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Square Enix And SNK Playmore Drop Their Lawsuits Against Each Other

I guess we can all be friends now. It started with a copyright infringement allegation — Square Enix published manga, High Score Girl, was using characters owned by SNK Playmore without permission.

Game Sued For Featuring An American Hero, Dead For 69 Years

General George S. Patton was one of America’s great heroes of the Second World War. He died in December, 1945. You’d think both of those things combined would make it OK for him to star in a video game, but nope.

'Swatter' Gets Five Years Jailtime

Jason Allen Neff, who last year pleaded guilty to a variety of crimes related to his role in a group who thought “swatting” was a fun time, has this month been sentenced for his crimes. He’ll be spending five years in a federal prison.

The PS4's China Launch Might Have Been Delayed Due To Region Locking

Like the Xbox One months before it, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita have been delayed in China until further notice. The reasoning behind the delay? Sony needs to resubmit its business plans to the Chinese government.

Blizzard Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against Chinese Hearthstone Clone

The makers of a Chinese Hearthstone clone have come out to the public to “refudiate” reports that they had been sentenced to pay Blizzard over $US1.6 million. Tencent News reports that Unico Interactive, the makers of “Crouching Dragon Legends,” has been ordered to pay Blizzard and its Chinese partner NetEase for copyright violations.

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Arrested In Thailand

Until recently, only two of the three The Pirate Bay co-founders were in police custody: Peter Sunde in Sweden this past May, while Gottfrid Svartholm was just sentenced to 3.5 years. And yesterday, a third co-founder, Fredrik Neij, was arrested while trying to cross the border into Thailand.

Now Square Enix Is Suing SNK Playmore

Back in August, Kotaku reported that SNK Playmore was taking Square Enix to court because High Score Girl, a manga Square Enix published, allegedly featured SNK characters without permission. Today, Square Enix announced it was now suing SNK.

GTA Creators: Lindsay Lohan Is Suing Us 'For Publicity Purposes'

In July, Lindsay Lohan filed suit against Rockstar Games for a Grand Theft Auto V character that she says is based on her. Now the makers of Red Dead Redemption say that the movie star is only suing them to garner buzz.

Square Enix In Trouble With SNK And The Cops

Police are investigating Square Enix for allegedly using copyrighted SNK characters in the manga High Score Girl. Square Enix, which publishes the manga, says it didn’t receive requests from SNK to halt publication and SNK says it never gave Square Enix permission to use its characters in the manga.

Artist Sues Pet Toy Company Over Angry Birds Trademark

Years before there was an Angry Birds video game, pet accessory maker Hartz partnered with Seattle artist Juli Adams to release a line of Angry Birds cat toys. A lawsuit filed by Adams this week alleges Hartz unlawfully took her trademarked designs and turned them into a licensing partnership with game developer Rovio that could be worth millions.

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