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Custom LEGO Helicarrier Is Twice As Big As The Official Set

The Avengers SHIELD helicarrier is one of the largest official LEGO sets out there with its 2996 pieces. But it’s a baby compared to the Taiwanese Zio Chao’s version.

LEGO's Take On Star Wars: The Force Awakens Launches In June

There doesn’t appear to be a listing on the Australian Xbox Live store yet and there isn’t a follow up listing on Steam. But if you’ve been waiting for TT Games to make Rey, Finn, Poe and most importantly, BB-8, playable in block form, there is a release date.

Star Wars: Episode VII's Niima Outpost, In LEGO Form

That’s a huge Star Wars diorama! But a giant Millennium Falcon like this deserves an extended diorama. In this case, the extension is the junkyard settlement Niima Outpost on Jakku, a quite important location in Episode VII.

18,000-Piece LEGO Arkham Asylum Has A Cell For Everyone

This is a fantastic, giant LEGO version of Arkham Asylum, created by Australian LEGO enthusiast Dayton.

Who Won A Double Pass To The Lego DC Comics Exhibition?

A couple of weeks ago we partnered with the Powerhouse museum to give away five double passes to their Art Of The Brick exhibition. All you had to do to win was tell us the coolest thing you’ve made out of Lego. The best responses would receive the double passes.

Imperial Shuttle Oversees The Operation At LEGO Tatooine Base

Not just the landing pad and its anti-gravity elevators, but this whole custom LEGO Imperial base is awesome. And it shows how huge an Imperial Shuttle really is.

Redesigning Star Wars' Coolest Vehicles (Using LEGO)

Whether it’s Ralph McQuarrie’s original vision or more recent efforts, Star Wars is famous for its sweet vehicle designs. Yet over the past month, talented LEGO builders have been messing with the iconic Snowspeeders and X-Wings, redesigning them to either look more contemporary, or just look cooler.

WIN! 5 Double Passes To The DC Comics Lego Exhibition In Sydney!

If you haven’t yet been down to the amazing Art Of The Brick: DC Comics exhibition at the PowerHouse Museum in Sydney, here’s your chance. Thanks to the PowerHouse, we’re giving away 5 double passes, valued at $52 each ($26 per ticket), to go see your favourite superheroes in Lego form.

PlayStations Get Free Civil War And Ant-Man DLC For LEGO Avengers

LEGO Marvel Avengers is a massive game packed with iconic comic book characters. It will just be a bit more massive on PlayStation 3 and 4 when it launches later this month. And with Ant-Man involved, a bit smaller as well.

LEGO Rainbow Six Siege Is Pretty Accurate

Video: Here’s a whole round of Rainbow Six environmental destruction with LEGO counter-terrorist operators, made by YouTubers Blacksheep Pictures.

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