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In a few months, Tony Stark will no longer be the Iron Avenger. The 15-year-old tech wiz Riri Williams is taking his place as the star of Invincible Iron Man, but she's not keeping the name. Probably because a teenage girl walking around as "Iron Man" is a little weird.

Doctor Doom is one of the two new people taking on the role of Iron Man in this spring's "Marvel Now!" lineup, and to do so, he's getting his own suit of Iron Man armour. In true Doom style, it's been remade in his own image -- and it's a pretty awesome mash-up of Doctor Doom and Iron Man's designs that really, really works.

Things will be a lot different after the reality-bending events of Marvel Comics' Secret Wars crossover wrap up. Tony Stark's still going to be Iron Man, though, and he'll be wearing an all-new suit of super-armour. It sounds like it can do... anything?