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Flying Jetskis And Other New GTA V Myths

With the new-gen versions of Grand Theft Auto V released and tons of new content added to the game, it was inevitable for the GTA Mythbusters series to return and confirm a bunch of new tricks and funny little exploits.

GTA V Spreads Holiday Cheer With Mines And Homing Rockets

A new update is bringing Christmas goodies to Los Santos and its surroundings, and yes, those goodies include explosives.

China's Official News Outlet Thinks GTA Was Made In 1968

Chinese Central Television is interesting. It’s worth watching just to guess at what the Chinese government wants to disseminate, but one thing about CCTV that is true is that it’s often error prone. In a recent broadcast about violent video games, CCTV claims that GTA was made in 1968.1968.

Grand Theft Auto V Shows Other Games How Graffiti Is Done

Grand Theft Auto V‘s Los Santos is based on Los Angeles, so graffiti is a big source of the colour in its concrete jungle. And while it’s easy to think of graffiti as simple window dressing, these things often come from a very real place.

This Week In The Business: If You Don't Like It, Don't Buy It

QUOTE | “If these folks had their way, none of those people would be able to buy Grand Theft Auto.” – Take-Two president Karl Slatoff reacting to Australian protestors who got GTA V pulled from some retailers; ultimately Slatoff believes “if you don’t like it and it’s offensive to you, then you don’t buy it.”

The End Of The World, GTA V Style

It’s the year 2014. Grand Theft Auto V is now on next-gen consoles. So what’s that mean for last-gen? Why, the rapture, of course, if this fan video is to be believed.

I'm Finally Starting To Like It When The PS4 Controller Talks

Ever since I started playing games on my PS4, one thing about the console’s controller has always stood out to me. It makes a lot of noise. Audio feedback is nothing new or unique to the DualShock 4, but it’s particularly…noticeable on the thing. Like the controller is nudging you and shouting, “Hey! I’m over here!”

I Wish The Portal Gun Was In Destiny

In today’s Highlight Reel we have seemingly endless explosion chains in GTA V, safety advice for Far Cry 4, and a special (fake) cameo in Destiny by everyone’s favourite portable quantum tunnelling device.

Kmart Has Now Pulled Grand Theft Auto V In Australia

We’ve just gotten official word that Kmart Australia has also pulled Grand Theft Auto V from stores in Australia. More news on this soon.

When It Comes To Grand Theft Auto V And Target, This Might Be Part Of The Problem

As you are most likely already aware, Target has removed Grand Theft Auto V from stores across Australia. As I’ve already written this morning, I believe one of the root issues here is the attitude that video games are for children. If that’s the case, Target isn’t exactly doing themselves any favours.