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The Infinity Blade Trilogy Is On Sale, Grab All 3 Games For $6.49

The first Infinity Blade wasn’t the deepest of games, but the touch controls and rebirth mechanic were compelling enough to make up for it. The next two games improved the formula, relegating the original to electronic aether for most people, but if for some reason you want to play all three together, you can currently grab the trilogy at a discount.

Fancy A Free Copy Of Infinity Blade II?

The original Infinity Blade was one of the first titles that showed what mobile gaming was capable of, at the very least in the visual stakes. Even with its somewhat grindy and repetitive gameplay, the ChAIR-developed title went on to be immensely popular, enough so to justify a sequel. That sequel is currently available, free, with a few simple clicks.

It Takes A Global Effort To Drain New Infinity Blade II Boss's Billion Health Points

At 9.15 am Thursday morning, Donald Mustard, the creative director at Chair Studios, sits next to me on a couch in a hotel in San Francisco.

Infinity Blade II Running On iPad 2 And iPad '3'

We’ve seen what top iPad game Infinity Blade II looks like on the new super-high-res iPad. But we’re been looking for a comparison.

How To Succeed At Infinity Blade II

I haven’t had a chance to check out Infinity Blade II yet, but I loved the first and Totilo seems to like the second, so I’m probably going to take the plunge over the holidays. Fortunately, ChAIR entertainment has my back with this handy-dandy guide to slicing face in the game.

Most Popular Game On iTunes Keeps Crashing On iPads

Infinity Blade II, a very good game that just launched on iTunes today, is getting rave reviews from people who can get the game to run and is being pilloried for a bug that keeps crashing the game on some iPads.

Infinity Blade II Improves One The iPad's Best Games

We hear from some quarters that video games that are not played with some use of a button do not count. Wrong. The proof is on the iPad on my desk.

Infinity Blade II Won't Be One Of Those 99c iOS Games

Infinity Blade II, the big sequel to one of the most acclaimed games on the iPhone and iPad will cost $7.49 when it is released on December 1, according to the game’s creators.

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