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Exchange Student: I Love You China, But Your Games Suck

An editorial written by a South Korean exchange student about Chinese online games has been circling the Chinese internet as of late. In his article, the author talks about his love for China and all things Chinese, but he delves furthest into his disdain of China’s video games and its gaming industry listing his top five problems with Chinese online games.

This Might Be The First Look At A New Monster Hunter On The Vita. It Might Not

Let’s face: the minute Capcom releases a new Monster Hunter game on the PS Vita, Sony will sell a bajillion PS Vita units. But now, Nintendo has locked up Monster Hunter 4, so tough crap? These mysterious screens hint at the possibility of a new Monster Hunter game in the Vita’s future. Or do they?

Can China's Monster Hunter Clone Slay... Monster Hunter?

China’s Monster Hunter styled MMO, Hunter Blade, looks, plays and feels exactly like Monster Hunter. Despite adding some much needed gameplay elements to MH, Hunter Blade is a flawed monster hack and slash.

Dodgy Game Attracts Girls With Dodgy Moustaches

Hunter Blade might draw a little too heavily from Monster Hunter, but that’s not stopping the game from gathering a following in China. Or stopping it from an international release, even.

Capcom, You Might Want To Stop This

Hunter Blade is a Chinese developed online game in which players hunt monsters. It doesn’t look a little like Capcom’s Monster Hunter. It looks a lottle like Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter Chinese Rip-Off Trailer

Monster Hunter does monster business. PC game Hunter Blade is trying to cash in — or at least ski in Monster Hunter‘s wake.

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