Fallout 3 Beaten In Under 24 Minutes, A New World Record

Watch as speedrunner BubblesDelFuego jets across the capital wasteland, all in the name of speed. Bubbles manages to beat the game in an astounding 23:55, beating the previous record of 24:20.

Fan-Made Fallout Laser Rifle Is Every Cosplayer's Dream

For a mere £395 ($670) you can get yourself a life-size laser rifle from Fallout 3. It’s the Wazer Wifle, a unique version of the AER9 rifle, remade using wood and fibreglass by the talented Thomas Hughes.

Fallout 2's First Dungeon Isn't All That Terrible

I’ve wanted to play Fallout 2 for a long time. The reaction I get from people when I say I haven’t played it is much like the reaction you’re probably forming in your head right now: Oh god, you’re missing out, it holds up, do it, etc. The only problem: I kept getting stuck on the first dungeon.

Meet The Man Who Keeps Making Up Fallout 4 Rumours

There’s this interesting Bethesda memo floating around. Maybe you’ve seen it on a fan-run gaming site or your favourite message board. It’s all very exciting.

A Fully Functional Fallout Pip-Boy For Astronauts

Unlike most replicas of the Pip-Boy 3000, the indispensable gadget of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, the one designed by Ashley Hennefer and her team has an actual, working geiger counter, real-time mapping and some other pretty cool sensors, all in glorious post-apocalyptic Fallout style.

Abandoned Shopping Centres Look Like Sad, Empty Video Games

There’s a Facebok group called Dead Mall Enthusiasts. It’s a fascinating collection of photos people have taken of abandoned shopping centres across America. There are all kinds of socioloical reasons why that’s interesting, but what’s really got me is how they look like a video game artist’s portfolio come to life.

An Elaborate New Vegas Mod That Lets You Play As The Enclave

Modders are kind of the best. Case in point: this amazing New Vegas mod which adds another joinable faction in the game. And not just any faction, mind you — it’s the Enclave.

Fallout Monopoly Is Probably The Only Thing That Could Convince Me To Play Monopoly

Has anyone ever played a game of Monopoly that ended well? That board game destroys families, ends marriages, drives a massive wedge between friends. I have absolutely zero need to play that game again, ever. But this incredible custom made Fallout board, complete with caps for cash, might convince me to have one last game for old time’s sake.

Dayshot: Here's A Terrific Fallout 3 Illustration

Here’s a terrific Fallout 3 illustration to overwhelm you with nostalgiaand impatience for a new title in the series. Digital artist Patrick Brown included lots of nice little references from the game, like the Nuka Cola Quantum in the bottom left corner, or the threatening Deathclaw in the background.

Check Out This Awesome Fan-Made Fallout Figure

It’s Yes Man, the Securitron that can help you take over New Vegas. It was made by Reddit user Webberley using card, wood, plastic, epoxy and a Doc Ock figure.