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Metal Gear Solid V's 10-Minute-Long Trailer, Perfectly Remade In GTA V

Even though the Japanese creators of this GTA V remake did everything to make Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s trailer less epic, thanks to the pitch-perfect execution they have just achieved the opposite.

This Isn't What We Meant When We Wanted GTA V On PC...

Give humanity a game that lets them build and explore entire worlds and you can bet they will use that power to… recreate pop culture locations. In this case, Michael’s house from Grand Theft Auto V, which has been faithfully restored, Minecraft-style, both inside and out.

Here's Franklin Jumping Over 28 Exploding Buses In GTA V

It may not be the single craziest Grand Theft Auto V stunt I’ve ever seen. But this video of an enterprising GTA V player who jumped over 28 exploding buses still earned a special place in my heart for the clever reference to Evel Knievel.

The Unluckiest Grand Theft Auto Player In The World

I’m sure this guy has had some good games of Grand Theft Auto Online, where everything just went his way. This was not one of those games.

Fan-Made GTA V Trailer Makes You Want To Play It All Over Again

Feels like a lot like something Martin Scorcese would do, doesn’t it? Rockstar cuts some pretty great trailers for their games. This fan-created video is as good as the official teaser for the latest Grand Theft Auto game.

Iconic Album Covers, Recreated In... GTA V

It’s a really great way to prove how big and popular GTA V is, when someone uses it to recreate some classic album covers. Here’s PizzaBagels’ gallery, with Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon on top and Blondie, The Beatles and The Ramones below.

You Might Be Surprised How Grand Theft Auto V Did In Japan

Japanese game publication Famitsu released a list of the biggest-selling video games in Japan between 1 April 1 2013 and 3 April 2014. It’s mostly 3DS games, but the inclusion of one PS3 title might surprise you: Grand Theft Auto V.

Crazy Stunts Like These Are The Best Reason To Keep Playing GTA V

Every time I think I’m ready to relegate Grand Theft Auto V to the video game archive closet, another insane video stunt montage is released, and I’m drawn right back in.

GTA V PC "Beta" Is A Hilarious Scam

There’s a scam going around trying to trick people into thinking they have been accepted into a beta test for a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Surprise! There is no beta.

Dayshot: Almost Nailed It!

The Achievement Hunter crew is back on track with GTA V, and they’re really pushing the limits of possible stunts this time.