Modders Are Turning Fallout: New Vegas Into A Whole New Game

Fallout: Lonestar isn’t just any old Fallout: New Vegas mod. It might just be the most ambitious, coolest-looking Fallout mod currently in development.

The Story Of Fallout 3's Most Evil Item

Everyone knows that things got bad in the Fallout universe when the bombs dropped. But even before that, it’s been said that something… wrong was stirring. It all started with this book.

Fallout And Team Fortress 2 Go Together Surprisingly Well

Want to play Fallout: New Vegas as one of Team Fortress 2‘s colourful classes, all the way down to skills, motives and possible alcoholism? Here’s how.

PSA: 'Fallout: Shadow Of Boston' Is A Fake

This morning, a NeoGAF member discovered that Bethesda had trademarked something called Fallout: Shadow of Boston, and of course, a host of gaming sites rushed to echo that “news,” to the point where “Shadow of Boston” was trending on Twitter this afternoon.

The Story Behind One Of The Spookiest Places In Fallout 3

It’s time for some more Fallout lore and being that it was recently Halloween, what better place to focus on than Fallout 3‘s Point Lookout?

I Hate Starting New Games In RPGs

Is there anything more paralysing than a blank slate? I’ve had Fallout 2 open for three hours. I have played it for zero. I’m bleary eyed. Exhaustion is clinging to my eyelids like some mad brigand swinging from a chandelier. How did things end up like this, I wonder. Why can’t I just make a few simple decisions and, you know, play a video game?

Fallout 3's First Level Does Everything Right

I’ve been thinking about the apocalypse a lot lately. It’s partly because of the intense drought in California. But mostly, it’s been because of Fallout fans.

What The Great War In Fallout Is All About

It’s October 23, which means we’re now exactly 63 years away from Fallout‘s Great War, the Very Special Saturday in which every nuclear nation in the world fired all of their missiles at once. Good times all around.

One Of Fallout 3's Best Side Stories, Brought To Life

Gather round the fire, vault dwellers, and let me show you a story. Perhaps you’ve heard this story before — but probably not like this.

Real Life Cars That Look Like They're Straight Out Of Fallout

Sure, the Fallout games have let players command a few cars before. But none of them are nearly as cool as the cars showcased during Wasteland Weekend, a festival dedicated to the post-apocalypse.