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Necropolis, Steam's Latest Hit, Is Not Very Good

Necropolis is a cool-looking game from cool developers that looks cool sitting atop Steam’s top sellers list. It’s got the feel of a surefire hit. It’s also really not very good at all.

Overwatch's New Sniper Hero, Ana, Is So Much Fun To Play

Mother knows best. Overwatch‘s new hero, Ana, is currently on the game’s public test servers. I’ve spent the past hour-and-a-half trying her out, and while this should hardly be taken as an in-depth appraisal, she is, so far, damn fun to play.

XCOM 2's Last DLC Is Also Its Best

XCOM 2 is a phenomenal strategy game. The DLC Firaxis has released in its wake, on the other hand, has mostly been middling. Thankfully, Shen’s Last Gift is straight-up good. It lets you improve the shit out of your squad. With mechs.

The PocketCHIP Is An Excellent Introduction To Absurdly Cheap Computing

If you’ve been intrigued by the idea of messing about with a $US9 PC but had no idea what you’d do with it, Next Thing Co.’s PocketCHIP turns its tiny computer into a portable gaming machine, music editor and learning tool. It’s just full of ideas.

Pokemon GO Taught Me More About The Town I Live In

Exploration has always been at the heart of the Pokémon series. A young person strikes out on a monster collecting adventure, learning about the world around them along the way. My brief time with the Pokémon Go felt like that, albeit on a slightly smaller scale.

XCOM 2's New DLC Adds A Dash Of Shadow Of Mordor To The Game

XCOM 2 just got its biggest DLC expansion yet, Alien Hunters. It adds three new “ruler” aliens, which function as bosses who, unlike other XCOM 2 enemies, can escape and appear in multiple battles. I was surprised to find that it’s kinda like the Nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor.

There's Already An Excellent VR Rhythm Game

Riding imaginary roller coasters and losing one’s self in immersive 360 degree environments is all well and good, but for me to truly appreciate virtual reality I needed an experience that spoke to my gaming tastes. Vive rhythm game Audioshield did the trick.

Free Sidescrolling Permadeath MMO Is Surprisingly Fun

I didn’t expect to get so into StarBreak. It’s a free-to-play sidescrolling MMO — think Contra, but with, like, 30 other people swarming around you — where every death counts. If you die, loot and stats go out the window. Despite that, it’s weirdly relaxing to play.

Three Hours With The Witcher 3's Final Expansion, Blood And Wine

If you ask me, The Witcher 3 is the finest RPG of our time. I don’t want to bid it farewell, but CD Projekt’s got quite an expansion lined up to help ease the grieving process.

Battleborn's Toughest Mission Is The Game At Its Best And Worst

Battleborn has eight story missions available to play either alone or with a group online. I have completed six. The Saboteur is the seventh, and I’m having a hell of a time with it. I am not alone.

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