I Spent An Entire Day Wearing A Sleeping Bag Because I Like Playing Video Games

I spent an entire day wearing a sleeping bag. Now I’m going to try and explain why.

My Weekend Hanging Out With PC Gaming's Most Hardcore Players

Face-to-face LAN parties — local game gatherings, usually PC-focused — just aren’t what they used to be in this modern, always connected age. Not even one of the biggest in the world can escape time. But the thousands of PC gamers who gather in Texas every summer are pushing off the inevitable as heroically as they can.

Dishonored's Party Level Rewrote The Rules Of Stealth Games

The mission seems to be going well enough; it’s been tough, but you’ve persevered, making your way through some tense situations by avoiding the gaze of patrolling guards. You’ve just infiltrated the enemy base — now it’s time to assassinate someone. You’re hiding, maybe in the bushes or around a corner, and wham, some guard spots you. Alarms sound, the world begins to move in slow motion, and an alert pops up on screen.

Sony Won't Explain What's Up With PS1/PS2 Games On PlayStation Now

Way back in February 2013, when Sony first announced the PlayStation 4, they talked a bit about their partnership with the streaming company Gaikai. With the power of the cloud, Sony said, we’d all be able to stream PS1, PS2 and PS3 games.

Sony Trashes EA's New Access Program

Wondering why EA’s new subscription Access program is on Xbox One and not PlayStation 4? Well, for starters, Sony doesn’t think it’s any good for their customers.

The Story Of The Most Disgustingly Cute Video Game Ever Made

An aspiring filmmaker who made a documentary about heartbreak. An artist obsessed with making our lives malleable. A second artist who spent years drawing the human form. A game designer who transformed mathematics into a video game. Together these four individuals created Push Me Pull You. An Australian video game about human beings made by human beings. It’s disgusting.

For One Night, The Last Of Us Was A Musical

Tonight’s stage performance of The Last of Us: One Night Live was weird, ramshackle, funny, and kinda unlike any video-game event I’ve seen. The best part, easily, was the musical number.

What We Want Changed After Destiny's Beta

As betas go you can’t argue with Destiny’s success. I’ve heard more than a few people saying it’s the most they have played on their PS4 since launch for example, while it seems to be basically the only thing that happened over the weekend.

Deadpool Film Test Footage Reportedly Leaks

Over the weekend, an almost two-minute clip of Deadpool laying waste to a bunch of dudes hit the internet. Some big clues point to it being made by the folks behind some of the best video game trailers.

Idiot In Azeroth Part Five: Scratching The Surface


12 hours.

It doesn’t feel like that. Not even close.

It feels like I’m just at the beginning. It feels like I’m still in the tutorial stages. Technically I still am in the tutorial stage.

I’d have finished most AAA video games by now.