It Takes A Brave Person To Work Behind This Game Store Counter

And it takes a braver one to walk up to it and buy something.

A Gallery Of Truly Odd Erotic Game Images

Japanese erotic games (aka “eroge”) often feature cute, curvy characters in evocative settings. So when you think of these computer games, you probably don’t think of, oh, giant mecha, deadly katana, or evil villains.

Sure, Sell Your Game With A Sex Doll (NSFW)

Love Gal is an upcoming Japanese adult computer game that, according to its tagline, isn’t an anime or a doll. “It’s a true, real-time 3D game!” So why have a doll promote it, then?

Japan's Biggest Selling Cosplay Costumes Of 2011 Were...

Some cosplayers make their own outfits. Others shell out cash for them. Japan’s largest cosplay costume emporium is Cospa. And the retailer listed its biggest selling outfits of 2011.

When Disney Collaborates With... An Erotic Game Artist

Fans make sexy drawings of various characters. From Peter Pan‘s Tinkerbell to Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle, they’ve done this for years.

Japan Earthquake Sends Erotic Game Maker On Hiatus

When March 11′s earthquake shook North-eastern Japan, lives were lost and destroyed. Less importantly, video games ended up delayed and canceled. As the country continues to pull itself from the wreckage, one adult game company is stating that for the time being it cannot go on.

Japan's Biggest Amateur Pin-Up Brings This Adult Game To Life

Ushijima Ii Niku (Ushijima “Good Meat”) is Japan’s biggest amateur pin-up. And this (northern) summer, she’s coming to a theatre near you.

The Crazy World Of NSFW In-Store Displays

Forget commercials. Forget print ads. What might make a sale in Japan is more than hype. It’s the presentation, namely of the in-store variety.

Japanese Youth Shunning Sex For... What, Exactly?!

The Japanese birthrate continues drop to record lows. Is it because the nation’s youth are wrapped up in video games?

You Too Can 'Date' The President In 2011

Adult dating sim My Girlfriend Is The President, the loli-political erotic adventure that piqued our curiosity last year, is getting an official release in English, so non-Japanese speakers can see what it’s like to date schoolgirls and alien ships.