Someone Built A 2.4m Tall LEGO Version Of The Tower Of Orthanc

You’ll need a ladder to fully see everything in Brenden McMahon‘s LEGO version of Saruman’s tower, a.k.a. the Tower of Orthanc, from The Lord of the Rings. The official 2359-piece version isn’t small either, but this one makes it look like a holiday cottage.

Life-Size LEGO Claptrap Is A Bricky Smartass

Simon Liu built this impressive LEGO Claptrap, which stands 2.5-feet tall. That’s pretty much 1:1 scale for the little guy!

The First Five Minutes Of LEGO Raptor Bros And Friends

Or LEGO Jurassic World if you’d rather use the boring official title. Just don’t expect an invite to Motoraptor Mondays at the Habitat.

Free-To-Play LEGO Minifigures Online Goes Pay-To-Play

Well there’s an odd turnabout. LEGO Minifigures Online, Funcom’s kid-friendly LEGO Diablo, has finished up its run as a free-to-play game and is relaunching June 29 as a paid experience for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Chrono Trigger Characters In LEGO Form

LEGO builder Matt De Lanoy picked an unexpected theme for his latest creation: Chrono Trigger! He built the classic JRPG’s quest hub “The End of Time” and filled it with all the main characters.

The Only Thing Wrong With LEGO Elves Is The Elves Themselves

Does the world really need separate LEGO sets for boys and girls? Certainly not the mystical world of LEGO Elves.

Angry Birds Lego Sets Are Coming

Briefly: Rovio and The LEGO Group announced today that a series of construction sets based on The Angry Birds Movie will be arriving just in time for the film’s May 2016 release. The dozen or so people still excited by Angry Birds in 2016 are going to be thrilled.

Watch Me Play Lego Worlds, Minecraft's New Challenger

Even in its unfinished state, Lego Worlds is a game that inspires wonder. What sorts of marvellous things might we find in its universe today?

The Best Thing About LEGO's Take On Minecraft

I’ve spent a couple of hours in Lego Worlds this week, and I am absolutely loving it. The main reason? There are a ton of things and creatures lying around, all of which you can ride with the press of a button.

So That's How LEGO Dimensions Will Keep Players Rebuilding

I was a little worried that LEGO Dimension‘s gadgets and vehicles would be one-time builds, toys you assemble once and then never touch again. As it turns out, every vehicle and gadget in the game has three different builds. Phew.