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Turning School Into An RPG Where You Level Up By Studying

I thought we all agreed gamification was deeply uncool and never to be mentioned again? That hasn’t stopped Classcraft‘s RPG-based program for schools spreading to 25 countries and planning to go freemium.

Here's The Next-Gen Gaming Toothbrush

I’m guessing that you’ve played a lot of video games using your hands. Well, how many have you played with your mouth? Probably fewer. Maybe none?

Razer's Making A Smartband. How Strange.

Over the past couple of years, gaming accessory maker Razer has made big splashes at CES with ambitious projects aimed at changing the the way we game. The Nabu smartband is out to change the way we live.

What The Hell... There's A Gamification World Championship?

If I drank coffee, I would probably be spitting it out right now. There is a World Championships for gamification. What is this strange planet we live on?

Gamification In The Classroom: The Journey Continues

If you went up to the average student and asked them if they wished school was more like a video game you would almost certainly get a passionate “YES!” I’m sure if you asked most adults they’d also put their vote in favour of making their tedious work day more fun and exciting. Gamification is in no way a new idea, but it’s one that is still evolving at a rapid pace.

Al Gore Made A Game. Guess What It's About?

In July 2011, after a somewhat clueless Al Gore keynoted the Games for Change conference in New York, Kotaku wrote that the former vice president should try playing a video game. In March 2013, Gore announced that he had done one better and created a video game instead. And guess what it’s about?

If You Run A Warehouse, You Don't Need To Turn Work Into A Game

Recently, people wanted to gamify things. That’s “game-i-fy” as in “turn stuff into games”, which more or less meant “add points to stuff we don’t like to do to make those things more fun”.

Gamify Your Life: A Guide To Incentivising Everything

Going to the gym for an hour is two red points. Calling my mum is one blue point while calling Aunt Deborah is five blue points, because, honestly, Aunt Deb is sort of a pain to talk to and sometimes she says crazy things. Cleaning the bathroom is 15 red points, otherwise I would never do it. This is the plan to gamify my life, to relate everything I do to a point-based game.

MMO Shopping Is A Real Thing

I’ve never been one of those people that considers shopping “fun”. I shop because it’s necessary, because I need something. If gamification has taught us anything though, it’s that all it might take for something to become fun and interesting is to make it a game.

Israeli Defence Force Makes A Game

To help spin the good spin in its current stoush with Hamas, the Israeli Defence Force has launched a program called IDF Ranks. It’s essentially a game about being a mouthpiece for the Israeli Defence Force.

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