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Legends Of History, Meet Your Anime Counterparts

The Fate franchise is built entirely around legendary heroes fighting it out for the Holy Grail. And the newest game in the series, Fate/Grand Order gives anime makeovers to more of the greatest figures from myth and history than ever before.

Studio Ghibli's Film Based On Japan's Oldest Known Folklore Is Beautiful, Heart-Wrenching

The Tale of Princess Kaguya — released in Japanese theatres in 2013 — is now available in Australia. Here’s Kotaku’s review.

There Are Gundam Doughnuts In Japan

Of course, they’re being served at the country’s Gundam Cafes. Shocking, I know!

It Takes A Brave Person To Work Behind This Game Store Counter

And it takes a braver one to walk up to it and buy something.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Is Getting Its Own PS4 Console

To mark MGS V: Ground Zeroes’ release, the Sony Store is releasing a special Ground Zeroes emblazoned PlayStation 4 in Japan.

World Class Street Fighter Player Doesn't Have A Game Console At Home

Daigo Umehara is a Street Fighter titan. He’s one of the best, if not the best, ever to play the game. And he doesn’t have a video game console in his house.

Kotaku Editors' 10 Favourite Games Of 2013

Have you heard? The Last of Us is Kotaku’s game of the year. We’re not going to talk about The Last of Us now, though. Well, not “just” The Last of Us.

Hong Kong's Government Explains Money Troubles... With Cartoons

In Hong Kong, government-provided public services are considered pretty good. Supposedly, the social welfare net is also pretty good. Technically being part of China but with a passport that is accepted by many western countries, Hong Kong is overall a pretty good place to live.

The Five Best Anime Of 2013

Over this past year, I’ve shown you my picks for the anime you should be watching for the spring, summer, and fall seasons. You’ve even had the chance to weigh in on your favourites. So without further ado, here are Kotaku‘s picks for the best anime of 2013.

The Best Japan-Only Games Of 2013

Japanese games can be quite at odds with their Western counterparts. They can be strange. They can be sexy. They can be horrific and brutal. They can also be pretty much similar to what we’re used to, crafted, of course, with love and great care. This year, it was no different.

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