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First Look At The Final Fantasy XI Reboot For MobileĀ 

Nexon is making a mobile version of Final Fantasy XI with Square Enix. Yesterday, we got our first peek at the title.

Final Fantasy XI Gets Smartphone Version And New Spin-Off

With the amount of money smartphone games make, this shouldn’t be that surprising. But Square Enix is bringing a version of Final Fantasy XI to smartphones. It’s called Final Fantasy XI Mobile. There’s also a new FFXI spin-off title called Final Fantasy Grandmasters.

Final Fantasy XI Welcomes Back Players With Special 11th Anniversary Promotions

No it doesn’t. Just give it up, Square Enix. You made a much better game, and now everyone wants to play that.

Everything You Could Want In A $275 Final Fantasy Keyboard

Behold the limited edition Final Fantasy XI XIth Anniversary keyboard, nearly $US300 worth of Moogle-embossed enter keys and FF-fonted F-keys. It’s so beautiful.

Buy This Final Fantasy XI Account For Just $4500

A Japanese gamer poured 2280 days worth of playtime into this Final Fantasy XI account. That’s over six years! But now it’s time to part ways.

Something's Starting Up With Final Fantasy XI

How mysterious! A tweet from the official Final Fantasy XI account read, “The heck is this… Is something starting up…?!” This image was included in the tweet.

Fifty Bucks? For This Final Fantasy Food? Really?

At the recent Decade of Final Fantasy XI Vana★Fest 2012, Square Enix and gamers celebrated 10 years of FFXI. That’s quite a milestone and definitely worthy of celebration. This meal, however, isn’t.

The Most Profitable Final Fantasy Game Is The One Players Are Still Paying For

In case anyone was wondering how 10-year-old Final Fantasy XI scored a brand new expansion pack while you’re still waiting for a Final Fantasy VII remake, consider which one makes Square Enix the most money.

Longtime Final Fantasy Producer Stepping Down, Health Reasons Cited

Hiromichi Tanaka, one of the earliest members of Square, with producer credits on Final Fantasy XI, Xenogears and Chrono Cross, will be leaving Final Fantasy XI and Square Enix altogether, reports Famitsu.

Final Fantasy XI's Newest Expansion Will Be Seekers Of Adoulin

Commemorating a decade of Final Fantasy XI, Vanafest 2012 revealed a new expansion for the MMO. Seekers of Adoulin will promise new lands, new tales, new jobs — including the “Geomancer”, confirmed on the expansion’s official site.

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