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Brian Michael Bendis Talks Powers, Jessica Jones, Civil War II And Much More

Earlier last week we posted part of Evan’s chat with Brian Michael Bendis, a five-time Eisner award winner and a long-standing writer for Marvel Comics. In the full interview, Bendis talks about his early career, the difference between the Powers TV show and the comics, Jessica Jones, the second Civil War, story grenades and much, much more.

Marvel Writer Brian Michael Bendis On That Death In Civil War II

Marvel Comics’ second Civil War is in full swing now, with the main miniseries and multiple tie-in issues out in the wild. Civil War II started with a major character death and superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis explains why it had to happen that way.

Marvel's Free Comic Book Day Titles Tease Big Drama For Iron Man And Spider-Man

Marvel has two big events coming up later this year: a sequel to the 2006 Civil War crossover and a Spidey-centric happening called Dead No More. Two free comics released for this year’s Free Comic Book Day gave readers some insight as to what’s coming up in those storylines.

Spider-Man And Iron Man Have Beef Now

Spider-Man and Iron Man have been on-and-off allies for decades and worked in close partnership on the Avengers. Nowadays, they’re more like frenemies.

Sweet Iron Man Cosplay, Guy Who Is Not Tony Stark

Looks like metal, doesn’t it? Iron Mark Props’ suit is actually painted EVA foam, cut to perfection to give that real nice “fitted” look.

Iron Man Figure Is Actually Iron (Well, Close Enough)

Plastic Iron Man figures are all well and good, but its hard to maintain the illusion of metal armour when your toy is light as a feather. Weighing in at 770g, Comicave’s Iron Man Mark XXXVIII Igor figure is pretty heavy metal.

These Avengers 2 Figures Are Amazing As Usual

While the world is raving about the new Captain America: Civil War trailer, on my shelf it’s still The Age of Ultron.

Having Way Too Much Fun With Disney PlayMation

There is a good chance I am having more fun pretending to be Iron Man with Disney’s PlayMation toys than any child ever could.

The New Invincible Iron Man Comic Has A Big Shocker About One Of Marvel's Biggest Villains

Not a whole lot is changing with Tony Stark in the new Iron Man comic debuting tomorrow. He’s still an egotistical genius billionaire who flies around saving the world in high-tech power armour. Whew. But one of the people he tussles with on a semi-regular basis looks a whole lot different.

Art From The Avengers, Transformers, Spider-Man (And More)

Josh Nizzi is an artist who has worked on some of the biggest movie franchises of the past decade, from The Avengers to Transformers.

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