Gaming Secrets: It Sounds Like Samsung's Working On Its Own Kind Of Wii U

A publicly accessible “Samsung Confidential” presentation Alan Queen, a senior director at the company’s Innovation Lab, gave at last October’s Samsung Developers Conference offers a bit of insight into the electronic giant’s home console plans. Several slides on Queen’s presentation indicate Samsung’s gaming ambitions are targeting a consumer group called “Console Sceptics”, who are current console owners not necessarily interested in upgrading to the next-generation consoles.

F1 2013 Adds Classic Mode And Murray Walker

Two editions, only one of which will be “Classic”. I guess that’s one way to sell the premium pack.

This F1 Racing Simulator Is Not For Ordinary Human Beings

I have friends who don’t play video games, but they own PS3s. The reason? They’re obsessed with cars and pretending to drive them. They love F1, they love Gran Turismo, they love DiRT. They love cars, and they love anything that helps them get closer to the things they love. This incredible 175 degree, circular screen, designed for racing games, is for people like this. It’s amazing.

Not All PS Vita Games Look Good

Take F1, for example. While Kotaku was wowed with WipeOut on the PS Vita, Codemaster’s racing effort leaves a lot to be desired.

The $US50,000 Steering Wheels Of Formula 1

It wouldn’t be Formula 1 without some kind of constant friction between racers, team owners and organisers, and this year’s kerfuffle involves steering wheels that force drivers to push more buttons than a 747 pilot having a seizure.

Can A Video Game Make You Into An Elite Race Driver?

iRacing is an extremely realistic racing simulator. Its top driver won $US10,000, despite never driving over 100 mph in real life. Top Gear put him in an open-wheel racer to see if digital skills translate to real racing prowess.

Let's Look At Gran Turismo 5's X1 Prototype

This car is a virtual dream. But it’s pedigree is very real.

Real F1 Vs Video Game F1

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On the left is on-board camera footage of the Korean Grand Prix. On the right?

Codemasters To Release Two Formula 1 Games

While we’ve long known Codemasters have been working on a new Formula 1 game – and also that it would be serious – the company have today come out and made some official announcements.

GPS Tech To Update Driving Games With Real-Time Info

Picture this. You’re playing a Formula 1 game on the TV in your bedroom, while in the living room, another TV is set to a real, actual Formula 1 race. And you’re racing the same cars, in the same positions, at the same speed, as they’re going on the TV. Impossible? Probably, but that’s not going to stop iOpener from trying. They claim that through a combination of “Differential GPS and an Inertial Management Unit” attached to a competitor, a car’s location on the track and current speed can be relayed back to a game in around five seconds. iOpener are in talks with six developers at the moment, and hope to have the system implemented in a retail game as early as this holiday season.

Real racing in the virtual world [BBC, via Gizmodo]