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More Pics Of JB Hi-Fi Sticking It To Konami

After highlighting a nationwide JB Hi-Fi campaign of support for Hideo Kojima in his tussle with Konami, we realised this was just the tip of an almighty iceberg. What was initially just a tweet, retweeted by Kojima himself, has transformed into a movement.

People have been sending us more pics. It seems as though Hideo Kojima is a popular guy with JB Hi-Fi staff.

JB Hi-Fi Selling A Lot Of Game Consoles, But Maybe Not So Many Games

Is it a sign of the times? JB Hi-Fi’s half year results were released today. It was a reasonable second quarter for the tech retail giant, bolstered by hardware sales, but software sales are clearly on the decline.

This JB Hi-Fi Review Of Grand Theft Auto V Is Perfect

Every now and then a JB Hi-Fi review hits the nail on the head. This is one of those times.

JB Hi-Fi Is Now Selling Digital Video Games At Retail

Last month JB Hi-Fi stated that video games, specifically with the release of new consoles, had helped the group move back towards growth. Boxed software was a large part of that growth story, but now JB Hi-Fi has announced it will be selling digital versions of video games at their retail stores.

New Consoles Helped JB Hi-Fi Return To Sales Growth

It’s no secret that the retail industry, as a whole has been struggling. Since May in particular, JB Hi-Fi — one of Australia’s biggest and most successful retail businesses — has faced a number of difficulties. But according to its new CEO, they’ve turned things around in the last quarter. Why?

Apparently video games were a big help.

I Think I Have My Own JB Hi-Fi Review

So someone just tweeted the above image to me. I can’t be sure, but I think I’ve just gotten my very own JB Hi-Fi review. I’ve finally made it!

This Is My Favourite JB Hi-Fi Review Of All Time

Look. I know it’s a big call, but I’m making it. This is my new favourite JB Hi-Fi game review of all time.

The Return Of JB Hi-Fi Reviews

JB Hi-Fi reviews. Short, too the point. Often brutal, often hilarious. Say what you like a brick and mortar retail, I’m glad JB Hi-Fi exists, if only for its top notch video game reviews. And its great prices on TVs!

Tamworth JB Hi-FI Brings You: WatchDoge

Damnit, as long as JB Hi-Fi employees are being funny, there’s a place for them here. This was sent in by Chris, straight from the JB Hi-Fi in Tamworth, where he claims there’s more on offer than country music. Such cowboy. Many slide guitar. Wow.

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