Please Don't Ever Fix The Physics In Grand Theft Auto V

Nine months after release and Grand Theft Auto V is still pregnant with ridiculously impressive stunt potential. In the latest from Nomad Union, absolute insanity happens.

This Isn't What We Meant When We Wanted GTA V On PC...

Give humanity a game that lets them build and explore entire worlds and you can bet they will use that power to… recreate pop culture locations. In this case, Michael’s house from Grand Theft Auto V, which has been faithfully restored, Minecraft-style, both inside and out.

The Unluckiest Grand Theft Auto Player In The World

I’m sure this guy has had some good games of Grand Theft Auto Online, where everything just went his way. This was not one of those games.

Crazy Stunts Like These Are The Best Reason To Keep Playing GTA V

Every time I think I’m ready to relegate Grand Theft Auto V to the video game archive closet, another insane video stunt montage is released, and I’m drawn right back in.

More Seemingly Impossible GTA V Stunts

YouTuber RedKeyMon is back with more crazy GTA motorcycle stunts. One in particular stands out — landing his motorcycle on a moving plane.

Take The Bloody Shot With Skyfall Recreated In Grand Theft Auto

Over on the subreddit GTA Adventures there’s a weekly challenge to film a recognisable scene from a movie. Up this week: the opening sequence from Skyfall.

A Porn Star, Grand Theft Auto V And Jetpacks

Rockstar’s games are no strangers to mystery and intrigue, but some believe there’s a puzzle (or five) at the heart of Grand Theft Auto V that’s been keeping people guessing for months.

GTA V Looks Pretty Good As A First-Person Game

Hey, look, more mods for the console versions of Grand Theft Auto V. Unlike the last one, however, this one is a little more practical.

You Can Sink Los Santos With GTA V's Game-Changing Mod

Who says you need a PC version of a game to get fantastic mods? Because this is the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto V, and it’s so different it may as well be an all-new game.