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A Lot Of People Are Trying To Refund No Man's Sky

There was once a time when you had to cross your fingers and pray if you wanted a refund on Steam. How times have changed.

Star Citizen Got Me Blacklisted From Our Office Internet

Part of the fun of my job is that I legitimately have a business case for installing games on my PC. And on Friday, that’s what I wanted to do: I wanted to play Star Citizen.

But not long after opening the launcher and waiting for the game to patch, everything ground to a halt. Then the internet dropped out. But it wasn’t just a one-time thing — I’d been blacklisted from the company network.

I Was A 30 Year Old D&D Virgin

“What name are you going to go with,” someone asked my partner, as we were running through the process of picking names for our Dungeons & Dragons characters. She thought about it for a second, and then started Googling the names of those Nigerian princes you find in spam emails.

“Reverend Father August Goodluck,” she announced to the table, and a chorus of laughter.

This was my introduction to the world of real-life Dungeons & Dragons.

Titanfall 2 Is Getting Big Changes After Fan Backlash

Last weekend, Respawn Entertainment held an open technical test for the multiplayer shooter Titanfall 2 on the Xbox One and Playstation 4. I enjoyed my own time with the game, but other players were a bit more concerned. Now, Respawn Entertainment is responding to critiques and discussing new changes coming to the anticipated sequel.

Tips For Playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is out now. It’s good! And like other games in the series, it gives you a lot of options in how you want to play.

So What Is Metal Gear Survive?

Hideo Kojima may have left Konami, but that doesn’t mean the end of Metal Gear. Or, potentially, Metal Gear’s reanimated corpse. Last week at Gamescom, Konami showed its willingness to take it into unexpected places. Metal Gear Survive abandons the cinematic, single-player focus of the previous games, twisting the series into a 4-player co-op stealth action game.

Konami is withholding the details of Metal Gear Survive but, between the trailer and an interview with one of the company’s community managers at Gamescom, I’ve put together a picture of what the game actually is.

Eight Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Playing No Man's Sky

As far as tutorials go, No Man’s Sky has a very minimalist one. It teaches you to survive, but when it comes to thriving, you generally have to figure it out on your own. Here are just a few things that I wish I had known when I started this game.

Apparent PS4 Slim Leaks On Auction Site

Apparent images of a slimmer, sleeker version of the PlayStation 4 have popped up on the UK auction site Gumtree (h/t NeoGAF), where a British seller claims to have obtained an unannounced model of Sony’s latest console. It’s going for only £295.

Here Are Some Things You Can Do In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The newest Deus Ex game, Mankind Divided, comes out this week. It tells the gripping tale of a man with robot arms and his quest to steal alcohol from every apartment in Prague.

Despite Takedown, Pokemon Uranium Creators Say It's 'More Alive Than Ever'

There’s something about playing Pokemon Uranium that feels strangely illicit for a game about collecting cute critters. The developers behind the massive fan project took down the ‘official’ download last weekend to avoid any potential legal action by Nintendo, so the only way for me to play the game was to track down someone else who could send me the file.

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