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Comic Book From Writers Of Hitman: Absolution Isn't What You'd Expect

People love the Hitman games for the meticulous ways you can take out a target. Wear an outrageous outfit, slide in between the shadows and NPCs and perform an assassination with meticulous stealth. Yeaaah, there’s none of that in the new comic from two dudes who worked on the last game featuring Agent 47. It’s pretty much “insert sword into demon, dodge attack, shoot face off, repeat”, all of it drawn by an artist famous for gory action.

Ridiculous Moments In Hitman: Absolution

Here are a bunch of reasons to laugh at Hitman: Absolution, both intended and unintended by the game’s creators. On the one hand you have the funny physics glitches and warped limbs, and on the other you have AI dialogue reacting to your behaviour.

Four Months Later The Official Hitman: Absolution Companion App Arrives

It’s all about timing in the companion app business. Some people might tell you that it’s best to get out a mobile application that keeps track of your performance, equipment and the latest right when the game is released — the sort of people who buy milk with their cookies so they can enjoy them at the same time.

How To Play Hitman Like An Idiot Versus Like A Professional

Playing Hitman: Absolution professionally requires a lot of stealth and planning. You scope out the scene, and land your kills in such a fashion that no one will notice.

Learning To Love Easy Mode

A couple of months ago, if I started a new game — no matter what it was — I’d start off on a high difficulty. At the very least, I’d go for normal, but only if it was clear that normal would provide a challenge. I reasoned that nowadays “normal” is geared toward a more general audience which may be less familiar with games than I am. And, more importantly, pssh. Of course I can do better than normal!

This Manages To Make Hitman: Absolution's Stealth Seem Hilariously Broken

I adore YouTube user Cricken. I don’t understand how he manages to break games the way he does. Here he is playing Hitman: Absolution, making me feel like I put too much effort into trying to be sneaky when apparently Hitman is more hilarious when you’re sloppy about it.

Hitman: Absolution Site Wants You To Threaten Your Friends [Update]

Look, it’s already pretty clear that the folks at IO Interactive like a particularly adolescent style of joke-making, what with the closet-humping and all. But the latest effort at promoting the Square Enix published game invites you to fling their poor taste at your Facebook friends. It’s pretty tacky. Update: Square Enix apologises.

Dress As Adam Jensen From Deus Ex In Hitman

Hitman: Absolution lets players don a variety of disguises. And soon one of those outfits will be the Deus Ex suit. Because if you want to blend into a crowd, what better way to do that than with a futuristic body suit!

Backhanded Box Quotes: 'I Wish They Would Do A HD Remake Of Blood Money'

Welcome back to “Backhanded Box Quotes,” a collection of measured, thoughtful criticism from the user reviews of Metacritic.

The Bromance In Hitman: Absolution Is Hilarious

Hitman: Absolution is, for the most part, a serious game. It’s a great game. But there’s definitely some lowbrow humour at work.

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