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John Carmack Voices Support For Facebook's Oculus Acquisition

Last year legendary game developer John Carmack left his position at id Software to pursue his passion for virtual reality as chief technology officer of Oculus VR. While Facebook’s $US2 billion acquisition of Oculus came as a surprise to Carmack, he believes the company has what it takes to make his vision of the “Big Picture” happen.

Oculus VR's John Carmack Speaks On Facebook Deal... Via Twitter

Despite being the company’s chief technology officer and devout programmer, John Carmack has quickly become the face of Oculus VR, the startup behind the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and new addition to the Facebook mothership. If you’ve been wondering what his perspective is on recent events, you only have to go as far as his Twitter timeline to find out.

Yes, This Nazi-Killing Video Game Hero Was Of Jewish Descent

There’s been speculation for more than two decades that the hero of the iconic Wolfenstein first-person shooter games — B.J. Blazkowicz, the guy who you use to machine gun hordes of Nazis — was Jewish. But the game’s creators have long been coy about the character’s origins. Not so much anymore.

John Carmack Left Id Software Because Of Virtual Reality

It was a bit of a shock when John Carmack, who co-founded the company, left Doom creators id Software in November. Until now, we didn’t really know why.

Why John Carmack Isn't Eager For Next Gen

You might be thrilled with next gen — er, current gen. But John Carmack, ex-id Software star programmer and Oculus Rift guru, isn’t yet. He thinks we can still do more with last gen.

Memories Of Doom, By John Romero And John Carmack

Twenty years ago, on December 10, 1993, John Carmack, John Romero and the rest of the team at upstart id Software unleashed a game called Doom upon the world. 20 years later, both men have written about their favourite memories of the game for you and all fans of Doom to read. Here they are, in their own words…

Doom Co-Creator John Carmack Leaves Id Software

John Carmack, co-creator of iconic first-person-shooter Doom and one of the smartest minds in video games, has resigned from the development studio he helped co-found.

John Carmack On Oculus Rift: 'One Of Those Critical Moments In History'

Exciting words from legendary game programmer John Carmack, who joined Oculus VR as full time Chief Technology Officer back in August. Kotaku Australia recently caught up with the Doom co-creator and quizzed him on camera about the future of Oculus VR. Watch…

John Carmack Has New 'Full-Time' VR Job, But Is Not Quite Gone From Id

Legendary game programmer and Doom co-creator John Carmack is getting a new “full-time” job. He’s going to be working as the head of technology at Oculus VR, the company behind the upstart Rift virtual reality goggles.

John Carmack Is 'Winding Down' His Private Space Business

id Software has quite the legacy, with most of its success thanks in part to John Carmack. With classics such as Quake and Wolfenstein 3D under his belt — and the large sums of cash that followed their popularity and subsequent sequels — Carmack has spent much of his time on other exploits, including sending rockets into space via his company Armadillo Aerospace. Unfortunately, after almost 13 years of operation, Carmack is “winding down” the company.