Fez 2 Is Happening. It's Official.

This is a big surprise to me, I thought we’d seen the end of Fez, the cryptic, triptych platformer by Phil Fish, but Polytron has officially announced that Fez 2 is happening, and even showed off a debut trailer, which you can watch above.

The Remixed Fez Soundtrack Is Now Out.

The remixed Fez soundtrack is now out. Get it here. At $US5, you’d be crazy not to, especially since it features tracks by the composers behind games like Minecraft, Mirror’s Edge and…Fez.

Check Out The First Track From From FZ: Side F

Check out the first track from from FZ: Side F, the Fez remix album from the game’s composer, Disasterpiece. The album will be out on April 20, and you can pre-order through Bandcamp.

Ask Phil Fish If Fez Is Coming To Steam...

‘Is Fez coming to Steam?’ This is the question that the game’s creator Phil Fish asked to be asked over Twitter. And the answer is yes.

Tina's Top 10 Games Of 2012

Last year was supposed to be the year I got a beast of a PC set up in my tiny apartment. It didn’t end up being that year. 2013 will be, though, PC gods willing.

Fez Is Coming To Other Platforms Later This Year

I could sit here all day and tell you how good Fez was, but if you don’t have an Xbox 360, it’s all a bit pointless, since it launched on Microsoft’s console earlier last year and has remained there ever since.

The Best Video Game Music Of 2012

You press a button, and the beat drops. Forward you fly, straight into the perilous unknown, beats pushing against your eardrums as you push back against the controller. Tempo and harmony swim together in your brain, and you lose yourself in the rhythm of play.

She'd Never Played Video Games, But Wound Up Judging A Game Contest

Most video game-players have someone in their life — an uncle, a parent, a cousin, a co-worker — who just doesn’t play video games. Time and again, we try to poke and prod at those people, to better understand where they’re coming from and more importantly, how they view our favourite pastime/livelihood/obsession/etc.

If Fez's Creator Made Portable Gaming Systems...

A while back, Fez developers Polytron released a shirt featuring a not-real gaming handheld called the Polytron Portable Pro. It’s now been upgraded to two newer, more contemporary ideas for a not-real handheld.