jb hi-fi

I Think I Have My Own JB Hi-Fi Review

So someone just tweeted the above image to me. I can’t be sure, but I think I’ve just gotten my very own JB Hi-Fi review. I’ve finally made it!

This Is My Favourite JB Hi-Fi Review Of All Time

Look. I know it’s a big call, but I’m making it. This is my new favourite JB Hi-Fi game review of all time.

The Return Of JB Hi-Fi Reviews

JB Hi-Fi reviews. Short, too the point. Often brutal, often hilarious. Say what you like a brick and mortar retail, I’m glad JB Hi-Fi exists, if only for its top notch video game reviews. And its great prices on TVs!

Tamworth JB Hi-FI Brings You: WatchDoge

Damnit, as long as JB Hi-Fi employees are being funny, there’s a place for them here. This was sent in by Chris, straight from the JB Hi-Fi in Tamworth, where he claims there’s more on offer than country music. Such cowboy. Many slide guitar. Wow.

JB Hi-Fi Is Taking 20% Off All Games Until Sunday

Just a little public service announcement: from today JB Hi-Fi is having a big sale, taking 20% off all games.

Elder Scrolls Online's Grind Begins Before You Even Start The Game

Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi – never a bastion of serious business – has a sticker for The Elder Scrolls Online that is as funny as it is foreboding.

This JB Hi-Fi Titanfall Set-Up Might Beat The Last One...

Earlier today we posted this: a gloriously bad/awesome handmade in-store Titanfall display made out of cardboard boxes and tinfoil. Since then a couple of JB employees have sent us pics of what they did with their store. The one at JB Westgate in New Zealand might be the best one so far…

JB Hi-Fi Reviews. They Still Exist. They Are Still Great.

It’s been a while since we’ve done a little round up of JB’s quality game reviewing skills. Today seems like as good a day as any!