final fantasy vii

My Bloody Valentine: Loveless Billboard Stands Out In FFVII Mashup

That My Bloody Valentine: Loveless billboard stands out quite a bit in digital artist RubiaDmc’s great Final Fantasy VII mashup. That sign was all over Midgar!

3D-Printed Final Fantasy VII Characters Look Pretty Amazing

3D printing is perfect for models with low polygon counts. Joabaldwin proves this with these precise recreations of the main cast from Final Fantasy VII.

Lightning As Cloud Strife From Final Fantasy VII For Pre-Order Bonus

Lightning returns alright. This time, she can dress up in Cloud Strife‚Äôs Soldier 1st Class Uniform and swing his Buster Sword. But there’s a catch!

Final Fantasy VII's Train Graveyard Has Never Looked So Beautiful

The Sector 7 train graveyard, one of the earliest locations in Final Fantasy VII, was an empty and depressing place, filled only with entry level ghosts, a few potions and train wreckage. Jordangrimmer’s fantastic reinterpretation expands the environment and fills it with life.

This Might Be The Closest We're Getting To A Final Fantasy VII Remake

Rendered with the Unreal Development Kit, digital artist Laggyzaki’s remake of one of the most memorable locations in Final Fantasy VII — the Sector 5 church in Midgar — should make everyone nostalgic and wonder how the rest of the game would look in high definition.

The Most Terrifying Mystery Mansions In Video Games

You gotta love horror games with mysterious, haunted mansions. They work so well. You enter the estate, or wake up in a calm part of it, only to find hordes of traps, the undead and a bevy of haunted horrors waiting to overwhelm you.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII: The PS1 Masterpiece

Final Fantasy Versus XIII sometimes feels like it’s been in development forever. So let’s pretend that it has. And that “forever” is really “since 1997″.

The Most Amazing Video Game Title Screens

We did a gallery on the most awesome continue screens a few weeks ago, so it’s only fair that we give their complement — start menus and title screens — the same treatment.

A Visual History Of Attractive Video Game Characters: The '90s

By the end of the ’90s, the 16-bit era ended and 3D took over. With the PlayStation and 3D graphics cards out there allowing for new possibilities, narrative and gameplay, the ’90s produced some of the most attractive characters in video game history.

Cloud From Final Fantasy VII Sure Looks Pretty With Make Up

Cloud Strife is one good-looking video game character. He really is. Dude’s got spiky hair, piercing eyes and nice threads. But what if he wore cosmetics? What would he look like?