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If there is one simple, undeniable fact about anything, it's this: every game idea is improved by putting it in first person. Don't believe me? Cool, that's the point I'm here to prove, and I will do that simply by listing all the times the first person perspective made other, lesser games better.


Chop, no! What have they done to you! Some other classic shows and their openings already have GTA V versions, made with the Rockstar Editor and Director Mode, and thanks to YouTuber btz now Scooby-Doo has one too.


Using mods in multiplayer games is a contentious issue, especially if those mods are completely cosmetic. With the exception of a few games, field-of-view adjustments aren't going to bring the house down. Unless it's GTA V, in which case Rockstar might just ban you for two weeks, if you happen take your enhanced peripheral vision online.


Are video games societal microcosms wherein deviant behaviour flourishes and spills into "real life"? Or are they just harmless fun in which nobody really gets hurt? This endless debate usually concerns violent games; so much so that many are now inured to the discussion. But a disturbing hack involving sexual assault in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) threatens to achieve the impossible: swaying the opinion of gamers themselves.


I didn't know here was a bad side to watching Breaking Bad, yet here's Late Night's Jimmy Fallon weighing in with his pros and cons. Los Santos County and Trevor's little business in GTA V already have a lot in common with AMC's drama, but this will end all doubts.


It seems the launch week of a hotly anticipated game can't pass without a problem keeping some folks from playing. Several tips and complaints we've received, and a long forum thread backing them up, allude to a specific problem facing Grand Theft Auto V: the game appears to crash on older models of the Xbox 360.


Yes, when it comes to the sensitive topic of GTA V, console owners are currently laughing it up over their less-fortunate PC-wielding comrades. While it's almost certain Rockstar will push out a desktop version at some stage, that hasn't stopped the internet army from composing petitions forcing the issue, including one over at Change.org that's amassed 515,000 signatures... and counting.


You can't get GTA V on Steam today, but you can get GATV, a pack of downloadable content for Saints Row 4 that seems to have been created just to troll Rockstar.


My wife props against me with a tired laugh. "The things I do for you." This wasn't planned. But neither was her car dying in sheets of Sydney rain and darkness — within walking distance to the EB Games where we now stand. Hundreds for a new alternator and battery is tomorrow's problem. Tonight I balance the win column by clutching GTA V.