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Game Developers Do Their Best Fake Gamer Impressions, Part 2

In this latest batch of game developers doing remarkable fake gamer poses, we show intensity, more Suda 51, and what happens when things bovine go corporate. For a brief minute, Nintendo’s Bill Trinen (above) was corrupt with power. It’s the risk you take when you have wearable appliances (and a photographer) at a media event.

Game Developers Do Their Best Fake Gamer Impressions

We asked a bunch of game developers to do their best fake gamer stock photo impressions, and the results are amazing. And a little silly.

The GameCube Controller Lives On In The Hands Of Fake Gamers

Next month’s release of the Wii U marks the end of the GameCube’s distinctive controller as a method for manipulating Nintendo games, but the color-coded buttons and sticks will always remain a method for making well-dressed attractive people look as if they are playing video games and not just smiling vacantly into a camera.

Fake Mentally Disturbed Killer Of The Week: Alice's Madness Never Left

“When is a cosplay not a cosplay?” queried the Mad Hatter, sipping lukewarm tea from a cracked and leaking cup. “When it’s pay-per-use stock photography that someone put up for sale in case someone felt a pressing need for shots of a woman dressed as the lead character from American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns?” I reply.

Fake Gamer Of The Week: My Supah Glahsses Make Me Supah Fantastich At Video Games, Ya

Ya, hello little boys and girls. How aah you today. Are you good? I am good. Are you?

Fake Gamers Of The Week: Maybe Don't Drink This Family's Punch

There is no colour allowed in this family’s home. Theirs is a cult of khaki, a wasteland of white. Their mission is to match. Every inch, every item, every tooth, every person, must be white and well-lit. There can be no dissent. And when they have scourged all colour from their world, they must play, wholeheartedly and with full devotion.

Fake Gamer Of The Week: Attack Of The Electric Neon Tentacle Monster

“What, it’s just harmless anime! It’s not like helpless school girls are ever attacked by lascivious multi-tentacled creatures hell-bent on human exploration in real life.”

That’s what he kept saying, and as it turns out he was completely 100 per cent correct.

Fake Gamer Of The Week: Watch Out, She's About To Unleash Her Super Move

That sly look. The firm grip on the joystick. The dramatic pause. No, she’s not flirting with you. She’s warning you. Here comes her ultimate super move.

Fake Gamer Of The Week: Playing With Clowns

She’s a female gamer. She’s an attractive Asian woman. She’s not exactly the core demographic for a competitive online shooter, but she’s got an ace up her sleeve, and possibly a bouquet of fake flowers.

Fake Gamer Of The Week: I Hope There's Not A Sexy Cyborg Standing Behind Me

You’ve all been there. You’re sitting there against a black backdrop, playing Call of Honor or Medal of Duty or whatever, when all of the sudden you’re struck by the sneaking suspicion that there’s a sexy machine woman standing right behind you. Ha, if I had a dime for every time I got that feeling!

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