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No Country For Old Men In Grand Theft Auto V Is Near Perfect

This is good. This is really good. It’s an attempt to recreate the trailer for No Country For Old Men, shot for shot, using the Rockstar Editor. It’s not perfect, but it comes pretty damn close.

Trevor Loses Pants, Improves GTA V Cutscenes

Naked Trevor is Trevor in his prime. Here is the proof. (NSFW warning.)

Grand Theft Auto V Is Not $US20 On Steam Right Now

Grand Theft Auto V is not $US20 on Steam right now. Despite multiple awfully misleading listings on GTA‘s Steam franchise page (they’re for cash card bundles; no game), it’s still at regular price. Suddenly last week’s GTA price shenanigans don’t look so benign.

The Truth Behind The Steam Summer Sale Controversy

Raising your prices right before Steam’s big summer sale and then “discounting” them back to where they’d been for months sure sounds scummy, right? A handful of games have been accused of it, but the truth of the matter isn’t so black-and-white.

The Opening Of Full House Remade In GTA V

Michael, Trevor, Franklin, Lester. They’re one big family after all, just like the cast of Full House. Merfish and his friends recreated the classic show’s intro, and while I don’t remember anyone falling off a truck or getting hit by a cable car, they really did nail the whole thing.

Hey! Australians Can Finally Use The Metric System In Grand Theft Auto V

I’ll be damned if I admit that I noticed it, or really cared about this sort of thing, but Rockstar has made the switch regardless. If it ever bothered you that Grand Theft Auto’s GPS counted distances in miles instead of kilometres, Rockstar has kindly granted you the option to switch to the metric system. Amazing.

Mods Bringing Old GTA Cities To Grand Theft Auto V

A recent breakthrough in the Grand Theft Auto V modding scene has opened up a world of possibilities. Or worlds, I suppose I should say.

Gordon Freeman Comes To GTA V

And he’s brought his gravity gun with him. The gravity gun is neat and all, but it’s the first-person crowbar stuff that feels more Half-Life. Especially when you’re getting some back on those soldiers for abseiling into Black Mesa and shooting the place up.

Grand Theft Auto V Characters Modded Into Anime Nerds

Not that there’s anything wrong with being an anime nerd! Turning GTA V vehicles and online avatars isn’t new. For the past few years, Japanese players have been doing both to varying degrees of success.

Just Cause's Grapple Gun Is Exactly What Grand Theft Auto V Needed

Anyone who called Grand Theft Auto V a perfect game before the release of this Just Cause 2 grapple gun mod is a lying liar who lies.