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Learning The Limits Of Grand Theft Auto V

Are video games societal microcosms wherein deviant behaviour flourishes and spills into “real life”? Or are they just harmless fun in which nobody really gets hurt? This endless debate usually concerns violent games; so much so that many are now inured to the discussion. But a disturbing hack involving sexual assault in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) threatens to achieve the impossible: swaying the opinion of gamers themselves.

'The World's Worst Grand Theft Auto V Stunt Montage'

Video: Their words, not ours. Yeah, yep, those were… pretty bad. But then, in a world where pretty much every possible amazing GTA V stunt has already been done, I suppose this is all that’s left.

Now That's What I Call Retro Gaming

Briefly: Now that’s what I call retro gaming. One inventive soul hooked up new (and new-ish) games like Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto V to a TV set from the 1970′s, and the results look surprisingly cool. This gives the hipster in me so many ideas…

If The Civil War Happened In GTA V

Most of the mini-movies players make inside of Grand Theft Auto V are filled with goofy jokes or amazing stunts. Not this one. This one recreates a little snippet of the American Civil War. And it’s not funny at all.

Mod Brings Selfies To GTA IV

Now Nico, Johnny and Luis can also get in on that sweet GTA V selfie action. And the results can be pretty fun!

You Can't Fly GTA V Jets Like This Guy Can

Look, for the first few seconds of this video, I was as sceptical as you probably are. “Jet Elite Crew”? Haha, whatever. And this stuff with the bridges, impressive, but doable. But then you see what he does in the warehouse, or the wind farm, and it’s just ok, this is incredible.

In GTA Online, Today Is Basically 'America, F**k Yeah' Day

In many places in the United States today, the Independence Day holiday will be marked by solemn speeches and somber remembrances about what it means to be American. Not in Los Santos. Folks in GTA Online have already started driving monster trucks, shooting guns and firing off their fireworks. Looks like fun!

GTA Online Music Video Is About Getting Rich. Of Course.

What else is there to do in Los Santos, really? A hit Pet Shop Boys song gets the GTA Online treatment in this machinima music video from YouTubers Vader2K and TK7554.

Please Don't Ever Fix The Physics In Grand Theft Auto V

Nine months after release and Grand Theft Auto V is still pregnant with ridiculously impressive stunt potential. In the latest from Nomad Union, absolute insanity happens.