Fake League Of Legends LEGO Looks Awesome

This isn’t LEGO. Nor is it an official League of Legends product. But Chinese toy companies Decool and Bozhi care not for international copyright laws.

Is That You, Dog From Half-Life 2?

Dayshot: This insanely good LEGO mech looks like him. Such a cool build, with a really detailed workshop, all made by the talented Kosmas Santosa.

Destiny LEGO Is Easier To Level

Oh, hey, that’s my ship. That’s my ship, right down to the colour scheme!

Official Civilization LEGO Doesn't Include Nukes (Or Pottery)

It’s not a smug Gandhi, or a Great Library, but this new project on LEGO’s Ideas platform is nevertheless an official piece of Civilization LEGO. It just needs some votes to help turn it into a real thing you can buy.

New Minecraft LEGO Kinda Misses The Point Of LEGO

While there have always been jokes about Minecraft LEGO — the toys have done much of what the game does for decades without its help, thanks — this new set takes things to a whole new level of “wha huh?”.

Some Of The Best LEGO Uses More Than Just Bricks

We post a lot of LEGO stuff here on Kotaku, but most of it is variations of the garden variety, the kind you played with as a kid. We don’t post nearly as much of the more advanced Lego Technic stuff, which is a bit of a shame considering how good some of it is.

This Bastion-Inspired LEGO World Deserves Its Own Game

We’ve seen plenty of beautiful LEGO recreations of existing properties, but often the most breathtaking displays are largely original. For example, this is Aurora, a seven-by-seven foot fantasy world inspired by the floating islands of Bastion.

Victorian Era LEGO London Is Massive

Doing LEGO builds for themes that never had official sets must be the hardest. But a UK-based group called Bricks to the Past’s large-scale LEGO display of 19th century London is amazing without acknowledging that.

The Latest LEGO Minifigures Are Video Game Characters Too

Adding a new dimension to collecting LEGO’s iconic action figure series, starting with this month’s Series 12, every physical figure comes with a code to unlock them for play in LEGO Minifigures Online — and they’re so cool.

Cool Dad Builds The Best Version Of Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet

Although LEGO will release the invisible ship in 2015, as part of the “Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas” set, this custom one made by John Wray and his kids is truly invisible and deifnitely better.