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Indie Tuesdays: Somnia

Sometimes a game can make you see things in a totally new way. Somnia is one such game.

Indie Tuesdays: Blueberry Garden

Released on Steam in the early hours of this morning, Blueberry Garden is a whimsical platformer very much worthy of investigation.

Indie Tuesdays: Shift 4

Hands down, this is one of the best browser games I’ve ever played.

Indie Tuesdays: Squid Harder!

I like a game that cuts to the chase. So when a sequel promises “more lasers, more effects and more eye melting anarchy than ever before”, it’s got my attention.

Indie Tuesdays: Fathom

Wow. I’ve seen some tough boss fights in my time, but Fathom might have the toughest yet. Or does it?

Indie Tuesdays: All Of Our Friends Are Dead

What if MadWorld was a 2D platformer? With a gun instead of a chainsaw? And really, really weird?

Indie Tuesdays: Glum Buster

We’re suckers for gorgeously minimal pixel art here at Indie Tuesdays. Which is just part of why we find Glum Buster so special.

Indie Tuesdays: Steams Nabs Blueberry Garden, Dyson

Indie darlings Blueberry Garden (pictured) and Dyson have been picked up by Steam and will be released in the next couple of months.

Indie Tuesdays: Walkie Tonky

Billed as the world’s first walk ’em up, Walkie Tonky hands you control of a long-legged robot bent on causing destruction. And walking.

Indie Tuesdays: New Star Grand Prix

Simon Read’s a one-man dev team based out of the UK. He’s been making indie sports sims for a few years now, most notably his New Star Soccer series. Now he’s turned his attention to Formula 1 motor racing.

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