Kids' Hands

Following March 11’s earthquake and tsunami, kids left parentless and homeless piled into make-shift refuge shelters. As a much needed diversion, kids began asking for video games.

The Japanese Earthquake's Unexpected Impact On Pokémon

March 11’s earthquake has impacted car companies and electronics makers. That’s expected. But it’s also had an unforeseen effect on Pocket Monsters, namely Pokémon branded noodles.

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