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Praise The Meme, Dark Souls

Today on Highlight Reel we have Source Filmmaker recreations of viral hits, rockets, newspaper readings and Reaper suicides!

Kentucky Route Zero's Latest Act Is Everything That's Great About The Series

Act IV of Cardboard Computer’s Kentucky Route Zero arrived by surprise last week. You may have heard people talking about this game in hushed, reverent tones. You may have seen it on our list of the best PC games, a rarified honour amid hundreds of worthy contenders. It’s just a simple point and click adventure game, right? Why do people like it so much?

Watch Us Play Headlander, A Retro Sci-Fi Metroidvania 

Video: Headlander is a wild new Metroidvania for PS4 and PC from the folks at Double Fine Productions and Adult Swim Games. It is a disco fever dream mix of shooting, puzzles and exploration. It’s pretty damn swell to play as a floating head! Join me as I talk about director Lee Petty’s approach to design, shoot the heads off a lot of robots and examine what does and does not work in Double Fine’s latest charmer!

Shiren The Wanderer Is A Mystery Dungeon Game Without Pokemon Or Chocobos, That's All

We’ve run through Pokemon Mystery Dungeons, Chocobo Mystery Dungeons and even Gundam Mystery Dungeons. Released today for the PlayStation Vita, Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate is just like those, only without the licensed characters.

Lovely Planet Arcade's Cute Visuals Hide A Brutal Shooter

Lovely Planet Arcade’s bright world and cheery soundtrack are a trick. They’re simply delightful bells and whistles to lure you into the unforgiving, hardcore PC shooter that lurks within.

It's (Literally) High Noon

Today on Highlight Reel we have well-placed bombs, Ana teams, immolated characters and slams!

Overwatch's D.Va Is So Good Now

Last week Overwatch got a big update with a new character and a bunch of balance tweaks. The new sniper Ana got a lot of attention, but some of the less obvious tweaks are just as big a deal. Chief among them: A remarkably involved buff to the mech-driving pro gamer D.Va, which has transformed her into the high-flying terror I’ve always wanted her to be.

Sonic The Hedgehog And Fantastic Beasts Headline Lego Dimensions' Wave Seven

This evening at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. revealed the six game packs in Lego Dimensions’ seventh wave of content, including a level pack inspired by classic Sonic the Hedgehog, Marceline the Vampire Queen and a new Lego gateway build.

Overwatch Game Interrupted By Wild Flock Of Mercys

Today on Highlight Reel we pessimistic horses, confusing skull clubs, wild Mercys and Battlefield plays!

Final Fantasy XIV's Exciting New Dungeon Is Not Very Exciting Yet

When Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida revealed the MMORPG’s upcoming Palace of the Dead dungeon last April, I had what I now realise was an embarrassingly romantic notion of what it would be: dungeon-crawling with friendly strangers, sneaking by traps and strategically navigating its roguelike-inspired, randomised maps to best an onslaught of challenging monsters.

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