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No Wonder GTA V Hasn't Gotten Any Single Player DLC Yet

Rockstar hasn’t made any single player DLC for Grand Theft Auto V, and this long after the game’s release, it will probably never happen. One reason why? The game’s publisher, Take-Two Interactive, keeps bragging about how much money Grand Theft Auto Online is making.

Mods Turn GTA V's Map Into Something Out Of The Last Of Us

Half the point of GTA V being set in Los Santos was so that we could drive around the opulence of Bel Air and the Hollywood Hills. I don’t know if Rockstar ever meant for part of the city to be transformed into a post-apocalyptic scene like something out of The Last Of Us.

Motörhead's Lemmy Lives On In GTA V

Once was a time you’d pay tribute to a fallen idol by writing a song, or maybe placing some flowers. That was then. This is 2016, and some Motörhead fans have taken to frontman Lemmy’s passing a little differently.

Seems Fair

Briefly: Also available in Grand Theft Auto V today, the Executives and Other Criminals update. Hmm.

GTA Online's New Extraction Missions Are Chaotic And Fun

A new expansion hit Grand Theft Auto V today, bringing with it the usual slew of new real estate, weapons and clothes for players to sample. Executives and Other Criminals also features a new mission type called Extractions, which uses some of the best parts of GTA Online to excellent effect.

Map Mod Turns Grand Theft Auto V Into Mario Kart

Video: Mod-master MrVicho13 basically took the entire N64 Yoshi Valley course from Mario Kart 8 and dropped it into Grand Theft Auto V, because he could.

GTA V Mod Adds 4K Textures, Game Looks Utterly Ridiculous

Earlier this year, Martin Bergman was working on a GTA V graphics mod that looked positively unreal. It’s still not out — he’s been keeping busy with Battlefront — but another modder (Josh Romito) has stepped in and done pretty much the same thing. Only his mod is available right now.

I Really Wish Grand Theft Auto V Had Lightsabers

Video: Because if it looked anything like this, it would be freaking amazing.

Custom-Built GTA V Plow Ends Heavy Traffic

Driving in the opposite lane is no longer a problem. This custom plow might not be the most stunning creation in GTA V, but it’s effective, that’s for sure.

The Batmobile Is Just Wrecking Los Santos

brb, re-installing Grand Theft Auto V.

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