We're Getting Jurassic World And Avengers LEGO Games

There might already be a million LEGO games, but they’re not going anywhere, as evidenced by the several new brand-new ones announced this morning. Most importantly, obviously, is the confirmation of LEGO Jurassic World, which will incorporate elements from all the Jurassic Park films. There’s something called LEGO Avengers too, I guess. Folks probably want that.

New Lego SHIELD Helicarrier Is Gigantic, As It Should Be

It’s going to take 2996 Lego bricks to make this miniature version of the headquarters of the Marvel Universe’s superspy agency. Hulk better not smash.

Massive LEGO Minecraft Castle Is Full Of Goodies

ZaziNombies’ castle looks incredible on its own, but he created it by only using blocks that fit into Minecraft‘s blocky aesthetic. The result is a much bigger and detailed 20,000 piece version of the tiny official Minecraft LEGO sets.

LEGO Rube Goldberg Machine Should Be Something I Can Buy, Damn It

Christian Bechinie’s LEGO Rube Goldberg machine uses dominoes, tiny basketballs and some slides to do that same “everything but nothing” thing that all Rube Goldberg machines seem to manage.

Building LEGO Minecraft Is Much More Fun At Minifig-Scale

The first LEGO Minecraft sets were micro-scale cubes comprised of hundreds of tiny tiles that were a pain to piece together. The new minifig-scale sets come together much faster. Want to see?

Medieval LEGO, Taken To Another Level

As I recall assembling those simple (but awesome) LEGO Castle sets as a kid with nothing else but grey blocks and a green baseplate, looking at Daniel “Legonardo Davidsy” Hensel‘s custom medieval buildings makes me cry.

The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker's Sea Chart As A LEGO Microbuild

Here’s proof that you don’t necessarily need thousands of dollars to build something unique with LEGO. Although you might need a lot of blue blocks (and around 1900 pieces total), the simplicity is perfect in BrucilSprout‘s microbuild of Wind Waker‘s sea chart.

It Only Took $7000 To Build This LEGO Halo Spaceship

The iconic “Pillar of Autumn” from Halo, now in LEGO form. And it’s damn huge — not exactly minifigure-scale, needing more than one person to move it.

LEGO Pokémon Centre Has All The Goodies A Trainer Needs

Builder Savath_Bunny shared superb-looking Pokémon centre on LEGO Ideas and filled it with the main characters, Pokémon starters and all the gadgets you can find in the games.

Terrifying New Advances In Lego Technology

Lego for…lego people?? Are real humans even allowed to buy this stuff? Only Pain Train knows for certain.