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John Carmack's Next Technological VR Conquest Is... Letters?

It’s easy to focus on all the fancy stuff virtual reality tech needs — powerful GPUs, high-quality displays and elegant controls. But what about the basic requirements, like a typeface that doesn’t make your eyes bleed or stomach turn? Never fear, 3D virtuoso John Carmack is on the case.

The Mark Of A John Carmack Speech Is Silence

John Carmack has given a lot of speeches in his time: to colleagues, compatriots and consumers. His keynote speeches used to be the highlight of Quakecon, for his uncanny ability to scythe through detail and history without being wholly inaccessible.

And whenever Carmack gives a speech, I always hear two sounds. The first is the sound of his voice and his metronomic-like delivery. And the second is the utter silence, the way his audience hangs on every single word.

Watch The 25-Year-Old PC Version Of Super Mario Bros. 3 In Action

Video: It’s long been a game development legend that the creators of Doom made their own version of Super Mario Bros. 3 for the PC ages ago. Today, we get to see what it looked like.

John Carmack Is Making Sure Minecraft Works In VR

John Carmack’s departure from iD Software to Oculus was fairly understandable given the man’s career and his passion for technology. It’s sad to see him not working on iD Tech engines any more, but hey, the guy’s a genius and he’s played a large part in making this wave of virtual reality work.

Given that his entire career effectively revolves around making new things — or existing things better — it’s always interesting to see what has caught Carmack’s eye. As it turns out, that new thing is Minecraft.

The Exceptional Beauty Of Doom 3's Source Code

This is a story about Doom 3‘s source code and how beautiful it is. Yes, beautiful. Allow me to explain.

Doom Is Now Old Enough To Drink

This week, classic PC shooter Doom turned 21. So if you see someone in green slide up next to you at a bar and scream RIP AND TEAR, buy the guy a drink.

Nobody Was More Excited To Play DOOM For The First Time Than id

This old John Romero home movie is worth watching if you’ve not seen it before as it shows that id blew their own tiny little minds playing DOOM. It’s a 1993 home movie first posted by Romero about five years ago recording a studio tour, including 20 minutes of unfinished DOOM complete with the wrong sound effects, bugs and incomplete art.

Oculus Fires Back At 'Silly, Money-Grabbing' ZeniMax Lawsuit

Last month, ZeniMax officially dropped the lawsuit hammer on Oculus, accusing the virtual reality company of “illegally misappropriating” their trade secrets in an extensive legal complaint. In the suit, ZeniMax alleged that Oculus had infringed upon their copyrights and trademarks, and that id Software co-founder John Carmack had provided technology to Oculus before he joined the company last year.

The Oculus Vs Zenimax Battle Is Heating Up

Oculus and Zenimax are still going at it — this morning, the company behind Oculus Rift released a statement in response to Zenimax’s claims last week that Doom co-creator John Carmack had stolen “technology and know-how” when he left Zenimax for Oculus last year.

John Carmack's Former Employer Says He Stole Their Tech

Doom co-creator and all-around genius John Carmack left the company he helped found last year. Now the people he used to work for say he took their technology with him.

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