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Mobius Final Fantasy Needs More Plot

Mobius Final Fantasy (previously Mevius Final Fantasy) is the latest official Final Fantasy game. It’s a turn-based-with-an-element-of-tactics combat-centric game for iOS and Android platforms.

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Log One: Finally

I’m trying to write my initial Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward expansion MMO log in such a way as to minimise my time away from Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. This is a good sign.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Is Actually A Pretty Interesting Star Wars Game

The original Disney Infinity was a wonderful celebration of some iconic Disney worlds (Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc., Cars…), but the second Marvel-themed Disney Infinity 2.0 didn’t seem to have as much creativity or, I suspect, as much passion in its design.

Destiny Just Got A Hell Of A Lot Better

Everyone loves a redemption story. On Tuesday, Destiny‘s second major expansion, House of Wolves, went live. I’ve been playing all week and good news: Not only is House of Wolves superior to its preceding expansion The Dark Below, it feels like the wholesale upgrade that Destiny desperately needed.

Puzzle & Dragons Z's Freedom Bores Me

After years of dealing with the stamina restrictions and constant rotation of powerful paid content in the mobile version of Puzzle & Dragons, the pay once, play forever structure of Puzzle & Dragons Z for the Nintendo 3DS sounded like a dream. Sometimes dreams are stupid.

The Banshee Queen Brings Such Wonderful Pain To Heroes Of The Storm

The latest patch for Heroes of the Storm‘s closed beta hits three major beats — a new game mode, the debut of the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner and Team League play for players that have reached level 40. I can show you two of those.

If Bomberman Were Alive Today He'd Want To Be In Burnstar

Plagued by the noxious emissions from Evil Inc.’s industrial complex, the citizens of Burnstar‘s Fairway Island have only one course of action: blow it all to hell. It’s so very Bomberman of them.

Tales From Borderlands Ep 2 Is What I've Wanted From Telltale For Ages

I’ve always said that the best thing about Telltale games isn’t QTE-heavy action or near-pornographic dedication to depictions of bad things happening to good people. It’s disarmingly intimate character moments. Tales from the Borderlands episode two is chock full of them.

Battlefield Hardline Tries Real Hard Not To Be Battlefield

Battlefield Hardine is a shooter that rewards not shooting. In the single player at least. If you wondered how it would deal with the idea of a ‘bad cop’ in the current real-world climate, it turns out the solution is, ironically, to pretend it didn’t happen.

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