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Metal Gear Solid Is One Of The Most Fascinating Science Fiction Stories In Any Medium

Metal Gear Solid is an obsession for millions of gamers, with its totally insane science-fiction storytelling. But at its heart, the series has always been about celebrating and questioning the power of technology. The story of Solid Snake, Raiden, and Snake’s evil dad Big Boss (it’s… a long story) isn’t just ridiculously fun, it’s also a terrific vehicle for asking the kind of questions that science fiction has always asked, at its best.

We Fell In And Out Of Love With Niko

I’d never played a Grand Theft Auto before. I mean, I understood the draw, but ever since I’d played Mafia, I felt no beckon to follow The Sopranos through an open-world Manhattan de-make. Wise guy this, blip-blap that. The whole rigamarole sounded like a chore, really. On top of that, my new girrrrrrrrlfriend and I clearly had better things to do.

A Glimpse Of E3 With Their Own Eyes, Far From The Lights Of L.A.

In line for Nintendo’s booth, Terence Polk checked his smartphone and chitchatted about what he’d come to review. “Super Mario 3D Land,” he said, because he was sceptical — not because he was thrilled by what he’d seen in Nintendo’s presentation. It was the second day of E3. In Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

With Video Game Writing, The Devil Lives In The Details

In DmC, the new reboot of Capcom’s Devil May Cry series, hero character Dante is the offspring of an angel mother and demon father. He looks human but is of another breed altogether, a species of celestial rarity called nephilim who are incredibly powerful.

The Video Games That Showed Up When I Least Expected Them

A controller gets put down. A disc gets shelved next to dozens of others just like it. But, sometimes, the game lingers. It creeps into your sleep and live on in the backs of your eyelids, demanding ever more from you.

The Games For All Of Us

With respect and admiration for, if not apologies to, the late Ernie Harwell, here’s something adapted from his famous Induction Day speech at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Aug. 2, 1981, which itself was adapted from this 1955 essay.

The Game May Be The Same, But Here's Why The Controls Change

Editor’s Note: In my sports column Sunday, I noted a rather significant change to the control system in NBA 2K13 and pondered why sports video games remake their controls more often than other genres, including series that are now releasing annually. Zack Hiwiller, himself a former designer of sports video games, sheds a good deal of light on this issue in the following response. — Owen Good

Should We Know Our Own Strength -- Or Any Rating -- In Video Games?

On Friday,Madden NFL 13 revealed the ratings for every quarterback in the league, inviting the usual pointless discussion about who should be ranked ahead of whom and why.

Load 'Great Memories',8,1

The Commodore 64 turns 30 today. Reams of copy have been written in tribute to this machine. It wasn’t the first personal computer, but it truly was one that democratized them to millions of middle-class households. Releasing in August, 1982, it stepped into the breach a year later, when console video gaming, as we knew it then, utterly collapsed.

No Game Save For My Backup

Three days home, sick, with the complete understanding and sympathy of my employer. Fully conscious and ambulatory, with some grade-A camaro-drivin’, country-music-songwritin’, shirtless-guy-on-COPS prescription narcotics on the bathroom sink. Can’t go outside and enjoy this nice day, cause I’m sick. Can’t work, I’m sick. Can’t brush my teeth, put on deodorant or underpants or mow the lawn or call my mum, sick.

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