A Game That's Become A Political Battleground

Agar.io is a fun, free multiplayer game you can play right now. It’s also become a political battlefield.

Watch The Best Fighting Game Matches From Battle Arena Melbourne

The best fighting game players in Victoria descended on Battle Arena Melbourne last weekend, along with a few overseas fighter celebrities, to decide who was the best in their chosen game on the day.

Sunset: The Kotaku Review

Angela Burnes left Baltimore in 1972 looking for freedom. Things would be different in Latin America, she thought. They had to be. But the main character of Sunset quickly finds herself trapped in a country torn apart by civil war. Can doing chores for a rich man help her tear down a military coup? Should she?

This Aussie Game Helps Nepal Every Time You Play It

Skiing Yeti Mountain is a new locally made time sink from Featherweight Games, an aptly titled group of two coders. It’s a fun, addictive homage to SkiFree — and it’s even better now that one half of the team has pledged all of his revenues to victims of the Nepal earthquakes.

The Witcher Was Almost A Diablo Clone

This series sure has come a long way since this early prototype from 2002. Remember, this is what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which launched this week, looks like.

Destiny Just Got A Hell Of A Lot Better

Everyone loves a redemption story. On Tuesday, Destiny‘s second major expansion, House of Wolves, went live. I’ve been playing all week and good news: Not only is House of Wolves superior to its preceding expansion The Dark Below, it feels like the wholesale upgrade that Destiny desperately needed.

Valve Finally Addresses Counter-Strike's Biggest Problem

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the best multiplayer shooters in existence — by all accounts an incredible game. Well, except for this one thing.

The Witcher 3 Already Has Some Great Mods

The Witcher 3 is stunningly gorgeous in most places, but you can’t please everybody. That’s what mods are for.

What's Your Worst Rage Quitting Story?

Sometimes that boss just WON’T go down. Or there’s some really annoying kid on your team who won’t stop killing you for some reason? Maybe it was a glitch that did it. Whatever your story is, you rage quit. And you rage quit hard.

Confessions of a Witcher 3 Newbie

Or, if you prefer “Oh God, Oh God, Why Am I Doing This What’s Going On Argh Argh Argh Why?”