Nintendo Has To Give Some Of Its 3DS Money To Another Company

It’s the kind of run Nintendo’s been on lately, that even the company’s one piece of good news – the growing success of the 3DS – has to get a punch in the guts.

Classic Fallout Games Pulled From Online Stores, Will Return Soon

It’s — you guessed it — a legal issue. It all started with a news post on Good Old Games, which announced the removal of Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics from the site’s catalogue. Shortly after, the trio of post-apocalyptic RPGs was “removed” (the actual pages stayed, with only the buy links being deactivated) from Steam as well.

Clueless YouTube Copyright Bots Think GTA Sirens Are A Famous Jazz Song

Here’s a video of Grand Theft Auto IV. Give it a listen, preferably at the 6:32 mark. That’s the moment when YouTube’s copyright bots claim a Sonny Rollins Quartet jazz song plays. Do you hear it?

Report: Hunger Games Banner Has Protesters Facing Terrorism Charges

Some environmental activists in Oklahoma used a Hunger Games banner as part of a protest against Devon, an energy company. For their trouble, reports say they were locked up and are now facing terrorism charges.

Marvel Kills Amazing Iron Man Suits

A group calling themselves the “Iron Man Factory” had hoped to use Kickstarter to fund construction of a series of incredible 3D-printed Iron Man costumes. They really should have asked Marvel first, though.

YouTube's Copyright Crackdown: Everything You Need To Know

We’re in the second week of a YouTube copyright enforcement crackdown whose most visible effects have been on the video gaming community. Each day turns up a new example of a video getting thrown in YouTube jail on a ridiculous technicality. The situation seems to defy common sense, but we’ll try to explain it in common language, anyway.

Lawsuit Accuses EA Of Lying About Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4′s PC version has had some problems since launch. For some, this is an annoyance and an inconvenience. For others, it’s grounds for a lawsuit.

The Most Ridiculous Victim Of YouTube's Crackdown Is A BASIC Game

YouTube’s content ID match system may be the best way to keep copyright holders happy but it continues to cover everyone else in embarrassment. The latest example: This guy just got flagged for a playthrough video of a game. A game he programmed. In BASIC.

Ghosts 'N Goblins Game Shut Down By Capcom

Ghosts ‘N Goblins: Demon World was a new game up on Kickstarter looking for funding. Its developers said that they had “discussed” working with Capcom on securing the classic series’ licensing. Capcom says nope, never happened, and has instead set the lawyers on them.

Mistake Zaps YouTubers With 'Thousands' Of Erroneous Copyright Claims

Being told someone else owns your 2-million-view video is a sure way to ruin a YouTuber’s day. It can also be a real downer for the company supposedly making the claim. Especially if YouTube’s bot scanner is making thousands of these infuriating claims on their behalf, all because of a mistake.