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It Took Two Years To Make Final Fantasy VII's Midgar In Minecraft

Minecraft modder Killerx20 has finally released his giant re-creation of Final Fantasy VII‘s Midgar, which he’s been building (with help) since early 2012.

Former Square Enix Honcho Talks About Cloud Gaming's Future

Last month, Former Square Enix top man Yoichi Wada announced that he would be helming a new company named “Shinra Technologies.” No, they’re not going to try to drain the planet of its life force to use as energy. Yet.

Square Enix's New 'Cloud' Gaming Service Is Called 'Shinra'

This is pretty much perfect. Last night Square Enix announced a cloud-gaming service called Shinra Technologies. They’re working with Avalanche Studios on the deal.

JRPG Characters Look So Good As 2D Sprites

Daniel “Abysswolf” Oliver’s pixel art reminds me of the Metal Slug games, especially Barret’s look in the Final Fantasy VII piece above. But he’s mostly into JRPGs and recently, he remade the cast of a couple of classic games as detailed, colourful 2D sprites.

One Man's Acapella Tour Through Video Game History

One man. 21 video game theme songs. A whole lot of really, really silly costumes.

The Steam Achievement That Nobody Unlocked

Some achievements are too easy, at times only requiring players to do mundane things like pressing start. Some achievements pose an actual challenge to players, requiring people to earn their digital trophies. And some achievements? Some achievements just aren’t possible, no matter what a game might say.

Nine Things You Should Know About The Next Final Fantasy VII Spinoff

In June, Square Enix quietly announced a new mobile game called Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, based on the mini-game from their iconic RPG. The general reaction was a resounding “uh, what?” But the trailer was cool, as is the concept, though we haven’t heard much more about what we’ll get to do in G-Bike, or how it will be different from the 17-year-old mini-game that shares its name.

A Neat Paint Of Kalm In Final Fantasy VII

Dayshot: Artist Flavio Bolla did a pretty neat paint of Kalm and its mini-reactor, which is the first town we visit in Final Fantasy VII, once leaving Midgar.

The Honest Final Fantasy VII Trailer Wants An HD Remake, Too

C’mon, who wouldn’t want to see these heaving, panting examples of manhood rendered with high resolution HD graphics?

Stab It, Cloud, Stab It Right In Its Stupid Face

As we’ve seen, Adeeb Md makes better statues with his own two hands than many professional companies (with factories and everything) can come up with. Don’t believe me? Check out his latest piece, Final Fantasy’s Cloud.