fantastic four

It's Good That Fantastic Four Doesn't Look Like Marvel's Other Movies

Marvel Comics’ first modern superhero success has been made into some very bad movies. The one coming up this winter has the chance to be much better, mostly by looking nothing like the comics it came from.

Our First Look At The New Fantastic Four Movie Is Here

Marvel Comics’ first family has an all-new look in their next movie. We finally get a glimpse right here.

How One Of The Worst Superhero Movies Ever Got Made

Great Captain America movies. A blockbuster Batman trilogy. An Avengers film that’s almost universally loved. It’s clear that today’s comics fans live in happier times. An era where they can expect basic levels of quality in the superhero movies we get. In 1994, things were not always so great. Exhibit A: the Fantastic Four movie produced by Roger Corman.

A Super-Student Comes Out In My Favourite Scene From This Week's Comics

You remember the Mole Man, the goofy-creepy Fantastic Four villain who lives underground? He runs with Moloids, the subterranean race that serves as his henchmen. Remember?

Drawing Comics Means Marquez's Girlfriend Has A Bigger Gamerscore Than He Does

So far in Crossover, we’ve spoken to game creators about comics. This time, we’re talking to a comics artist about his craft and how video games intersect with it.

Marvel Pinball Celebrates 50 Years Of The Fantastic Four

The family that stays together for 50 years plays pinball together as well. Zen Studios adds to its highly successful Marvel Pinball series with a Fantastic Four table featuring Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, and… wait, where’s Spider-Man?

Donkey Kong Versus The Fantastic Four

Comic artist Anthony Vukojevich’s Donkey Kong take on Fantastic Four #26, as seen on Covered – Thanks David!