Australians Will Finally Be Able To Say 'Xbox On' To Their Xbox One

Well, I suppose technically you could say “Xbox On” to your Xbox One right now. Nothing will happen, but you could try. But after the next update Australians will finally be able to say “Xbox On” and have their Xbox One actually turn on.

With Some Help, The Xbox One's Kinect Works On A PC

The new Xbox One Kinect isn’t supposed to work on a PC. But, hey, here it is.

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 Currently In The Works

I love Kinect as a technology, but for games? It’s never really worked well for me — with two exceptions. The first was Child of Eden, the second? Fruit Ninja Kinect. Now, thanks to a rogue classification decision, it looks as though the existence of Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 has been outed!

What Xbox One Games Gain And Lose With The New Kinect-Free Option

Microsoft recently said that game developers will be able to get a little more power out of the Xbox One to make their games more visually impressive if they choose to forgo some Kinect features. What’s the actual trade-off?

One Of The Show-Stoppers At E3 Was An Awesome Kinect Game. Not Kidding.

We’ve covered Fru before, and we’ll cover Fru again, because Fru isn’t just the best game I’ve ever seen on Kinect (sorry, Dance Central, although you’re pretty good too)… it’s a game I really want to play.

People Say Aaron Paul Is Turning On Their Xbox Ones

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul’s latest role is starring in Xbox One ads. In them, he sits on the sofa, and, according to some, turns on strangers’ Xbox One consoles. The nerve!

Watch Dogs Includes A Kinect That Spies On People

OK, the Kinect you can find in Watch Dogs isn’t called Kinect. It’s called Kinekt, with a (second) K. But this is still a pretty funny easter egg.

What Happens When You Add Kinect To The Rift?

Matt Davidson, the R&D Engineer behind the latest #1 game on the Aussie app store, League of War, recently had the question put to him of which technology excites him most. His answer? The Oculus Rift combined with Kinect.

The Aussie Studio Using Kinect Hacks For Low-Cost Motion Capture

Epiphany Games is all about working smarter, not harder. Its latest tech innovation takes one of the most time consuming and costly aspects of development and turns it more into play than work. Using two Kinects, and some outside-the-Xbox thinking, it can motion capture far quicker and cheaper than bigger studios. I had to check it out.

As Close To Hoverboarding As We're Probably Going To Get

What do this original Kinect and Wii Balance Board have in common? Aside from a general irrelevance to video games in 2014, they have also come together to bring us the hoverboarding future that the real world has sadly failed to deliver.