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Dark Souls Player Shouldn't Have Gloated

Today on Highlight Reel we have Dark Souls taunts, knives and oblique Achewood references!

Dark Souls Players Nuke Invader Death Star Style

Today on Highlight Reel we have vaporised invaders, powerful kicks and rocket punches!

We Ran The Rooftops In The Mirror's Edge Catalyst Beta

Video: I played a few hours of the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta over the weekend, and it was a lot of fun! You can watch me jump around like a parkour ninja — as well as smack into a few walls — in the video above.

Looks Like The New Call Of Duty Is Called 'Infinite Warfare'

Discovered via Reddit and confirmed via in-house PlayStation 4s, the trending section of the PlayStation Store features a listing for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

A Hero's Spell-Stealing Ability Wrecked Team Secret's Night In DOTA 2

Team Secret’s new DOTA 2 super-roster is off to an iffy start at ESL One Manila. Some lack of coordination has put them on the verge of elimination early following losses in their group.

Match-Fixing Report Shows How Gambling Has Ruined Korean StarCraft

The Korean prosecutor’s office leading the StarCraft 2 match-fixing investigation released its report this week, and the results are not good for fans of the sport. One of the game’s greatest players, Lee “Life” Seung Hyun, now stands convicted of match-fixing, as well as another leading player, Bung “Bbyong” Woo Yong.

Cloud9 Creates All-Star Challenger Series League Of Legends Team

Taking yet another stab at preparing for life after Hai, the Cloud9 League of Legends organisation announced yesterday that it would be starting a new Challenger Series team to compete this winter, seeded with Cloud9 starters.

Never Interrupt A Dark Souls Sunbro

Today on Highlight Reel we have have sunbro interruptions, AT-AT crashes, skeleton wrecking balls and turtle back saves!

One Of Counter-Strike's Greatest Teams Returns From The Dead At DreamHack Malmo

After keeping fans waiting ages for a comeback, Sweden’s Ninjas in Pyjamas team upset expectations on Monday to win the DreamHack Masters Malmö Counter-Strike tournament, in front of a fanatically loyal home audience.

Player-Made Subnautica Base Is Extremely Impressive

Base-building in single-player games can be a lonely job. You deck out a massive palace only to wander its empty halls admiring your own handiwork. Personally I enjoy exploring for materials in crafting games more than building, but Early Access underwater survival game Subnautica might just change my mind.

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