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Grand Theft Auto V Looks Incredibly Creepy Without Textures

This isn’t the Los Santos from Grand Theft Auto V that I remember, but it’s one I’d like to visit.

Finally, A GTA V Stunt Montage With Birds

All the jets are grounded. GTA V‘s birds are here to show how to pull tricks off properly.

This JB Hi-Fi Review Of Grand Theft Auto V Is Perfect

Every now and then a JB Hi-Fi review hits the nail on the head. This is one of those times.

GTA V's San Andreas Vs 2004's San Andreas

We’ve seen charts, and galleries from the street, but it’s only when you see the size of the game world in both GTA titles laid bare that you start to appreciate a few things you might have otherwise missed.

Grand Theft Auto V Just Sold Me On A 4K Ultra HD Monitor

I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing an Ultra HD monitor since toying around with the enhanced resolution early last year. With the release of the first 4K screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V on PC, the time for toying is over.

A Clockwork Orange Remade In GTA V Is Basically GTA With Hats

GTA Series Videos (via VG247) has recreated a few scenes from Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film about violence in GTA V and, well, it’s GTA with Malcolm McDowell talking over the top.

GTA V As A Cheesy '70s Horror Movie

A black driverless car possessed by evil terrorises San Andreas in YouTuber Gigerbrick‘s fan-trailer, based on the 1977 movie “The Car” and edited similarly to schlock horrors from that era.

Cops Try (And Fail) To Interrupt GTA Cutscene

Look, LSPD, Michael and Trevor and just trying to have a deep & meaningful. They have got some issues to talk through. Can you save the bullets until they have hugged it out?

One GTA V Player's Absurdly Cool Plane Stunts

Most of these stunts are legit on-the-edge-of-your-seat harrowing, but the payoff is always worth it.