Meet The Guy Who Spent Seven Months Killing Everyone In Fallout 3

On January 19, 2014, Many A True Nerd started a new playthrough of Fallout 3. Not just any playthrough though: his goal was to eradicate everyone from the capital wasteland.

A Fallout MMO That You Can Play Very Soon

Interplay’s Fallout MMO might have been nuked into oblivion by a lengthy legal battle that Bethesda ultimately won, but that doesn’t mean all hope for massive scale wasteland shenanigans is lost. FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix is a free fanmade Fallout MMO coming next week, and it certainly looks the part.

The Strangest Thing That Didn't Happen In Fallout: New Vegas

The Wild Wasteland perk lets you see some bonkers stuff in Fallout, but it never quite matches the absurdity of this New Vegas “easter egg”.

Why You Should Care About Wasteland 2

“There was this one moment in Fallout 3, when I came across a prisoner at some raider camp,” I said. “She was still tied up, but all the raiders were gone. Maybe they were dead or something, I don’t know. The game gave me a choice: I could take her supplies and leave her there, or set her free.”

Looks Like That Fallout 3 World Record's Been Beaten Already

Remember when everyone got excited that someone finished Fallout 3 in 23m55s? That was so June 30, because now there’s a 23m13s run.

Fallout 3 Beaten In Under 24 Minutes, A New World Record

Watch as speedrunner BubblesDelFuego jets across the capital wasteland, all in the name of speed. Bubbles manages to beat the game in an astounding 23:55, beating the previous record of 24:20.

Fan-Made Fallout Laser Rifle Is Every Cosplayer's Dream

For a mere £395 ($670) you can get yourself a life-size laser rifle from Fallout 3. It’s the Wazer Wifle, a unique version of the AER9 rifle, remade using wood and fibreglass by the talented Thomas Hughes.

Fallout 2's First Dungeon Isn't All That Terrible

I’ve wanted to play Fallout 2 for a long time. The reaction I get from people when I say I haven’t played it is much like the reaction you’re probably forming in your head right now: Oh god, you’re missing out, it holds up, do it, etc. The only problem: I kept getting stuck on the first dungeon.

Meet The Man Who Keeps Making Up Fallout 4 Rumours

There’s this interesting Bethesda memo floating around. Maybe you’ve seen it on a fan-run gaming site or your favourite message board. It’s all very exciting.