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Bikers Update Brings Motorcycle Clubs To Grand Theft Auto Online

Coming soon to the multiplayer side of Grand Theft Auto V, the Bikers update will allow players to recreate their Sons of Anarchy fantasies in real-time with up to seven fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.

GTA V Tank Is Like, Nope, Not Gonna Catch Me

Grand Theft Auto V’s tanks are tough, but they’re not invincible. Eventually the cops will bring you down…

New GTA V Graphics Mod Looks Nngh

Martin Bergman has done it. He’s released shots of a graphics mod for GTA V on PC that actually, and noticeably, improve the game’s visuals.

It's Not Forza 5, It's GTA V

As beautiful as these sweeping shots of expensive sports cars are, they’re not from some slick Forza or Gran Turismo trailer. They’re from a Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Editor video. Thanks mods.

That's Not How You Land In GTA V

Poor MrRedSkull167. All he wanted to do was land his fancy fighter jet. Instead, let this be a reminder: some days in GTA Online, nothing goes according to plan.

GTAV's Trevor Is The Perfect Joker

The the psychopathic behaviour, the loveable streak that endures in spite of it, the manic laughter…Grand Theft Auto V’s Trevor and The Joker are brothers from another mother.

Just Cause's Grapple Gun Is Exactly What Grand Theft Auto V Needed

Anyone who called Grand Theft Auto V a perfect game before the release of this Just Cause 2 grapple gun mod is a lying liar who lies.

GTA V PC Mod Lets Players Explore Snowy North Yankton

Not satisfied with the short trips taken to Grand Theft Auto V‘s version of North Dakota during story mode, PC modders have created a way to make every day a North Yankton day.

GTA V PC Screens Look Great, Are Not Delayed

Rockstar released these Grand Theft Auto V screens over the weekend. They’re for the PC version of the game, which after delay after delay is finally hitting on April 14.

Remember, GTA V NPCs Are People Too

It can be easy to forget when you spend most of your time treating them as obstacles and target practice, but the NPCs of Grand Theft Auto V are people too. They have got their own lives to live, their own conversations to have, their own problems to solve.

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