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Most video game-players have someone in their life — an uncle, a parent, a cousin, a co-worker — who just doesn't play video games. Time and again, we try to poke and prod at those people, to better understand where they're coming from and more importantly, how they view our favourite pastime/livelihood/obsession/etc.


Part of me wants a little bit more time to organise my own thoughts on Fez, the mindbending platformer recently released on Xbox LIVE, but another part of me just wants to talk about the experience and see what comes of it. So ladies and gentlemen of taste — anyone out there spend much time with Fez over the weekend? Thoughts?


Man, I've given up on Mass Effect 3. I sincerely just can't muster up any enthusiasm for it. Maybe I just need to give it another proper try, but Fez is out and I want to play that instead. What are you guys playing this weekend?


The first thing that appealed to me about Fez, an independent puzzle platforming game developed by Polytron, was how adorable it was. If my childhood proved anything, it was that eight bits of detail can still make me squee with delight. I instantly knew that I would need a plushie version of Gomez, the main character that sports a cute little red fez atop his Pillsbury doughboy-like form.