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Good Advice For Fighting Game Addiction

While it’s easy to find mainstream media attacking video games for no reason, it’s also undeniable that video games can be an addictive hobby, especially for young children.

National Geographic Tackles Video Game Addict Boot Camps

National Geographic’s Taboo series looks at gaming and internet addiction in South Korea in tonight’s episode, focusing on a “15-year-old South Korean boy in rehab because he’s hooked on video games”.

Mum Loses Her 6 Kids Over Game Addiction, Filthy Home

A Pennsylvania woman has lost custody of her six young children after investigators found the kids living in a filthy house littered with “animal waste”. Why the deplorable conditions? The mother is “addicted” to online computer games.

This Is How South Korean Children Battle Game Addiction

It looks like torture, and for children In South Korea that are used to playing video games non-stop, ruining their grades in the process it might be. This is where parents send their children to learn a little self-control.

Unpaid Internet Bill Leads To Game-Blamed Stabbing

Game-blame news from Romania: a 15-year-old boy said to be “dependent” on video games stabbed to death his adoptive mother, after she refused to pay the internet bill in hopes the disconnection would put an end to his Counter-Strike addiction.

What The Hell Is In The Water In Barrie, Ont.?

Remember Barrie, Ontario? It’s the home of Brandon Crisp, who ran away after his console was confiscated, and was later found. It’s also home to a teenager who ran away to meet his 42-year-old “soulmate” from World of Warcraft.

Survey Says U.S. Gamers Older, Fatter Than Thought

Hooray! Video gamers average age is that of mine – 35. Less celebrated: gamers are more likely to be unhealthier, fatter, and more depressed than others. Those are the findings of – ding ding ding!!! – a new study.

Video Game Obsession Cited In Halo Shooter's Lenient Sentencing

An Ohio judge has granted Daniel Petric a lenient sentence today, citing the teen’s video game addiction to Halo 3 as a potential contributing factor in the 2007 shooting that left his mother dead.

Boy Has Siezure After WoW Marathon, Daily Mail Has A Fit

Did you know that playing World of Warcraft is addictive to its players on par with cocaine? It’s true!* Too bad you don’t get the by-product of a slimmer physique and coke-fuelled sex benders…

PlayStation Gets Its Own Skin Disorder

Just when you think things are beginning to look up for Sony, the PlayStation goes and gets its very own skin disorder: PlayStation palmar hidradenitis.

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