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There's A Small Chance I Could Care About Killzone: Shadow Fall

The first one was infamously dubbed a Halo-killer. The second gave the PlayStation faithful something impressive to hang on to when pickings were slim in the FPS genre. And Killzone 3 remains one of the only games that truly delivered on the promise of 3D gaming, layering its graphics so that it looked like you playing through a sci-fi diorama of death.

Just How More Detailed Are PS4 Characters Over PS3 Characters?

Last week, Guerrilla Games released a report on the studio’s PlayStation 4 reveal demonstration, which had people playing a real-time demo of the new Killzone game. It’s mostly super-technical, but there’s still enough interesting stuff in there for regular folk to get something out of.

The Dapper Villains And Pretty Ladies Of The Killzone Universe

Andrejs Skuja works at Killzone developers Guerilla Games, where he’s currently a senior concept artist specialising in character design.

Killzone 3 Multiplayer Coming Free To A PlayStation Near You

This week, Sony announced a new experiment in free-to-play gaming coming to the Playstation Network, in their most recent Blogcast podcast.

The Colourful, Robotic Art Of Killzone 3

It’s funny, considering Killzone 2 was so bleak, Killzone 3 remains one of, if not the best-looking game on the PS3, an explosion of vibrant colours and, amazingly given the franchise, style.

The Towering, Mechanical Art Of Killzone 3

The Killzone series may be mired in darkness and a convoluted storyline, but one thing that always keeps me coming back to the games is their industrial design.

Welcome Back To Killzone 3, Here's Double XP

Now that Killzone 3 players can get online and kill each other once again, Guerrilla Games and Sony gives them incentive to do so in the form of a double XP weekend running now through 10AM UK time Monday morning.

A More Personal Look At The Killzone Conflict

The escalating conflict between the ISA and the Helghast plays out on a much smaller scale in Killzone Universe, a live-action short that shows a friendship torn apart by impending war.

Killzone Has Never Looked Prettier Than In This Killzone 3 Art

Killzone and Killzone 2 were drab, bleak affairs. Killzone 3, on the other hand, dared to add a little colour to the series, a decision that paid off in the end.

An Assassin Infiltrates The Killzone

Events like last weekend’s PAX East lend themselves to video game crossovers you’d never see outside of real life.

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