grand theft auto v

You Can't Fly GTA V Jets Like This Guy Can

Look, for the first few seconds of this video, I was as sceptical as you probably are. “Jet Elite Crew”? Haha, whatever. And this stuff with the bridges, impressive, but doable. But then you see what he does in the warehouse, or the wind farm, and it’s just ok, this is incredible.

In GTA Online, Today Is Basically 'America, F**k Yeah' Day

In many places in the United States today, the Independence Day holiday will be marked by solemn speeches and somber remembrances about what it means to be American. Not in Los Santos. Folks in GTA Online have already started driving monster trucks, shooting guns and firing off their fireworks. Looks like fun!

GTA Online Music Video Is About Getting Rich. Of Course.

What else is there to do in Los Santos, really? A hit Pet Shop Boys song gets the GTA Online treatment in this machinima music video from YouTubers Vader2K and TK7554.

Please Don't Ever Fix The Physics In Grand Theft Auto V

Nine months after release and Grand Theft Auto V is still pregnant with ridiculously impressive stunt potential. In the latest from Nomad Union, absolute insanity happens.

These Guys Re-Created A GTA V Trailer In Real Life

A group of Spanish filmmakers called Zapruder Films put together this sweet live-action re-creation of the original GTA V teaser trailer from way back in 2011. Also, they set it in Madrid.

How I Learned I'm As Bad As Everyone Else In GTA Online

The world of GTA Online is a violent and unforgiving place. It is a realm of meaningless deadly violence — like Watford high street on a Friday night. Other players just want to shoot you or steal your stuff, or shoot you and then steal your stuff. They rampage through the city streets committing acts of unprovoked misanthropy. It is like some sort of disturbing psychological experiment – the kind of thing Stanford professors may have set up in the ’60s. But people are doing this for fun every day. People just want to kill strangers and drive their cars off cliffs. It’s human nature.

First-Person GTA V Would Make Me Buy It Again

Until now the next-gen/PC GTA V didn’t really interest me all that much but if it includes this first person mod I will be in there like a shot.

GTA V Looks Better On PS4 -- Or At Least The Trailer Does

Now that the inevitable has happened and versions of Grand Theft Auto V for PS4, PC and Xbox One have been announced, it’s time to discuss what’s on everybody’s minds: how’s the 2014 version going to look? Pretty good if the trailers are any indication.

Terminator 2's Truck Chase Scene, Remade In GTA V

It’s a bit strange no one’s thought to do so it, because the canal labyrinths of Los Santos are perfect for some Terminator 2 action. But here it is. YouTuber John Chapman and his friends made a pretty neat shot-for-shot remake of the movie’s famous truck chase scene.