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Deals: Pay Only $89 AUD To Access 3,000+ Tech Training Courses, For Life

Want a well-paying job in web development? Then you’re going to need specialized training. Kotaku Australia readers can prep to become a success with a lifetime subscription to OSTraining Developer Courses, just $89 AUD [$65 USD], a savings of over 90% off RRP.

University Students Punished With Emoticons

A professor in China apparently made his late students write out 1000 emoticons by hand after being late to class. ┐(‘~’;)┌

Here's The Movie Interplay Made In 1998 About Learning To Program Games

I have no words. Alright, I have a couple. Interplay is mostly not a thing these days, but back in the 90s, the company was publishing hit after hit. Fallout, Baldur’s Gate, Alone in the Dark, Descent… the list goes on. So to discover Interplay also put together an educational movie about games programming during its wonder years… well, let’s just go to the tape, shall we?

Microsoft And Mojang Announce Minecraft: Education Edition

Launching this winter, Minecraft: Education Edition will be an “expanded” version of Minecraft for classrooms, distributed to educational institutions worldwide.

Ask A Developer: How Important Is High School Maths For Making Games?

I was terrible at mathematics in my adolescence. I hated it. I dropped it as a subject going into Year 10, though that’s not super important, as I eventually dropped myself from the entire curriculum before that HSC. At the time, I had no idea I’d eventually become a games developer, or the lasting effect my disregard for algebra and trigonometry would have.

Can Great Game Design Be Taught?

Some of the games industry’s most talented and experienced designers are making the leap from game development to academia. But how do you teach the art of making games?

Some Swedish High Schools Are Adding ESports Classes To Their Curriculum

The growth of eSports is staggering, but even its most ardent supporters wouldn’t be expecting it to make an appearance in the high school curriculum any time soon. Unless you’re in Sweden.

How AIE's Incubator Is Nurturing Australia's Next Generation Of Game Developers

Making the leap from game design graduate to professional developer is fraught with challenges, especially when you decide to set up your own independent studio. You’ll deal with project and team management, business, accounting and legal compliance — all while developing your game. Here’s how the Academy of Interactive Entertainment can give you an advantage.

Three-Armed Girl Illustration Causes Schoolbook Recall

Notice anything? Anything unusual? You know, besides the little girl with three arms.

Be A Master Of Making Mobile Apps With This New Online Course From Charles Sturt Uni

There has been an explosion of job opportunities in the mobile app and games industry, and the industry is showing no signs of slowing down. If you are looking to diversify your skills and grab a piece of the pie, we’ve got the information you need to get started – with Australia’s first and only post graduate course in Mobile Applications Development from Charles Sturt University and IT Masters.

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