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This JB Hi-Fi Titanfall Set-Up Might Beat The Last One...

Earlier today we posted this: a gloriously bad/awesome handmade in-store Titanfall display made out of cardboard boxes and tinfoil. Since then a couple of JB employees have sent us pics of what they did with their store. The one at JB Westgate in New Zealand might be the best one so far…

JB Hi-Fi Reviews. They Still Exist. They Are Still Great.

It’s been a while since we’ve done a little round up of JB’s quality game reviewing skills. Today seems like as good a day as any!

Reminder: These Are The Stores Doing Xbox One Midnight Launches

Have an Xbox One pre-ordered? Wondering if your local store has a midnight launch going? We’ve got a list of every JB Hi-Fi and EB store doing a launch in this very post!

Grand Theft Auto V: Getting A Jump Start With Midnight Launches

My wife props against me with a tired laugh. “The things I do for you.” This wasn’t planned. But neither was her car dying in sheets of Sydney rain and darkness — within walking distance to the EB Games where we now stand. Hundreds for a new alternator and battery is tomorrow’s problem. Tonight I balance the win column by clutching GTA V.

A 'Shipping Embargo' May Delay Some Grand Theft Auto V Pre-Orders

Whilst many Grand Theft Auto V pre-orders were placed in stores, plenty of consumers also made online pre-orders at major retailers. Now online costumers are being warned ahead of time that these pre-orders may not make it in time for launch day and could take up to a week depending on postal services.

JB Hi-Fi Launches New Cloud Streaming Movie And TV Service

Earlier this week, JB Hi-Fi hinted at a new direction for the company: a more digital focused future that would (eventually) encompass video games. Is JB Hi-Fi planning to open up its own online store ala Steam? It’s clear that ideas are being explored, but there’s nothing concrete as of yet. Today, however, JB H-Fi has launched an Ultraviolet driven storefront in Australia, allowing users to stream video content they’ve paid for to any device they own.

Is JB Hi-Fi Planning To Launch Its Own Digital Distribution Service For Video Games?

JB Hi-Fi’s annual report was released today and among all the information regarding sales (video game sales have seemingly declined, but at a slowing pace) is a niggling piece of information with regards to its streaming service JB Hi-Fi NOW.

JB Hi-Fi Perfectly Illustrates One Of Nintendo's Biggest Problems...

Spotted by the fine folks over at Vooks, the above drawing, seen in JB Hi-Fi just perfectly illustrates one of the biggest challenges Nintendo has with the perennially struggling Wii U: the mainstream audience that adored the Wii simply doesn’t know that the Wii U exists. And, if they are aware of its existence, they find it difficult to tell the difference between the two.

Get A PlayStation Vita With One Of Three Games, $199 From JB Hi-Fi

Was it really February 2012 when the PS Vita launched in Australia? I guess it’s not that long ago… but long enough that deals and bundles for the handheld are becoming more common. And cheaper. This latest one from JB Hi-Fi isn’t bad — a Vita with a copy of LittleBigPlanet for $199.