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The Game That Got Us Excited About A Retina iPad Finally Comes Out

In March of last year, a week before the announcement of the iPad 3, developer Pixels on Toast showed us how good its game would look on the device’s rumoured retina screen. Today that game, Food Run, finally arrives on iTunes, and it’s just as pretty as promised.

It Only Took Seven Months For Apple To Make Me Feel Like A Chump

On March 7, Apple announced the iPad 3. “Look how shiny it is!” Apple’s executives preached to a crowd full of cheering fans and press. “Retina display! Brand new graphics! You want one!”

Infinity Blade II Running On iPad 2 And iPad '3'

We’ve seen what top iPad game Infinity Blade II looks like on the new super-high-res iPad. But we’re been looking for a comparison.

Allure Confessions: Who Wants A New iPad?

The new iPad is here next week. It has sexy specs and cheaper pricing than ever before — but it also doesn’t support Australia’s current version of 4G and it has no name to call its own. Will the editors at Gizmodo, Kotaku and Lifehacker be buying or upgrading? Let’s find out.

Apple Reveals The Next iPad

Apple will release a new version of the iPad on March 16, it said today at a press conference in San Francisco.

iPad 3's Upgraded Display A World Of Difference For Games

Apple fans are eagerly awaiting next week’s announcement about the iPad 3. We’ve previously reported that the new device is widely rumoured to have an upgraded “retina display”, vastly improving the resolution which, in turn, makes apps and games look better.

Apple Will Reveal A New iPad Next Week

Apple will unveil the next iPad on March 7 in San Francisco, it said today in an emailed invitation to press.

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