The Latest LEGO Minifigures Are Video Game Characters Too

Adding a new dimension to collecting LEGO’s iconic action figure series, starting with this month’s Series 12, every physical figure comes with a code to unlock them for play in LEGO Minifigures Online — and they’re so cool.

Cool Dad Builds The Best Version Of Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet

Although LEGO will release the invisible ship in 2015, as part of the “Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas” set, this custom one made by John Wray and his kids is truly invisible and deifnitely better.

The Thousand Sunny From One Piece In Shiny LEGO Form

Thanks to veteran builder Alex “Orion Pax” Jones, the famous One Piece pirate ship the Thousand Sunny now has an accurate LEGO version.

LEGO Bionicle Triumphantly Returns In January

About damn time. After five years of sighing and shaking my head at the Hero Factory line that replaced it, LEGO’s Bionicle line of “Constraction” constructable action figures returns on January 1, with a new story and new cast of colorfully masked heroes.

Conan O'Brien? The Green Loontern? LEGO Batman 3 Keeps Getting Better

There’s only a month left before LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham hits store shelves, and developer Traveller’s Tales still has surprises up its sleeves. Today talk show host Conan O’Brien, Duck Dodgers as the Green Loontern and more crazy characters were added to the game’s already impressive roster.

LEGO Star Wars Build Is A Huge 60,000-Piece Work Of Art

Polish LEGO enthusiast Michal Kazmierczak picked a rather surprising scene from the Star Wars universe for his truly impressive build: the tiny red planet Mustafar, where Anakin fought Obi-Wan Kenobi and, as a result of his loss, he became Darth Vader.

Who Is Kevin Smith Playing In LEGO Batman 3? Hint: It's Kevin Smith

In what I feel is a horrible example of miscasting, film director and rabid Batman fan Kevin Smith has been tapped to voice film director and rabid Batman fan Kevin Smith in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Halo: Reach's UNSC Savannah In LEGO Form

There might not be official Halo LEGO sets, but with its size, builder Nick Brick’s fan-build of the UNSC Savannah from Halo: Reach probably would be the crown jewel of such a series.

Nevermind The Classic, Give Me LEGO Doom

I’ve played plenty of Doom in my day, from the original shareware to the most recent re-releases, and I think it’s time for a change. The talented Ochre Jelly’s masterfully built LEGO Doom should do nicely.

Lego Enthusiast Creates Awesome Miniature Replica

To celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of popular Japanese racing series Initial D, LEGO enthusiast Denil Oh created quite a unique set on LEGO Ideas. It’s an awesome miniature replica of the iconic Toyota Trueno, the main character Takumi Fujiwara, and his family’s tofu shop.