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Pokemon GO Players Requesting Refunds Over Lack Of Tracking

With the broken in-game tracking patched out and third-party services getting shut down, Pokemon Go players are now requesting refunds for in-app purchases, and in many cases they’re getting them.

Headless Idols Sure Are Freaky

Nothing like seeing a troupe of idols standing on stage, singing their headless heads off.

Vagina Video Game Devs: Apple Asked Us To Change Everything For App Store [NSFW]

La Petite Mort is a game about touching a pixelated vulva. There is technically no nudity in the game since everything is rather abstracted, but the general gist was still enough to get the game taken down from the app store. (NSFW warning.)

The Sims 4 Gets New Mobile App

Briefly: The Sims 4 just got a neat mobile app that lets you access the game’s gallery features from Android smartphones and iPhones. This is a nice way to check out other players’ Sims or houses when you’re on the go. Sadly, you can’t use it to monitor your Sims from afar. Download it on Google Play and iTunes.

Sonic, What Have They Done To You?

Today, the Android version of Sonic Dash updated with a new unlockable character. It’s Sonic, in the shape of the Android robot. Andronic the Droid Hog, if you will. This is what he looks like.

Report: Apple And Google Buy Exclusive Games With Promo Space

As mobile gaming continues to loom ominously over the console wars, Apple and Google are beginning to adopt a tactic from their predecessors: fighting tooth and nail for platform exclusivity.

Flappy Bird Is Gone

Flappy Bird is officially no more. True to the word of the game’s creator, Dong Nguyen, the app is gone from both Google Play and the iTunes App Store. Unless you already downloaded it, you won’t find one of the world’s most popular video games anywhere.

I'd Buy This Google Games Console In A Heartbeat

There’s no such thing as a Google games console. The company has enough on its plate with Android as it is. But if it were to enter the market itself, well, it could do a lot worse than this effort.

The App Store Is Now EA's Biggest Source Of Revenue

The results from from Quarter 1 of this year are in, and EA has officially made more money from smartphones and tablets than any other retailer, including it own online retail service, Origin.

Political Polls Have Never Been This Interactive

In the leadup to the next election, however long that will take, we’ll undoubtedly have to sit through lots of jibber-jabbering about the carbon tax, and mining, stopping the boats, and bla, bla, bla. A new app on iOS and Android lets you do what you always wanted to – engage in “physical heckling”.

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