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Let's Play Fru, A New Kinect Game That's Actually Good

Video: Folks, the Kinect lives! A new platformer called Fru just came out for the Xbox One’s motion sensor. It uses the sensor in a really clever way, as your body affects the layout of the 2D platformer. Take a look.

Meet The Developers Who Are Still Making A Kinect Game

When Microsoft unbundled Kinect from the Xbox One in 2014, it was the beginning of the end. Unfortunately for the developers of Fru, the game they were building required Kinect. They were more than two years away from shipping. “We were shattered,” designer Mattia Traverso told me.

People Are Still Making Terrible Games For Kinect

You thought it was over.

It’s not over. It may never be over.

Kinect Involved In Ancient Egypt Kerfuffle 

Last year, a pair of German artists claimed to have “stolen” scans of a priceless bust of Queen Nefertiti — housed in Berlin’s Neues Museum — using nothing but a Kinect. Now, experts are lining up to call bullshit.

I Still Love My Kinect

In a home filled with technological marvels of all shapes and sizes, one piece of oft-derided hardware gets more love from my family and I than any other. Kinect, tell the nice people how much I cherish you.

Kinect Totally Isn't Dead. No, Really: Microsoft

Microsoft came out with all guns blazing at this year’s E3, delivering one of the best press conferences in recent memory. In dizzyingly fast succession, the euphoric audience was hit with one huge announcement after another — from backwards compatibility for Xbox One to the potentially game-changing HoloLens in action. One thing that wasn’t announced was anything to do with Kinect. As in, literally zero mentions in any context.

Kinect For Windows Is Dead, Long Live Kinect For Windows

Kinect never turned out to be the killer app for the Xbox 360 or One, but it has maintained a fair amount of interest in less entertainment-focused areas, including military and scientific applications. Still, Microsoft isn’t super-keen to prop up two separate SKUs — console and PC — and has decided to nix the desk-bound version in favour of an adaptor.

Kinect Is Teaching Cops Some Sweet Beatdown Moves

So Microsoft’s Kinect was a video gaming bust. Whatever. It’s still got its uses. Like in helping police fine-tune their “use of force options” against suspects.

Someone Got Mike Tyson's Punch-Out Running On Kinect

Even though Microsoft appears to have given up on Kinect as a serious gaming platform, the motion device still has some tricks up its sleeve. Programmer Paul DeCarlo found a way to play Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out by waving his fists around, and it seems to work pretty darn well!

Two Interesting Things We Learned From The Xbox One Software Leak

Internal developer documentation for the Xbox One appears to have leaked on the Internet — and after scanning through the files, it appears that there are some interesting things we can learn from it.

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