Keeping A Princess Alive Is Harder Than It Looks

You know, I thought that getting a young princess through her final year before her coronation wouldn’t be too tough — even with all the court intrigue, invading armies, and economic issues. I was wrong. She died… a lot.

I'm Glad They're Still Making Games Like Divinity: Original Sin

A common line of thinking among modern video game fans goes something like this: Games have gotten dumber. Simpler. Game developers are sanding off the weird edges, dialling back the stats, making everything controller-friendly and aiming for the lowest common denominator. But if that’s true, how do games like Divinity: Original Sin exist?

Only One Minute To Play. Only One Life.

If this was 1985, Sixty Second Shooter Prime would be draining quarters from players’ pockets all over the world. Thankfully, in 2014, you only have to pay for it once.

Watch Me Take Down Two Bosses In Destiny

It’s hard to get much done in Destiny as a lowly level eight, but that’s what friends are for. Bungie’s soon-to-be-released next shooter is, after all, all about interacting in a shared world.

How The Alien In Alien: Isolation Works

The best kind of horror game doesn’t need any guns. It doesn’t need to scare you with difficult enemy encounters and shock value. Sometimes, silence is scarier than all of that.

Bloodborne Is So Much Like A Souls Game It's Spooky

You should have seen me during the Bloodborne announcement at Sony’s presser. I lost all of my British decorum and let out an involuntary whoop. But the trailer left me wondering what the game actually was — it had all the gloom and gore of a Souls trailer, but we saw no gameplay.

Fable Legends' Four Vs One Is A Lot Of Fun

Fable Legends is one of those games that doesn’t quite make sense until you get your hands on it. Fable is such an intrinsically single-player experience for a lot of us that imagining it as a co-op action game requires some mental gymnastics. Once I had a controller in my hands and four other people around me, though, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it works. A four-player arena combat game might not sound much like Fable, but its fairytale artistic direction, humour and good-natured sense of fun scream Fable with every breath. It’s Fable meets Dungeon Keeper, essentially.

How I Made A Nintendo Game A Little Bit Gayer

One of the first things that you’re told in Tomodachi Life, Nintendo’s newest life-sim for the 3DS, is that characters in the game can have babies. Specifically, it will take your first imported Mii, and it will show them holding a baby with a faceless person of the opposite gender.

I Drove Batman: Arkham Knight's Batmobile

And I liked it. The Batmobile is basically an extension of Batman’s repertoire of gadgets. In fact, even though Batman is of course a combat specialist, developer Rocksteady’s excitable Dax Ginn explained that the Batmobile is part of Batman’s primary toolset.

Man, I Could Have Sworn I Was Done Killing Nazis

I expected to hate the new Wolfenstein. I wanted to, even. The whole idea of rebooting the Nazi-killing epic for the umpteenth time disturbed me.