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You've seen them pretty regularly on the site, both for their reviews and occasionally for their deals. I'm talking about JB Hi-Fi, which is about to get a whole lot bigger after they announced they would acquire The Good Guys for a whopping $870 million.


Amiibo usually retail at $17.95 and I'd wager a number of you have gone flat-out broke trying to collect them all.

Good news: JB Hi-Fi is kicking off a sale tomorrow (Thursday March 24) and selling all its amiibo stock for $10 each, while stocks last. It's gonna be a bloodbath.


JB Hi-Fi reviews are like buses. You don't see any good ones for months and then three come along at once.

Actually that's not like buses at all. Buses don't work on monthly schedules. BUT YOU SEE MY POINT.


Earlier this week we reported EB Games was having issues shipping out its exclusive Pip-Boy editions to customers. It now looks as though JB Hi-Fi is having a similar issue. It's a day after release and JB Hi-Fi's Facebook and Twitter accounts are currently swarmed with complaints. JB Hi-Fi promised day one delivery of Fallout 4, but many are still waiting for their games to arrive.


It wasn't the bravest prediction of all time, but I speculated earlier this morning that other retailers would follow Gerry Harvey's lead by making their Xbox One bundles more competitive, perhaps in response to the PS4's recent price drop.

Harvey Norman had a deal going with FIFA 16 that was kind of reasonable. This one from JB Hi-Fi is much better.


Last month JB Hi-Fi stated that video games, specifically with the release of new consoles, had helped the group move back towards growth. Boxed software was a large part of that growth story, but now JB Hi-Fi has announced it will be selling digital versions of video games at their retail stores.