iron man

If Leonardo Da Vinci Designed Iron Man's Suit

Just like the early plane and tank concepts of Da Vinci, Iron Man’s suit has tons of cogwheels, detailed parts and sidenotes on artist Axel Medellin’s drawings.

Taiwanese Cardboard Artist Makes Iron Man Suit

Cardboard is great. It can be shelter, it can be storage, it can be entertainment, it can be invisibility on the battlefield, and it can be art if taken to the extreme.

This Cardboard Iron Man Suit Looks Superb, But It's Not So Practical

Cardboard. It’s the stuff they make boxes out of, though if you need an impromptu TARDIS, it’s great for that too. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you could make a replica of Iron Man’s suit. Sure, it wouldn’t stand up to explosions, machinegun fire or a somewhat determined cat, but for those few moments before it started to rain, you’d feel invincible. And then soggy.

Even Superheroes Get Old

Not every superhero has the powers of Dr Manhattan or Deadpool, so they get old and worn out eventually. A charming series by DeviantART artist Lelpel plays with the idea, imagining what they would look like 30 or 40 years from now.

Barack Obama: 'We're Building Iron Man'

Is the United States government really building Iron Man? Is the president trying to disarm us with one of those “jokes” he loves so much? If I were president of the United States, and I had a secret plan to build Iron Man, this is exactly what I’d do: joke about building Iron Man and then say things like “Ha ha ha. Not really. Maybe. It’s classified.” Nobody would suspect a thing.

Your Iron Man Suit Is Not Racist, Don Cheadle

On last night’s episode of Conan, Iron Man 2 and 3 co-star Don “Rhodey” Cheadle complained about the weight of his Iron Patriot suit compared to Robert Downey Jr’s light and comfortable Iron Man armour. Is this power armour racism? Of course not.

The Best Way To End My Year Is With A Bloody Tony Stark

While 2013 has been a pretty awesome year for movies and video games, on a personal level, it’s been pretty crappy. What better way to send if off than with the latest beat up bundle of awesome from Hot Toys.

Iron Man Returns In An Intense Animated Short

That is some impressive fan-made Iron Man animation, amazingly enough made by just one man, Anthony McGrath, who works as an animator at Sony’s Evolution Studio. CG Tony Stark comes under attack from the 10 Rings and deploys his new Mark Z armour.

Marvel Kills Amazing Iron Man Suits

A group calling themselves the “Iron Man Factory” had hoped to use Kickstarter to fund construction of a series of incredible 3D-printed Iron Man costumes. They really should have asked Marvel first, though.

Iron Man Should Be In... Sailor Moon

Don’t believe me? Watch this short, yet epic animation and then believe.