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The Indiana Jones Restaurant Seems Like A Letdown

There’s an Indiana Jones restaurant? There will be this fall at the Walt Disney World Resort. But don’t get your hopes up just yet. Actually, don’t get them up ever.

Fate Of Atlantis And Movie Techniques In Games

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis has a part, in the beginning, where you can play the initial titles or credits sequence at the beginning of the game. I find myself wishing that way more narrative-based games would do this adorable moviesque thing.

Disney Buys Indiana Jones

Mickey Mouse now owns both Han Solo and his whip-bearing twin Indy — Disney has purchased the rights to the Indiana Jones franchise from Paramount, the film group that distributed the first four films in the beloved action/adventure series.

An Indiana Jones Action Figure For The 21st Century

Figma figures are about the best figures on Earth if you like putting characters in rad poses. There will soon be an Indiana Jones Figma. Yes.

Lucas Arts Characters Are Hilarious In This Butt-Kicking Tribute

LucasArts might be gone, but the characters from its classic adventure games live on. In YouTube user Felipe Machado’s video, the worlds of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and almost everything else LucasArts did in the 90s collide for terrific a mini-adventure.

Real-Life Photos Mixed With 16-Bit Video Games Are Amazing

The 16-bit era had unique visuals. Simple yet bright and colourful, we could always get lost in the tiny details. Taking parts of these memorable games and mixing them with a real life environment might sound odd, but if done right the results are beautiful.

Video Games That Make You Feel Like Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is not the only one solving annoying ancient puzzles in haunted caves, armed with a whip and dynamites, far from civilisation. A setting like this is perfect for video games, so it is no surprise that many were influenced by the character, and the similarities in some cases are amazing.

You Can Buy Luke Skywalker's Actual Lightsabre

Theres a big auction going down in Hollywood this weekend for a range of official props, photos and film from classic films like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Alien, Indiana Jones and Star Trek.

Ford Watches Indiana Jones For The First Time

Remember last year how Harrison Ford helped Sony market Uncharted 3 in Japan? Well, those clips have been remixed into something way better.

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