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Hard West Is A Wild West Strategy Game, And It's Great

Taken at face value, Hard West looks like what would happen if you took XCOM and replaced aliens with cowboys. And it is that… sorta. But it’s also a lot more (and a little less).

The Spiritual Successor To DJMax Doesn't Screw Around

Fans of Korea’s DJMax series have certain expectations of their rhythm games. They want complexity. They crave challenge. Their music ge preference is all over the place. Superbeat: Xonic gives us exactly what we want.

Overwatch Makes A Great First Impression

I can’t remember the last time I felt as excited about a new video game as I feel right now about Overwatch, Blizzard’s unprecedented stab at making a multiplayer shooter. I’ve been playing it for three days and see so much potential.

The LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Pack Is Fantastic

The LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who level pack plays out like a television episode, and like any television episode it starts with opening credits — what might be the best Doctor Who opening credits sequence ever.

Frame Rate Stutters Make Racing My Least Favourite Part Of The New Need For Speed

There are several aspects of EA and Ghost Games’ dark and rainy Need for Speed reboot that I enjoy immensely. Due to regular gameplay hiccups, racing just doesn’t happen to be one of them.

The New Apple TV Is The Beginning Of A Nifty Little Game Machine

The fourth generation Apple TV is now available, finally giving Apple’s set-top box the ability to play video games. It’s no gaming revolution, but it’s off to a pretty good start.

The Park Is Two Hours Of Jump Scares And Sadness

The Park opens with a boat ride. The player travels a set path and is told a story they have probably heard before, interrupted by the odd jump scare. It’s excellent foreshadowing.

Destiny's Latest Iron Banner: Pretty Good So Far

It’s a big week for competitive Destiny players. A new Iron Banner started recently, which is a week-long competitive multiplayer event where players get to test their mettle — and their cool new guns — against one another.

Rock Band 4 Is Pretty Great So Far. My Singing, Not So Much

Warning: Rock Band 4 may cause a person to sing Scandal’s “The Warrior” with an external mic active, upload the resulting video to the internet and post it on Kotaku along with their initial impressions of the game. I’m so sorry.

Rainbow Six Siege Is Brutal, Challenging, And Fun

Ubisoft has opened the doors to another Rainbow Six Siege beta and if you’ve been fortunate to get a hold of one of the keys the publisher has been throwing around then you’ve access from now until 28 September.

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