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Even Final Fantasy Can't Make Me Enjoy The Monster Hunter Formula

After years of trying to get into Monster Hunter, I thought I’d finally found my opening. If any game could get me into co-op monster slaying, it would be Final Fantasy Explorers. It was a good try.

American Truck Simulator Impressions: I Nearly Crashed Into A Bus

I’m falling asleep at the wheel. I’ve been driving for 16 hours straight, hauling freight across the border between Nevada and California. Yawning, my eyes briefly flutter shut and I lose sight of the road. My eyes flick open and I straighten up my lorry.

Gravity Rush Soars To PS4, Sticks The Landing, Gathers Some Gems

If you’d asked me back in 2012 to name a single Vita game that deserved a PS4 version, I would have said “Gravity Rush” with zero hesitation. Good news for me, then!

Lost In Harmony Is One Of The Sweetest Rhythm Games I've Played

This carefree scene of teens sharing a skateboard ride is actually part of the touching tale of two friends coping when one is diagnosed with a severe disease. Who said rhythm games couldn’t tell important stories?

LEGO Dimensions Does The First Ghostbusters Movie In 30 Minutes

The Ghostbusters Level Pack for LEGO Dimensions dropped this week, compressing the classic comedy down to about a half hour while still hitting all the beats.

A Game About Building Crazy Cars Is Tearing Up Steam's Charts Right Now

Prediction time: for the next few months, you will see people make the wildest shit in Scrap Mechanic.

Steam Achievement Reminds Players That They've Failed Completely

I just got annihilated by a boss monster in a time somewhere between “the blink of an eye” and “the memory span of a newborn goldfish”. I should be fuming. Instead, I’m grinning like an idiot.

Slime Rancher Is A Very Cute Game About Ranching Slimes

Slime Rancher is a popular new Steam game where you adventure around, vacuum up smiley little slime creatures, plop them in a cage and harvest their, um, poop. All the while, you try to stop them from growing miserable. It kills me to see them frown.

Steam's Latest Hit Has You Manage A Starving Kickboxer

Punch Club first got everyone’s attention with an extremely transparent Twitch-based marketing scheme. Ever since its release, however, it’s been one of the top games on Steam. Is it actually any good? With some reservations, I’m gonna say yes.

The Best Part Of The Ghost In The Shell Shooter So Far Is The Tutorial

The technically free-to-play online multiplayer-only Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex shooter that Luke Plunkett was so bummed about went live on Steam Early Access yesterday. So far learning to play is much more entertaining than actually playing.

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