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The Internet Reacts To The Final Fantasy VII Remake

After years of asking, your Final Fantasy VII full remake dreams are coming true. It’s happening. And you can bet the internet has something to say about that.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced For PS4

Eighteen years and three PlayStations later, Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake. A real one. For PlayStation 4.

Final Fantasy VII's Cosmo Canyon, Redrawn

Dayshot: Final Fantasy VII‘s Cosmo Canyon, the home of Red XIII and his tribe, has been redrawn beautifully by Tumblr user hot-fish. Here’s the full pic below, with Bugenhagen’s observatory on top of the staircase labyrinth looking at the moon in the distance.

A Speed Painting Series Featuring Final Fantasy VII's Most Memorable Moments

Dayshot: Artist Lap Pun Cheung created a speed painting series featuring Final Fantasy VII‘s most memorable moments. It was a six-month-long project, and he only finished it recently with Cloud & Co. finally facing Sepiroth. You can check all 130 paintings here. It’s quite the ride.

The Silliest Summary Of Final Fantasy VII

I almost forgot about those pesky little frogs in Final Fantasy VII that transform party members into frogs, thanks videogamedunkey for the reminder.

Oooh, That Looks Painful

In this piece of 3D Final Fantasy VII fanart, done in a Bravely Default-esque style by Sketchfab’s HongZhihao, Cloud scores a huge hit on Sephiroth, making him drop his blade. Make sure to check out the embedded model below for more angles on the scene.

Guy Turns His PS1 Into Final Fantasy VII's Midgar

Well, that’s one way to play the classic JRPG: With a miniature version of Final Fantasy VII‘s capital city on top of the console.

Link, Sephiroth And The Avengers, Turned Into Fearsome Robots

Dayshot: Oh man, I feel sorry for whoever has to face these in a fight.

Cosplay Superstar Brings Final Fantasy VII Tune To Life

Video: Cosplay superstar Alodia Gosiengfiao brings Final Fantasy VII tune “J-E-N-O-V-A” to life on a Yamaha piano, with her pops on synth. We’ve seen cosplayers show off their musical skills before, but this might be the first dad collab.

Fine Art: Final Fantasy VII, Redesigned

If you don’t like belts and crazy hair, Final Fantasy VII’s aesthetic might not be to your liking. Here, then, are some artist’s ideas on what Final Fantasy VII could look like.

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