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It's almost as if the gods of competitive gaming knew we'd all be sitting around, so they made sure it was jam packed with tournaments to check out. DreamHack Winter 2016 kicked off in Sweden, with competitions for almost every game under the sun. There's also a big Heroes of the Storm event going on in Europe as well. But I want to start this weekend by highlighting the action going on in the world of competitive Gears of War 4.


Azurik: Rise of Perathia came out within two weeks of the first Xbox's US launch back in November of 2001 (Australia got the Xbox in March the next year). It was supposed to be Microsoft's interpretation of Mario meets Zelda, showing off what the new system could do and creating a iconic dynasty in the process. Instead, the blue-skinned stud rocking Goku hair and goggles turned out to be even more forgettable than Gex.