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How Xenoblade Chronicles X Made Me Rethink JRPGs

Travelling the alien landscape of Xenoblade Chronicles X (Chronicles X) is sublime. You really feel like you’ve crashed onto a whole new world, where even gravity is different and you leap through the awe-inspiring environments of Mira.

The Best (And Worst) Console Redesigns

It’s not uncommon for home and handheld consoles to get a drastic makeover in the years after their launch. Sometimes even after they have begun playing second fiddle to a new more powerful sibling.

The Scariest Video Game Monster Is Time

From Dragon Age’s darkspawn to Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head, video games have no shortage of terrifying foes. But there is a single enemy that is scarier than any of them. A formless, invisible beast that can never be stopped: Time.

Watch Us Play A VR Game About Musical Cheeseburgers

Rarely do I find a virtual reality game worth the hype, but Playthings, released yesterday, literally takes the cake. I mean literally — there is a lot of cake.

Rick & Morty Co-Creator Announces VR Game Studio With Comic Strip

Rick & Morty co-creator (and co-voicer) Justin Roiland has teamed up with former Epic Games producer Tanya Watson to create Squanchtendo, a virtual reality studio focused on something something. Comics are fun! Look at those comics!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's Most Annoying Quirk

I’ve been enjoying my time in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided so far. While I have no complaints about all the emails I can read and all the toilets I can flush, there’s one thing that has been bugging me about the PC version: The space bar.

My Bizarre, Complicated Quest To Find The World's Longest Escalator In Sleeping Dogs

The hardest part of open-world games, for me, is paying attention to the plot instead of getting distracted by all the places I can go. Recently I’ve spent about 30 hours in 2012’s Sleeping Dogs and have barely gotten out of the intro missions. I have, however, found the world’s longest escalator system. Sort of.

Deus Ex: Invisible War Had No Idea How To Be A Deus Ex Game

Video: In 2003, Ion Storm had the unenviable task of releasing a sequel to the critically acclaimed Deus Ex. Released during a time when the intersections of console and PC games were hazy, the end result is Deus Ex: Invisible War. It’s definitely not a good Deus Ex game. But is it as terrible as people say?

Hitman's Bangkok Episode Is A Colourful Return To Form

Hitman’s latest episode, Bangkok, returns to the ostentatious locations of the series’ previous instalments. While Marrakesh was largely brown and yellow straightforward stealth, Episode 4’s Himmapan Hotel is bursting with colour, alternate paths, interesting guests and creative ways to take out your targets.

Wind Waker Speedrunner Finds Glitch People Thought Was Impossible

For years, the speedrunning community surrounding The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker has been searching for a way to perform what they call the “Barrier Skip,” a way to make it through a walled off section in Hyrule that leads towards the endgame. Last week, this Holy Grail of glitches was found.

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