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Man At Arms Builds Sepiroth's Massive Sword From Final Fantasy VII

“Any sword that’s in Final Fantasy just is way too massive“. Ha! Man at Arms is great. Professional swordsmith Tony Swatton makes multiple different weapons from video games in real life and they look incredible. He’s already made Cloud’s Buster Sword. In this episode he attempts to make Sepiroth’s sword, Masamune.

League Of Legends, Turned Into Final Fantasy VII... Has Potential

Would it be possible to transform League of Legends into a JRPG, specifically, Final Fantasy VII? The answer is yes!

Video Games, Reimagined As Classic Paperback Novels

Digital artist Zachary Knoles really touched the spot when he redesigned video games and its characters as aged, dusty covers of classic paperback novels.

The Final Fantasy VII Victory Music Sounds Incredible As A Cappella

A cappella master Smooth McGroove has made a name for himself by re-creating vocal versions of classic game music. His stuff is usually very good, but this week he’s outdone himself, tackling my favourite video-game victory music and utterly owning it.

Commercials Are Better With Video Game Music

Last night I spent about four hours watching the Food Network, because once you start watching an episode of Chopped it’s impossible to not watch three more.

Final Fantasy VII Isn't On Phones Yet Because It's... Too Big?

Last week, we reported that Square Enix wants to bring Final Fantasy VII to smartphones. Today, we’ve got an explanation for why that hasn’t happened yet: the game is too big, Square says.

One Of Gaming's Most Iconic Swords Get A Massive Steampunk Replica

No wonder there’s no one in these pictures wielding the massive two-metre tall Buster Sword, Cloud’s iconic weapon from Final Fantasy VII. It probably weighs a ton! More specifically it’s a slightly modified steampunk version of the weapon, made by the folks at Brick Replicas.

One Aussie Fan's Quest To Remake Final Fantasy VII... In 2D

Forget the HD remake: what Final Fantasy VII really needs is a 2D remake. Just ask Lucas Brown, an Australian web developer who is building his very own two-dimensional slice of Square’s classic role-playing game, one sprite at a time.

This Unofficial Final Fantasy VII Web Series Sure Is Ballsy

You may remember the mockup trailer that circulated last year, promising an unofficial Final Fantasy VII fan film. At the time, director Gionata Medeot told me he wasn’t worried about Square Enix’s lawyers stepping in and trying to take it down.

100 Things You Might Not Know About Final Fantasy VII

In honour of Final Fantasy VII‘s recent Steam re-release, here’s a video by YouTuber NEroNeRoNerON exploring some trivia from Square’s classic RPG. Some of these factoids are a little silly — yes, if you park the airship on an island, fly a gold chocobo across the water, and then release the chocobo, you’ll lose access to your airship. Many of them seem to be based on hacks or glitches too.