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Disney Infinity's Inside Out Set Brings Back The Cheap Movie Tie-In

There was a time when every animated movie came with a quick and dirty platforming tie-in console game. Thanks to the magic of Disney Infinity 3.0 those days are back, only now they come with toys.

So, I Fought The Boss With A Trillion Hit Points

I’ll admit, when I first heard the concept of a game where you fight a boss with a trillion hit points, I expected a fun tactical game with cutesy anime girls. What I didn’t expect was an emotional fist to the gut.

A Rare Look At A Post-Apocalyptic Game That Isn't Violent

A young woman steers a boat through old ruins, young boy in tow. She pulls up to the remains of a watchtower, hoping to find refuge. She carries her brother inside, and lays him down. He has a gash on his stomach. He might not make it.

Mobius Final Fantasy Needs More Plot

Mobius Final Fantasy (previously Mevius Final Fantasy) is the latest official Final Fantasy game. It’s a turn-based-with-an-element-of-tactics combat-centric game for iOS and Android platforms.

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Log One: Finally

I’m trying to write my initial Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward expansion MMO log in such a way as to minimise my time away from Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. This is a good sign.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Is Actually A Pretty Interesting Star Wars Game

The original Disney Infinity was a wonderful celebration of some iconic Disney worlds (Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc., Cars…), but the second Marvel-themed Disney Infinity 2.0 didn’t seem to have as much creativity or, I suspect, as much passion in its design.

Destiny Just Got A Hell Of A Lot Better

Everyone loves a redemption story. On Tuesday, Destiny‘s second major expansion, House of Wolves, went live. I’ve been playing all week and good news: Not only is House of Wolves superior to its preceding expansion The Dark Below, it feels like the wholesale upgrade that Destiny desperately needed.

Puzzle & Dragons Z's Freedom Bores Me

After years of dealing with the stamina restrictions and constant rotation of powerful paid content in the mobile version of Puzzle & Dragons, the pay once, play forever structure of Puzzle & Dragons Z for the Nintendo 3DS sounded like a dream. Sometimes dreams are stupid.

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