Start Saving For Those Boxing Day Games Specials

Yeah, sure, Christmas hasn’t happened yet, but the big chains are already planning their Boxing Day sales — and there are potentially some good games bargains to be had if you have a single cent left over from the Steam sales.

Great Gift Ideas For Gaming And Powerful PC Enthusiasts

Stuck for inspiration for the PC gamer in your life? Our list of top picks will ensure a smile on the face of anyone lucky enough to score these PC gaming gifts.

The NSFW Stages Of Super Smash Bros.

Human nature dictates that whenever people acquire new tools for visual expression, they will use them to draw dicks. So when Nintendo revealed that the latest (and, quite possibly greatest) Super Smash Bros. would come with a level editor, was there any doubt about what players would do with it?

How To Easily Get Destiny's Weird 'Husk Of The Pit' Gun

Among the new pieces of gear in Destiny‘s The Dark Below expansion, one stands out: a gun called “Husk of the Pit.” It’s kind of a piece of crap… but it also isn’t.

The Year In Dota 2: A Game That Kept Changing

Dota 2 is the staple of millions of players’ gaming nights, a rising star in the eSports scene for a new generation of competitive players and spectators. It’s also a lucrative vehicle for Valve to sell hats. From how it changed, to how people played it, to how Valve talked about it, here is the story of Dota 2 in 2014.

The State Of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Three Years In

Star Wars: The Old Republic has never been exactly what we want it to be. Though some of us have stuck with it since its launch in December 2011, we know it’s still not ideal in 2014. And so does BioWare.

Nintendo Is Working On New Console Ideas, Says Miyamoto

In an interview with Associated Press, Nintendo executive and creative visionary Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that divisions within Nintendo are hard at work on new console ideas – but that the Wii U is still very much the focus.

MSI GT72 Dominator Pro: Australian Review

Gaming laptops are a peculiar niche in the notebook world. They try to achieve an incredibly difficult goal — achieving plenty of power to run high-end PC games, while shoehorning all those powerful and heat-producing components into a vaguely portable chassis. The MSI GT72 Dominator Pro takes the same all-out approach as the existing GT70, but has brand new top-of-the-line PC hardware inside. It has all the outright grunt of a high-end desktop gaming PC, but is also mobile — just.

The Biggest Disappointments Of 2014

2014 was a weird, wooly year for video games. The big new consoles were finding their feet, and most of the games we were expecting to play got pushed back to next year. Some of the ones that did come out were great, but others, well… weren’t as great.

Players Are Trying To Clean Up Pokemon's Hacked Trading System

Right now, the GTS — Pokémon‘s online system, which allows players around the world to trade monsters with each other — is a mess. Normally, newer Pokémon games don’t let you name your Pokémon anything offensive. To wit, a friend tried naming a Pokémon she recently caught “Grassy”, but the system is so strict, that it wouldn’t allow it. Hackers, however, have found a way around this safety measure — and they’re flooding the online trading system with poorly-named Pokémon that shouldn’t exist.