LEGO Pokémon Centre Has All The Goodies A Trainer Needs

Builder Savath_Bunny shared superb-looking Pokémon centre on LEGO Ideas and filled it with the main characters, Pokémon starters and all the gadgets you can find in the games.

Terrifying New Advances In Lego Technology

Lego for…lego people?? Are real humans even allowed to buy this stuff? Only Pain Train knows for certain.

Star Wars Imperial Hot Tub Should Be An Official LEGO Set

As seen in Lego Star Wars 2, strictly for Stormtroopers with their helmets on. Darthpapercut’s “Imperial Hot Tub” build is a fantastic addition to the line-up of official Star Wars sets.

Unofficial Destiny, Force Awakens LEGO Is Expensive, But Worth It

David Hall makes custom LEGO minifigs. To get around copyright, he can’t call these amazing figures “Destiny” or “Star Wars” pieces, but we all know the score. And are thankful for it.

Kotaku's 2014 Toy Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us, and and nothing says “Happy Holidays” like the smiles on the faces of loved ones when they unwrap a shiny new toy. From the tiniest pieces of colourful plastic to elaborate collectors items to freaking lasers, here are some choice gifting toys for girls and boys of all ages.

Model Hangars Look Much Better With Tiny Mecha Inside

You have to be really talented to build tiny LEGO mecha that fit right into ordinary dioramas and, as a result, make it all look natural. Robot enthusiast Zi Zy builds small-scale scenes just like that, and on top of it, takes beautiful shots of them.

Watch The First LEGO Trailer For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

As soon as the excitement over yesterday’s teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens died down, LEGO animator Snooperking went to work, recreating the entire thing brick-by-brick.

Classic 1980s Cartoon Centurions As LEGO Minifigs

Alvin Lim’s LEGO project features classic cartoon characters from the 80s, but this time it’s not the Ninja Turtles or Transformers, but characters from an underdog show: Centurions.

LEGO Minifigures Series 13 Includes A Hot Dog, A Unicorn And Much Joy

A German ad for the next wave of LEGO Minifigures — and by extension the next set of playable characters for LEGO Minifigures Onlinehas surfaced, proving that really weird dreams do come true.

Bowser Would Easily Win LEGO Mario Kart

Or would it be Wario? It’s hard to pick, since every character and vehicle looks fantastic in this collaborative LEGO Mario Kart diorama by 74louloute, 7kyubi7 and fujiia.