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Locked-Out NBA Player Joins Pro Gaming League

Many NBA players have signed contracts with overseas teams as the 69-day NBA lockout drags on, certain to wipe out at least some of the regular season. One player is joining a different kind of professional league.

This Rousing Song Is An Anthem For You, The Gamer

For their 200th podcast, IGN‘s Podcast Beyond! community put together this collaboratively made music video about those who save the world (virtually) again and again — you know, people like you. And me. And her.

Report Says GameFly Picking Up Digital Distribution Service

Discs-to-your-door rental service Gamefly will buy Direct2Drive from IGN, according to a report by MCV, likely expanding digital rentals’ availability over PC down the line.

Misogynist Lowlights From Indie Developer Reality Show

Earlier this year, game website IGN opened its doors to a batch of small, independent developers, giving them an opportunity of a lifetime: to appear on a reality show and potentially embarrass themselves on camera with quickly conceptualised and cringe-worthy game concepts.

Charlie Sheen Plays Call Of Duty - Is Winning

Well maybe it’s not actually Charlie Sheen playing Black Ops, but this parody video from IGN is actually pretty hilarious and intersperses sound bytes from his various, batshit insane, interviews into an online multiplayer match. It’s actually really well done!

IGN Kicks Off Fund Drive For Haiti Relief

A life-size Lancer replica and an original painting from Bungie are among items IGN will auction next week in a 12-hour “webathon” to raise money for relief efforts in Haiti.

Play Tekken 6, Win Stuff

Attention all Sydney-based fighting game fans: got any plans for this Saturday?

Blizzard Reveals Lolcat, Solid Snake Game Concepts

At least, that’s what this whiteboard discovered in the Blizzard office must surely mean. Surely?

Boom Blox Downloadable Levels Feature Wii, IGN, White House

EA’s Boom Blox Bash Party is out and people are already making levels for download featuring famous stuff to wreck.

Kotaku Sneaks Into IGN AU Awards Bash

It’s not often one gets invited to a rival media outlet’s party. But that’s what happened on Thursday night when I found myself at the IGN AU Select Awards, rubbing shoulders with these three idiots gentlemen.

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