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GTA V Mod Swaps Harmless Blimps For Mass Effect's Reapers

Grand Theft Auto V resident berdu captures a Reaper creepily hovering over Los Santos, thanks to a new mod that infuses a little Mass Effect into Rockstar’s game.

New GTA V Graphics Mod Looks Nngh

Martin Bergman has done it. He’s released shots of a graphics mod for GTA V on PC that actually, and noticeably, improve the game’s visuals.

It's Not Forza 5, It's GTA V

As beautiful as these sweeping shots of expensive sports cars are, they’re not from some slick Forza or Gran Turismo trailer. They’re from a Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Editor video. Thanks mods.

When Video Games Have Way Too Many Mods

When Macho Man Randy Savage flies in on top of Thomas the Tank Engine, that might be time to admit that a video game probably has too many mods.

This Is The Best Grand Theft Auto V GIF Ever... For Today

It’ll change in like the next day or something but, for now, this is the all-time best Grand Theft Auto V GIF. Seriously.

CSI In Grand Theft Auto V Is Absolutely... Killer (YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!)

I spent ages thinking of a terrible pun for this headline. That was the best I could come up with.

I am terrible at this.

The Mother Of All GTA V Crashes

When Hoosker Don’t crashed his bike playing GTA V, he probably figured — as the opening seconds of this video suggest — that he’d just get up and get another vehicle. No big deal. Oh, how wrong he was.

Scooby-Doo Remade In GTA V

Chop, no! What have they done to you! Some other classic shows and their openings already have GTA V versions, made with the Rockstar Editor and Director Mode, and thanks to YouTuber btz now Scooby-Doo has one too.

That's Not How You Land In GTA V

Poor MrRedSkull167. All he wanted to do was land his fancy fighter jet. Instead, let this be a reminder: some days in GTA Online, nothing goes according to plan.

GTAV's Trevor Is The Perfect Joker

The the psychopathic behaviour, the loveable streak that endures in spite of it, the manic laughter…Grand Theft Auto V’s Trevor and The Joker are brothers from another mother.

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