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How Good Game Made The Leap From TV To YouTube

For the better part of a decade Good Game has been one of the quiet achievers of Australian public television. Early in 2015 this game-reviewing institution branched out into online-exclusive video content, and GG Pocket was born.

We recently caught up with ABC TV producer Peter Burns, who gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how his daily web series is made.

What Modern Gadgets Could Learn From Fallout 4's Pip-Boy

Technology advances in a lot of weird and wonderful ways, but it often seems like nothing gets the scientific juices going more than the incredible tech featured in fictional worlds. Whether it’s Back to the Future’s hoverboards, Star Trek’s tricorder, Iron Man’s armour and pretty much everything from Minority Report.

Blizzard Is Hurting Heroes Of The Storm By Not Calling It A 'MOBA'

Ever since they changed Heroes of the Storm’s name from Blizzard All-Stars and, even more regrettably, Blizzard Dota, Blizzard has insisted on calling its excellent new MOBA a “hero brawler” and therefore not calling it a MOBA. It was a silly choice when Blizzard first made it. Now, it’s become a damaging one.

The Problem With The Post-Bungie Halo Campaigns

Halo used to mean quality. Its campaigns were all heroic military sci-fi, full of brilliantly-designed levels and enemies. The multiplayer was some of gaming’s best, supplying pulse-pounding firefights and thrilling victories. There was a time when a new Halo game was a guarantee of greatness. Since developer Bungie moved on and custom Halo house 343 Industries took the reigns, it has become clear that something is wrong. Halo is suffering from an identity crisis.

Kotaku's Static Podcast With Gizmodo & Lifehacker: Episode Two

Australian eSports, gendered toys, Star Wars: Battlefront, the best movie gadgets, tipping wait staff and artisanal salami made from celebrities. Yes, really.

Watch The First Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Video: Here’s the first trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Ever want to see Captain America give Iron Man a beatdown? Or check out Black Panther in action? Here you go.

Fallout 4's User Interface Is Truly Terrible

You’ll spend a lot of Fallout 4 fighting irradiated super mutants, giant killer cockroaches, and deadly cyborgs. You’ll spend just as much time fighting the game’s awful user interface.

Why Australia Needs A Queer Gaming Convention

Every time I see a straight couple holding hands, or kissing, or hugging in public, it’s a little painful.

I’m Liam Esler and I’m gay. I’ve been with my partner for the past eight and a half years, and I don’t feel comfortable doing any of those things. Not necessarily because someone would say something, or do something, but because we become a spectacle for people to react to. I can’t hold hands with my partner walking down the road without being judged for it. And it’s all well and good to say, “Well, just ignore it,” but why should I have to? Shouldn’t it be okay for me and my partner to express even a small amount of affection in public and not be judged for it?

Three Very Different Takes On Linkle, The Female Link

With the weather so hot, why go outside? Worth Reading, our weekly roundup of the best games writing, is here to comfort you.

Valve Is Changing Steam Sales

Since the dawn of recorded time, big seasonal Steam sales have included daily deals that make the whole process downright ritualistic. Wake up, check Steam sale deals, feel the life being drained from your wallet, etc. Soon, that will no longer be the case.

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