The Future Of The Xbox One In Australia

“Are we exactly where we want to be today?” says Jeremy Hinton, Xbox Lead for Microsoft Australia. “No.

“Have we made massive gains in the last 12 months? I think we have.”

Tie Fighter: The Kotaku Review

Here’s an entirely plausible scenario: you are a human who enjoys video games, owns a PC and likes Star Wars. You’ve heard forever that Tie Fighter is something you should play, but a combination of necessary fiddling and the fact you couldn’t actually buy it anywhere mean that you’ve never tried it yourself.

I Hate Starting New Games In RPGs

Is there anything more paralysing than a blank slate? I’ve had Fallout 2 open for three hours. I have played it for zero. I’m bleary eyed. Exhaustion is clinging to my eyelids like some mad brigand swinging from a chandelier. How did things end up like this, I wonder. Why can’t I just make a few simple decisions and, you know, play a video game?

People Aren't Crazy About The Latest 'Fix' To Destiny's Toughest Boss

There’s a long-running joke amongst gamers and developers: It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! Usually it’s a self-aware joke — some bug or glitch disrupts the game either visually or even functionally, but it’s sometimes entertaining enough to keep in or consider a part of the experience. For once, I find myself telling that joke with a straight face. That teleporting trick in Destiny‘s final raid boss fight? It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

Anita Sarkeesian Was Just On Colbert Report

Video: Critic Anita Sarkeesian just made an appearance on The Colbert Report, in an interview which followed a section of the show devoted entirely to gamergate.

Pokémon's Creepy Lavender Town Myth, Explained

Pokémon may be famously cheery, but the series has its share of dark, spooky myths. The most famous of those have to be the ones about Lavender Town.

Origin Chronos Z Compact Gaming PC: The Kotaku Review

The Origin PC Chronos Z is the meanest small form factor gaming PC I’ve yet to encounter. Origin PC ships its gaming systems in wooden crates. The Chronos Z came in the smallest crate to date, yet the Titan Z-powered beast within was far more powerful than anything that came before it.

A Guide To Avoiding Diseases At PAX Australia 2014

You’re scared. You keep turning on the internet and finding ebola getting closer and closer to home. You remember reading about that “Spanish Flu” thing a couple of times in high school. One time you got a cold and you thought you were going to die. You wash your hands, like, I mean you really wash your hands after you pee. Your immune system is running on Windows 95. And this weekend you’re going to PAX Australia.

You’re probably going to catch something.

Destiny's New DLC Kinda Screws Over Xbox Players

On December 9, Bungie will release The Dark Below, a new expansion pack for Destiny. For $US20, you’ll get some new story missions, some multiplayer maps, a raid and two new strikes. Unless you’re on Xbox.

Interstellar: The Kotaku Review

There’s something strange about Christopher Nolan movies. It’s difficult to shake, but near impossible to verbalise. Essentially, it’s a lack of internal volition. In The Dark Knight, when Batman is speeding onto the highway in his Batmobile, your brain recognizes this is a ‘cool moment that people will later describe to you as cool’, but you’re not really connected with that moment in any real visceral sense. In Nolan movies action (and drama) is often held at a distance.