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A Fallout 4 Boss That Scared The Crap Out Of Me

Sometimes, Fallout 4 feels less like an RPG than it does a straight-up horror game.

Yes, Fallout 4 As Successful For Bethesda As You Think It Is

There’s little doubt the release of Fallout 4 was the gaming launch of the month — and arguably the year — and the anticipation has been reflected in the numbers. According to developer Bethesda, the first person RPG generated “record sales” across all three major platforms.

Role-Play As A Post-Apocalyptic Tourist In Fallout 4

Approaching Fallout 4 like a tourist isn’t easy. There aren’t as many Bostonians around as there are in present-day Massachusetts, and there are more Super Mutants and feral dogs. (I’m not saying it’s worse in the 23rd century.) Still, there is a sightseeing tour.

Fallout 4 Has An Infinite Caps Glitch

Just because it’s a wasteland doesn’t mean you gotta run around with scraps.

100 Fallout 4 Enemies Battle To The Death

Video: Remember when Skyrim launched, and one of the first things people did was build huge battles between the game’s AI enemies? Yeah, same story with Fallout 4.

If You're Playing Fallout 4 On PC, You'd Better Have A NVIDIA Card

With the game finally out for all and sundry, people are binging Fallout 4 left, right and centre. Bethesda’s Pete Hines even tweeted out a permission slip this morning for people taking sickies off work (props to anyone ballsy enough to use it).

Naturally, the PC is the lead platform and it’s where people will experience the fewest performance issues. That’s provided, however, you’re using a NVIDIA card.

The Frame Rate In Fallout 4 Affects The Game Speed

This is the kind of thing that still happens a little too frequently for my liking. But if you’re one of those with a monster rig and you’re planning on digging through the .ini files to unlock the frame rate, then this is something you should know.

Fallout 4 Gives You The Facial Hair You Wish You Had

Briefly: War. War never changes. And thankfully, neither does Bethesda’s volume of facial hair options (or penchant for snappy nicknames).

Green Man Gaming Are Selling Digital Copies Of Fallout 4 For $60 [Updated]

With JB Hi-Fi’s excellent offer jumping up to $69 now that the game is released, this might be a great way to grab a copy — especially if you’ve got any spare credit lying around.

Fallout 4: PC Vs PS4 Vs Xbox One

Let’s say you own an Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and you’re looking at getting Fallout 4. How does the game shape up on each platform?

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