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Your Definitive Guide For Watching The 2016 AFL And NRL Grand Finals

Football fans this weekend are in for a treat as the AFL and NRL Grand Finals are on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. How do you watch it for free if you don’t have tickets to see the games live? How can you watch them if you’re overseas? How do you make conversation with AFL and NRL fans when you know nothing about the two sports? What snacks should you make while you and your mates watch the games? We’ve got you covered.

Speedrunners Finally Pull Off The 'Holy Grail' Of Mario 64 Glitches

Since it came out 20 years ago, Super Mario 64 has been cracked open, turned inside-out, and then some, but people keep figuring out new ways to warp its candy coloured reality. The latest is being billed as the biggest speedrun breakthrough since 2007, and it’s not hard to see why.

A Night With The Legend Of Zelda, Horizon: Zero Dawn And PlayStation VR

The night before EB Expo kicks off proper, media are given a chance to mill around at a few of the booths to check out games beforehand. There isn’t full access to the venue, with most of it locked down due to “still being under construction”. But there was a chance to check out the Nintendo and PlayStation booths, where I finally got to check out a few things in the flesh.

This Is Zedtown: Training For The Zombie Apocalypse, With Nerf Guns

Our ragged group of survivors shifts nervously, ready to cut and run at the first sign of danger. A horde of zombies ambles slowly towards us, a distraction from the lone runners slipping around the sides to try and catch us off guard. “Hold the line!” someone shouts, but we all know that if it came to it, we’d turn on our fellow survivors if it helped us get out alive. This is Zedtown.

Destiny Rise Of Iron: The Kotaku Review

A brief history for those who are new to Kotaku and our on-again, off-again obsession with this game. Destiny is a first-person action game in which players fly around the solar system fighting with aliens, evil cyborgs, and occasionally each other. Collectively, our staff has played over 2,000 hours. I account for more than half those hours on my own.

The 15 Most Ridiculous Badasses From Warhammer 40K

Yes, Warhammer Fantasy was home to many ridiculously badass heroes and villains. But Warhammer 40k, its sci-fi sister game set in a grim darkness where there is only war? Basically, the entire universe is made up almost solely of over-the-top buttkickers. Here’s just 15 of some of its most ludicrously badass characters.

20 Of The Most Useless Dungeons & Dragons Spells

Wizards are the most powerful characters in Dungeons & Dragons, as the hundreds of spells available to Magic-Users, IIllusionists, Necromancers, Clerics, Druids, will attest. But for every Meteor Swarm, Time Stop and Resurrection there are a dozen spells that are utterly worthless. Here are 20 D&D spells almost no one has ever needed to cast.

Race Into The Wilderness With Dog Sled Saga 

In a genre dominated by games about building cities or tending farms, Dog Sled Saga is a refreshing fusion of unlikely ideas and personal details.

Bustling metropolises are replaced with wintery cabins and side-scrolling tundras in Trichotomy’s game. Instead of harvesting crops, you train and nurture snow pups. There are no spreadsheets of information to optimise or boundless ambitions to fulfil. It’s just you, the dogs, and cut-throat sled racing in the great outdoors.

Firewatch Is Having Classification Issues In Australia

Firewatch came out on Xbox One this week.

Correction: it came out in just about every other region besides Australia.

Why the delay? Apparently there’s a small issue with classification.

No Man's Sky And The Power Of Saying No

There have been a lot of articles on No Man’s Sky since launch, but I haven’t read anything I completely agree with. I think that’s largely because the game and its marketing are simultaneously great and terrible, and most people have focused on one aspect or the other.

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