Dayshot: Joker, As A Chaos Wyrm, Batman, As The Dark Knight

Joker, as a Chaos Wyrm, and Batman as… well as The Dark Knight in DeviantART artist sandara‘s surreal piece. That’s breathtaking! Like one of the bosses from Dark Souls, except it looks more evil.

Here's A Joker That Might Actually Kick Batman's Arse

Bane? Forget that musclehead. Batman’s greatest enemy has always been the Joker. And in armour like this, it’s possible that he wouldn’t get sent back to Arkham like he always does.

The Clown Prince Of Crime Is Positively Petrifying In Plastic

I don’t know what’s worse. Having this Sideshow Collectibles Sixth-Scale Joker figure standing on my desk, or knowing he’s on a shelf or in a closet in his box, biding his time, chuckling under his breath.

This Joker Figure Made Me Question Why I Was Being So Serious

So another Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece figure finally came out, and, as is my nature, I simply had to get it.

The Amazing Artwork That Will Make You Think Batman Actually Exists

I didn’t like Lee Bermejo’s take on the Batman costume at first. For someone like me who grew up on Jim Aparo and Don Newton’s versions of the Dark Knight in the 1970s and 1980s, the way he rendered certain elements of that classic costume felt… off. The stiff lower part of the cowl? The chunky seams on the uniform? Visible eyeballs?! Where was all that signature Bat-sleekness?

Batman: Arkham Asylum Action Figures May Be Late, But They're Still Great

We’re on the cusp of enjoying the next great Batman game, but if you’re a big, big fan of the last one, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Square Enix has some might fine action figures you might be interested in.

What Did This Guy Do To Piss Off Batman, The Joker, Samus?

Video editor and action master Yung Lee can’t seem to make it to an anime convention without getting his arse handed to him by cosplayers.

Arkham City's Joker Is Happy To See You

His hairline may be receding, but with his best girl at his side Batman’s archenemy has never looked happier as he does in this new set of screenshots for Arkham City.

Mark Hamill And Kevin Conroy Give Voice To DC Universe Online

The struggle between madness and sanity continues in DC Universe Online, with Mark Hamill voicing the Joker and Kevin Conroy reprising his role as Batman, headlining an all-star cast that includes Adam Baldwin and Gina Torres of Firefly fame.