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Eagle Flight Is The VR Experience I Was Hoping For

For as long as humans have dreamed, we’ve dreamed of flying. We’ve built machines to launch us into the heavens, ever aware that we’re merely visitors. Reality falls short, but virtual reality brings us a bit closer in Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight.

Heroes Of The Storm's New Brawl Mode Is A Good Reason To Check In Every Week

Heroes of the Storm’s weekly Heroes’ Brawl launched today, bringing a regular rotation of entertaining game variants to Blizzard’s MOBA. I played several rounds of the Punisher Arena mode earlier today, and while I’m not any better than last time I played, I didn’t care nearly as much.

Yo-Kai Watch The Movie Is As Whimsical As Saving The World From Evil Spirits Gets

Japan’s highest grossing film of 2015 is pretty silly. Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie, making its U.S. debut at a special Fathom Events theatre showing this weekend, keeps the wacky humour of the television show rolling, even when the fate of the entire world is at stake.

Dragon Quest Builders Feels Like A More Guided Minecraft

I love the idea of Minecraft, but I lack the time, patience and attention span to get anywhere in it. What I need is Minecraft with a strong guiding hand. That’s Dragon Quest Builders in a nutshell.

Thumper Is The Best Kind Of Music Game

Thumper is the type of rhythm game I’ve been missing: Savage, relentless, and fierce. This game’ll bite your head off, man.

Mini Gaming PCs Are Ready For Virtual Reality

With recent advances from both AMD and Nvidia bringing mobile graphics processors within a breath of desktop power levels, PCs that make use of laptop tech to be tiny are more powerful than ever. I’m currently playing with Zotac’s GTX 1060-powered Magnus Zbox, and it’s handling VR like a champ.

World Of Warcraft: Legion Post-Expansion Ennui Sets In

The cycle is the same whenever a massively multiplayer online role-playing game gets a healthy dose of expansion content: Weeks of glorious excitement followed by a slow descent into lassitude. It’s all a matter of when it hits. For me and World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion, that’s right about now.

A Game About Throwing Spears At Penguin Vikings And Hipster Giants

I liked Lichtspeer before I even started playing it. The menu screen, if you’ll believe it, is what sold me.

World Of Warcraft: Legion Progress Report: One Last Dance

I’d originally planned to run our World of Warcraft: Legion review today, but due to circumstances firmly under my control, it’s now going to run next week. The fact that I’m still playing the game every night probably didn’t help.

Forza Horizon 3 Runs Fine On PC

Forza Horizon 3 marks the series’ PC debut as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program. I’ve been playing the PC version since yesterday, and so far nothing horrible has happened. In fact, almost everything is fine.

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