Japanese Porn Is Overdosing On Video Games And Anime

If something exists, then, yes, there is a dirty movie of it. Video games and anime exist, so, yes, there are dirty movies of them. Japan just seems to have more of them.

This T-Shirt Will Give You Nightmares

Eek! Schoolgirl anime K-On!‘s latest t-shirt looks more like some horrible moé monster, appearing in a dark dungeon in some Japanese role-playing game.

Watch Men Turn A Convenience Store Into A Schoolgirl Anime Mecca

Schoolgirl rocker anime K-On! isn’t only getting a feature film, in which the girls travel to London. It’s also getting a convenience store. This is it.

A Place For Your Bleeding Geek Heart

In Japan convenience stores, or “conbini” as they’re called, dot the landscape. They’re where people buy food and drink, pay bills, send letters and stand and read magazines without paying for them. Some might like Family Mart, others prefer Daily Yamazaki. I like Lawson, because more than any other corner store in Japan it panders to nerds like me and maybe like you.

Her Favourite Game Might Surprise You

Western games might not be as popular as homegrown titles in The Land of the Rising Sun, but there is definitely a following for titles developed abroad.

This Schoolgirl Is Good At Drumming

Senri Kawaguchi (in the pink shirt) is a 13-year-old junior high school student. But that’s not all.

These Schoolgirl Songs Are Popular

For an anime about schoolgirl rockers, one thing is more important than all others: the music. And animated series K-On! has just that, good music.

Jet Skis For Japanese Geeks (Jet Skis!)

In Japan, cars covered with stickers depicting anime and game characters are called itasha, or literally “painmobile”. Bicycles covered in stickers are called itachari (“paincycle”). And jet skis?

Drawn Rocker Schoolgirls Getting Their Own Video Game

If you follow anime, you probably know K-On!, which depicts the adventures of four Japanese schoolgirls in their high school music club. Here’s the anime’s opening theme song: