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The World's Smallest Car Is Perfect For GTA V

The Peel P50 three-wheeled microcar, which is the smallest production automobile in the world, certainly won’t stop the GTA V train, but it’s pretty much good for everything else.

Captain Planet Saves The Day In GTA V

Captain Planet was the only 90s edutainment show that had enough charm to fit into the heavy line-up of Saturday-morning cartoons. And we probably all remember its intro.

Grand Theft Auto V, As Reviewed By Significant Others

By now, everyone’s read reviews of Grand Theft Auto V from people who have played it. So we thought we’d bring you some reviews from people who haven’t.

Great Shot GTA V Truck, That Was One In A Million

Blacksmoke Billy, the world’s foremost expert in GTA truck madness, returns with a series of C4+trailer stunts that just boggle the mind.

Because All GTA V Ever Needed Was More Skyrim

I mean, why wouldn’t a dragon ditch Skyrim for Los Santos. There’s way more stuff to blow up.

Looking Back At How GTA Online Has Changed, Nearly Two Years On

When it was announced, GTA Online felt like the most exciting thing to ever happen to Grand Theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto V Delorean Travels Back In Time

This isn’t just any Delorean. It’s the Delorean from Back to the Future — time travel functionality included.

Mod For GTA V Turns Mario Into A Gun-Crazy Jerk

Mario, go-karts and GTA V. It’s almost everything you’d ever need, all in the one video game.

James Bond Recreated In Grand Theft Auto Is Almost Too Perfect

One day we’re gonna hit that singularity and all culture — visual, audio, interactive — will be funneled through either Grand Theft Auto or Minecraft and it will be the only way we create, consume or appreciate anything.

I’m okay with this.

What Happens When GTA Online Players Band Together To Stop The Train

Ten brave GTA Online players line up with their favourite cars in a tunnel. A train looms in the distance. Can they stop it?

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