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GTA V PC Screens Look Great, Are Not Delayed

Rockstar released these Grand Theft Auto V screens over the weekend. They’re for the PC version of the game, which after delay after delay is finally hitting on April 14.

Rockstar Games Will Address GTA V Graphics In Upcoming Update

Have you noticed the visuals in Grand Theft Auto V have recently gotten worse on Xbox One and PlayStation 4? So has Rockstar Games. Fortunately, the company says it will address this in an upcoming patch.

Someone Recreated GTA V's Los Santos In Cities: Skylines

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I’m starting to get the impression that Cities: Skylines players could’ve made it happen. The game’s only been out for a few days and someone’s already made an eerily accurate recreation of Grand Theft Auto V‘s Los Santos.

This Might Be The Best Jump In Grand Theft Auto V

Just a short one. I caught this on Reddit and yeah, it’s just about the best stunt jump I’ve ever seen in Grand Theft Auto V. It sort of looks like the kind of jump you think might work, but never comes good in practice. Except, this time, it totally works.

Warning for those on mobile: massive GIF incoming.

It Ain't Easy Being A GTA Superhero

The stuff we see in superhero movies is usually the action, or things relevant to the story. What about everything that happens in-between those moments? What is that stuff like? One GTA machinima series finds out.

Remember, GTA V NPCs Are People Too

It can be easy to forget when you spend most of your time treating them as obstacles and target practice, but the NPCs of Grand Theft Auto V are people too. They have got their own lives to live, their own conversations to have, their own problems to solve.

Player Photographs Recreate GTA Vice City In GTA V

The Snapography crew is currently running a Snapmatic photography competition within GTA V, challenging players to recreate the spirit of Vice City within Los Santos, spotted by VG247. The responses have been pretty impressive.

How People Actually Play Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar always tries to sell its Grand Theft Auto games with fancy trailers. Moody music, social commentary, beautiful sunsets. The thing is that’s not how anybody actually plays Grand Theft Auto.

I'd Totally Watch A Movie Made Using Grand Theft Auto V

Watching these videos made me realise two things. One, there are a lot of talented people in this world and that’s terrifying. Two, I’d totally watch a feature length movie conceived and shot using Grand Theft Auto V. Especially if it looked and felt like this.

GTA V's Los Santos Vs The Real Los Angeles

Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V may be a caricature of Los Angeles, but that doesn’t make it complete fiction. Like the best caricatures, it shares its foundations with the real thing, as you’ll see in these images which compare certain landmarks in the game with their LA counterparts.