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How The Witcher 3's Developers Ensured Their Open World Didn't Suck

I played 60 hours of The Witcher 3 earlier this year, and only stopped because I had other games to play. One question always nagged me, though: how did CD Projekt RED put together a sprawling open world game that avoided the genre’s usual preference for meaningless side quests? I called them to find out.

Destiny Players Discover Secret Raid Room That Nobody Can Solve

Late Friday night, someone wrote on the Destiny subreddit that there may be a secret room in the game’s newest raid, King’s Fall. He said he’d seen someone post about it on a Facebook group he was in. He even shared a video.

Stephen Colbert Suitably Awed By No Man's Sky

As demonstrated by his Pewdiepie interview earlier this week, Stephen Colbert’s new stint as the host of The Late Show gives him a chance to touch on topics his old gig couldn’t, like video games we wish we could just play already, dammit.

The Next Far Cry Will Go To The Ice Age

At around 12pm today, Ubisoft put up a livestream of a cave painting and promised exciting news. Five hours later, over 11,000 people are still watching that cave painting, with no news in sight.

Vin Diesel's Next Film Is Based On His Dungeons & Dragons Character

Vin Diesel is best known by audiences for a certain franchise involving quick (and apparently angry) cars, but those in role-playing circles are more familiar with his insatiable Dungeons & Dragons habit. In fact, so into the pen-and-paper game is Diesel, his new flick, The Last Witch Hunter, is based on one of his characters.

Stephen Colbert Interviews Pewdiepie, Nails It

YouTube’s biggest star was on Stephen Colbert tonight — and the segment was actually pretty good. Really, I’d say that Colbert gave Jimmy Kimmel a master class in how to cover the phenomenon that is Let’s Plays. Going in, Colbert immediately poked fun at television, calling it a “steam-powered medium” — and Pewdiepie talked about how, personally, he never actually watches TV.

I Don't Know If Microsoft Can Fix The Xbox Experience

The Xbox One User Interface is a mystery to me.

It oscillates wildly between intuitive and bewildering. Often within seconds. There have been occasions where I’ve praised it to the high heavens for its ability to switch rapidly between apps. But if I had to define my time spend using the UI in one image it would be this: me, sat on my couch, frustrated, angrily scrolling through options, randomly barking instructions to Kinect. Desperately trying to find that one option I’ve been trying to change, with little to no idea where the hell I should be looking.

Destiny's Iron Banner And Trials Of Osiris Are Getting Some Changes

Destiny‘s two big multiplayer events, Trials of Osiris and the Iron Banner, are coming back in a little more than a week. The first year-two Iron Banner will begin on October 13th, with Trials of Osiris kicking off later that week on the 16th.

Destiny: The Taken King: The Kotaku Review

For most of last year, Destiny players have been spurred by hope and riled by impatience. We held out hope that this flawed but promising game would draw closer to its potential, despite our impatience with the sluggish pace of improvements.

What Works (And Doesn't Work) In Today's PS4 Firmware Update

If your PlayStation 4 looks a little different today, that’s because your machine probably updated overnight with firmware 3.00. While it’s a system update less sweeping than its version number implies, and the launch hasn’t been without hiccups and oversights, it comes with some pretty nifty new features.

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