Judge Throws Out $US11 Million Award To Madden's Original Programmer

A US federal judge threw out a jury’s award of $US11 million to the programmer of the original John Madden Football, saying there was no evidence Electronic Arts copied his work for use in future editions of the game without paying royalties to which he would be entitled.

The Creators Of The Banner Saga Are Fighting To Keep The Game's Name

The creators of the Banner Saga are fighting to keep the game’s name. Stoic Studios has sent in a statement.

Candy Crush Makers Say They're Going After Copycats, Not Banner Saga

The makers of Candy Crush Saga, who have filed for a trademark on video games with the name “candy” and are opposing the trademark application of The Banner Saga, (pictured) say they are “not trying to stop Banner Saga from using its name” but are compelled to defend their position under trademark law.

Founder Of Ultra-Arcade Cabinet Company Gets Two-Year Prison Term

The founder of the Ultracade, a MAME-type arcade cabinet that once was a status item among video game connoisseurs, will spend the next two years in a federal prison for secretly copying and selling video games and code whose rights he had sold to another company.

Candy Crush Wants To Own The Word 'Candy'

The people who made Candy Crush think they now own the word “Candy”, at least when it comes to games and a bunch of merchandise. How adorable.

Nintendo Buys Patents Of Company That Lost Wii Fit Lawsuit

The company that sued Nintendo three years ago has just had its then-disputed patents snatched up by the House of Mario.

YouTuber Blasts Machinima As The ContentID Controversy Grinds On

The controversy facing YouTube and video game channels now sees this broadside, by Clash (180,000 subscribers) against his network, Machinima.

German Pro Gamer's Visa Denied, Kicked Out Of America

Marcel “Dexter” Feldkamp, a pro gamer on the League of Legends circuit, landed in Washington on Friday on the way to a tournament in California. It’s as far as he got.

Nintendo Has To Give Some Of Its 3DS Money To Another Company

It’s the kind of run Nintendo’s been on lately, that even the company’s one piece of good news – the growing success of the 3DS – has to get a punch in the guts.