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I Really Wish Grand Theft Auto V Had Lightsabers

Video: Because if it looked anything like this, it would be freaking amazing.

Custom-Built GTA V Plow Ends Heavy Traffic

Driving in the opposite lane is no longer a problem. This custom plow might not be the most stunning creation in GTA V, but it’s effective, that’s for sure.

The Batmobile Is Just Wrecking Los Santos

brb, re-installing Grand Theft Auto V.

GTA 5 Hulk Mod Is Better Than Actual Hulk Games

You can keep your Batmans and your Deadpools: I want another Hulk game. He doesn’t need the dark, emotional veneer that’s been painted over Batman, just a big city to leap over and smash into rubble.

GTA V Tank Is Like, Nope, Not Gonna Catch Me

Grand Theft Auto V’s tanks are tough, but they’re not invincible. Eventually the cops will bring you down…

Time To Go Fishing!

Dayshot: Time to go fishing! With the help of a series of fortunate GTA V events and the Rockstar game engine.

GTA V's Ramp Truck Destroys All The Cars

Hey, it’s BlackSmoke Billy! The master of dumb GTA V vehicle action returns with RAMP TRUCK. Rockstar probably wishes this was an actual in-game truck right about now.

The World's Smallest Car Is Perfect For GTA V

The Peel P50 three-wheeled microcar, which is the smallest production automobile in the world, certainly won’t stop the GTA V train, but it’s pretty much good for everything else.

Captain Planet Saves The Day In GTA V

Captain Planet was the only 90s edutainment show that had enough charm to fit into the heavy line-up of Saturday-morning cartoons. And we probably all remember its intro.

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