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Self-Driving F1 Racecar Robots Are Coming In 2016

During its GTC 2016 keynote address, Nvidia unveiled a new Formula E event dubbed Roborace. As its name implies, this new racing class will feature fully autonomous cars powered by Drive PX 2 supercomputers. If that’s not crazy enough, the first race is expected to kick off this season. Blimey.

Formula E Just Made rFactor 2 Look Pretty Crappy

On the bright side, at least nobody’s taking it seriously.

Lewis Hamilton's F1 Steering Wheel Is Insane

Formula 1 is a complicated sport. Team radio can tell drivers almost everything they need to know, but the multitude of different gadgets and gizmos on each car have to be controlled by the guy in the cockpit — and that’s where the steering wheel comes in. Three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has more influence than most drivers in the way his steering wheel looks and feels, and it’s an extremely complex piece of technology.

Forza 6 Puddles Will Ruin Your Day In The Best Way

I fell in love with Forza Motorsport 6 the first time I hit a dynamic puddle at high speed and my BMW went apeshit.

Thinking About Picking Up Codemasters' Latest Racing Game, F1 2015?

Briefly: Thinking about picking up Codemasters’ latest racing game, F1 2015? Probably don’t — at least, not yet. The PC version is suffering from numerous issues, from frame rate drops and crashes to busted menus and controller problems. Codemasters acknowledged the issues and released a patch, but there’s still more work to be done.

Gaming Secrets: It Sounds Like Samsung's Working On Its Own Kind Of Wii U

A publicly accessible “Samsung Confidential” presentation Alan Queen, a senior director at the company’s Innovation Lab, gave at last October’s Samsung Developers Conference offers a bit of insight into the electronic giant’s home console plans. Several slides on Queen’s presentation indicate Samsung’s gaming ambitions are targeting a consumer group called “Console Sceptics”, who are current console owners not necessarily interested in upgrading to the next-generation consoles.

F1 2013 Adds Classic Mode And Murray Walker

Two editions, only one of which will be “Classic”. I guess that’s one way to sell the premium pack.

This F1 Racing Simulator Is Not For Ordinary Human Beings

I have friends who don’t play video games, but they own PS3s. The reason? They’re obsessed with cars and pretending to drive them. They love F1, they love Gran Turismo, they love DiRT. They love cars, and they love anything that helps them get closer to the things they love. This incredible 175 degree, circular screen, designed for racing games, is for people like this. It’s amazing.

Not All PS Vita Games Look Good

Take F1, for example. While Kotaku was wowed with WipeOut on the PS Vita, Codemaster’s racing effort leaves a lot to be desired.

The $US50,000 Steering Wheels Of Formula 1

It wouldn’t be Formula 1 without some kind of constant friction between racers, team owners and organisers, and this year’s kerfuffle involves steering wheels that force drivers to push more buttons than a 747 pilot having a seizure.

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