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Here's The Joker, If He Was Both Batman And A '90s JRPG Villain

This new action figure by Square-Enix is Joker meets Batman by the way of Kefka from Final Fantasy VI. It’s kind of amazing.

15 People Who Have Kicked Batman's Arse

They say given enough time and resources, Batman can defeat anybody. But let’s be clear — Batman doesn’t always have the time to plan or the resources he needs, and thus Batman is hardly undefeated in his crime-fighting career. Here are 15 different DC characters, heroes and villains, who have handed the Dark Knight a few checks in his loss column.

Why Can't We All Have Mark Hamill's Joker Delivering Our Voicemail Message?

We all can’t be as lucky as Jim Lee, apparently — who, aside from being a famous and extremely talented comics artist, also got Mark Hamill to do his finest Joker bit for Lee’s voicemail inbox. It’s amazing.

Is This Our First Look At DC Rebirth's New Design For The Joker?

DC’s Rebirth is on the way, and it’s not just the logo that’s getting a makeover. Plenty of characters will be getting a costume refresh in DC’s roster shake-up as well. It seems like the clown prince of crime might be one of them, judging by this gorgeous variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque.

Harley Quinn Finally Gets Closure On Her Relationship With The Joker

There’s nothing worse than running into an old ex. Especially when that ex is Batman’s homicidal archenemy.

Gotham City's Newest Joker Is An 18-Year-Old Kid

The newest Clown Prince of Crime in Batman’s hometown isn’t insane. He didn’t fall into a vat of chemicals. Honestly, he’s just kind of a dick. That’s what’s scariest about him.

The Minecraft Server Where You're Greeted By The Joker

Actually two Jokers and one Harley Quinn, but eh, details.

It's A Bad Day For Batman When Joker Calls In The Gundams

The Joker finally figures out where Batman gets his wonderful toys in this awesome stop-motion animation. Who can saved the Caped Crusader now?

Dayshot: Joker, As A Chaos Wyrm, Batman, As The Dark Knight

Joker, as a Chaos Wyrm, and Batman as… well as The Dark Knight in DeviantART artist sandara‘s surreal piece. That’s breathtaking! Like one of the bosses from Dark Souls, except it looks more evil.

Here's A Joker That Might Actually Kick Batman's Arse

Bane? Forget that musclehead. Batman’s greatest enemy has always been the Joker. And in armour like this, it’s possible that he wouldn’t get sent back to Arkham like he always does.

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