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It Looks Like All These Xbox 360 Games Will Soon Run On Xbox One

Microsoft confirmed the names of a few more Xbox 360 games that will soon be functional on Xbox One through the newer console’s backwards compatibility feature, but they also showed a reel that hinted at lots more. Let’s enhance and see what we can see.

Bungie Is Erasing Peter Dinklage From Destiny

For a long time now, the world has laughed at Peter Dinklage’s voice acting in Destiny, a video game about the slow, inevitable progression of death. Soon, that voice acting is going to change. One might even say it’s going to become legend.

Rare Replay: The Kotaku Review

Rare games meant a lot to the people who played them, so a collection of 30 of (most) of their best works should mean a lot to children of the Spectrum ZX, the Nintendo 64 and even the Xbox 360. Combined, they’re part of a new collection on the Xbox One that is one of the most extraordinary bundles to ever hit consoles a great meeting place for Nintendo and Xbox loyalists. The collection is full of games that are at times gorgeous and difficult, nearly always weird. It’d probably first help if I explained what in the world Rare Replay contains.

Report: Konami Is Treating Its Staff Like Prisoners

According to a report on Nikkei, the corporate culture at Konami — home of Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Pro Evolution Soccer — hasn’t only soured over the past few years, but has become almost terrifyingly Orwellian.

Level 8 In A Land Of 34s: A Newbie's Take On Destiny

I am late. The mysteries have been solved. The loot cave has come and gone. I’m the guy just now turning in his first encrypted engram — green, of course. I’m either playing Destiny the best way or the worst way.

Three Things That Make Fallout 3 Special

“I don’t want to set the world on fire,” the Ink Spots croon, but the truth is, I’ve just arrived outside Galaxy News Radio headquarters with every intention of detonating a nuclear warhead. When the Super Mutant Behemoth charges through the wreckage, bellowing, I’m ready. I take aim, then pull the trigger, letting loose nuclear armageddon. I set the world on fire, and it feels good.

Wondering What Total War: Warhammer Looks And Plays Like?

A new walkthrough video gives a look at the units, leaders and gameplay of the mash-up strategy title.

An Ode To Booger Boy

If you run away from him, he runs towards you. His steps make a noise like ‘teeter-teeter-teeter’. A noise you might recognise from any cartoon.

If you walk towards him? He bumps straight into you. With a BOING. He looks up. He just wants your attention. He only wants to talk to you, to play with you.

The Red Ash Kickstarter Is A Disaster

In 2013, game producer Keiji Inafune earned gamers’ hearts worldwide by promising to bring back Mega Man in the form of Mighty No. 9. Two years later, he’s launched a sloppy, misleading new Kickstarter that threatens to squander all that goodwill.

Rocket League Can Be America's Secret Gateway To Soccer

Football (or, soccer) is the biggest sport on Earth. Everyone plays it, everyone gets it, everyone loves it. Everyone, that is, except for Americans.

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