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Taboo High School Rumours Make For One Funny Anime

Do you remember all those taboo rumours you heard in school about the opposite sex that nobody ever really knew if they were true or not — not even members of the opposite sex?

How Blade Runner Teaches Bad Japanese Table Manners

It’s something I’ve noticed. I’ve noticed it in the US, and I’ve noticed it among Westerners who visit Japan. After breaking apart chopsticks, they begin rubbing them together.

If Attack On Titan Took Place In A High School  

Like many of you, I’m a big fan of Attack on Titan, be that the anime, the games or the original manga. But even I got little in the way of enjoyment from last season’s Attack on Titan parody, Attack on Titan: Junior High.

The New Attack On Titan Arcade Game Has Sweet Controllers

Just look at that. Dual controllers shaped like the hand grips for Attack on Titan’s Three Dimensional Manoeuvre Gear. How cool is that?

The Official Anime Versions Of Harry Potter Characters

These are not fan art. You are looking at the official anime-style drawings of many of the major Harry Potter characters.

How Star Wars Might've Had A Different Darth Vader

This is the Darth Vader we all know. But the character might not have been the same if famous Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune had taken the role.

Legends Of History, Meet Your Anime Counterparts

The Fate franchise is built entirely around legendary heroes fighting it out for the Holy Grail. And the newest game in the series, Fate/Grand Order gives anime makeovers to more of the greatest figures from myth and history than ever before.

Studio Ghibli's Film Based On Japan's Oldest Known Folklore Is Beautiful, Heart-Wrenching

The Tale of Princess Kaguya — released in Japanese theatres in 2013 — is now available in Australia. Here’s Kotaku’s review.

There Are Gundam Doughnuts In Japan

Of course, they’re being served at the country’s Gundam Cafes. Shocking, I know!

It Takes A Brave Person To Work Behind This Game Store Counter

And it takes a braver one to walk up to it and buy something.

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