Fully Functional Lego Band Plays Depeche Mode

Sorry, music industry. We’re replacing you with a bunch of small plastic robots with cups for hands.

The Futuristic Jets, Humans And Star Wars Designs Of Stephen Chang

Stephen Chang tells me he loves to think about how the future will weave technology into humans. He has done a lot of cool art so far and I’m sure he’ll get far. If he doesn’t, that’s fine: He got his design for the Rogue Shadow ship — from the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed — turned into an official Lego set.

There Is No Lego Dana, Only Lego Zuul

We got an official Ghostbusters set from Lego earlier this year so, of course, someone recreated a bit of the movie in plastic block form. It’s got some special guest stars, too.

As Evil Plots Go, LEGO Batman 3's Isn't Too Shabby

The evil Brainiac, seeking to upgrade from collecting cities to collecting whole worlds, harness the power of the Lantern Rings in order to shrink the Earth, forcing DC’s greatest superheroes to join forces with the Legion of Doom to stop him. That’s something I’d like to see.

Steampunk Star Wars AT-AT Would Be The Slowest Thing In The Galaxy

Not just the slowest, but the Empire probably couldn’t do anything with it on Hoth in the snow. Markus1984 built this alternate, steamy LEGO version of the AT-AT walker for a building competition and while it might be slow, those gatling guns in front look really badass.

New Minecraft LEGO Will Fit Your Minifigs

There’s been Minecraft LEGO for a while now, but it’s been on a tiny scale, with tiny little figures. These new sets are “normal” scale, meaning your Star Wars v Minecraft fan-fic role-playing just got a lot easier.

Super Mario 64's Iconic First Stage In LEGO Form

Here’s Bob-omb Battlefield, the first course in Super Mario 64 with its mountains, low poly objects and its constant war, rebuilt with LEGO blocks. Veteran builder Pepa Quin even included secret locations and a really funny-looking Mario in his diorama.

Gandalf Had A Very Good Reason Not To Fly Straight To Mordor

Video: Last week, a fan theory posted to Reddit sought to explain why Gandalf and the Fellowship didn’t just fly to Mordor instead of doing all that walking. It made some sense, but I think I like this explanation better.

Christmas Comes Early To LEGO Land With Santa's Workshop

With a mere one-third of the year remaining until Christmas, it’s time for all of the good LEGO-loving boys and girls to find out which Winter Village set Santa’s leaving under the tree this holiday season. We’re getting the full Santa’s Workshop, baby.

LEGO Steampunk Diorama Is All About The Rusty Vehicles

Logan’s Steampunk-themed “SWAT team bust” diorama is not a typical LEGO build. He named it “The grand arrest of Professor Filius Bertram” and that arrest includes coal-powered airships, a tank and something that looks like a tripod. Very cartoony.