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LEGO Fan Pays Tribute To The Elder Scrolls Online Battles

LEGO runes never looked this good. Xenomurphy did quite an amazing job recreating an intense battle from The Elder Scrolls Online.

LEGO Dimensions: The Kotaku Review

Gandalf, Batman and Wildstyle walk into the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Chances are you haven’t, as up until now the only place you could have stumbled upon that particular combination is your wildest imagination (or perhaps the imagination of a fan fiction author.)

LEGO Is As Close We've Got To An Actual Destiny Weapon

This is Destiny’s MIDA Multi-tool Scout Rifle. Elliott Feldman spent a few months building it, and he’s done a hell of a job.

LEGO Jokerland Is The Coolest DC Comics Set Yet

My recent holiday was largely a 30-day journey through my own personal LEGO paradise, culminating in a harrowing trip through my favourite DC Comics set released so far — Jokerland.

Fans Build LEGO Battle Of Waterloo With 2134 Minifigs

The Battle of Waterloo, where Napoleon was defeated by an Anglo-allied force and the Prussian army, was fought 200 years ago. To commemorate the anniversary of one of the most famous battles in history, a group of LEGO enthusiasts decided to make a blocky version of the battle, as big and accurate as possible.

Here's No Man's Sky's Ship Made Out Of LEGO

No Man’s Sky looks glorious. It’s a space exploration game that gives you a galaxy teeming with planets waiting to be visited. While the surface of each planet will be different, your means of getting there stays the same: a trusty single-seater spaceship.

Big-Arse Zelda Castle Is The LEGO We Deserve, But Will Never Get

LEGO have never, and maybe will never, make Zelda sets. Whatever. Their loss. Joseph Zawada is stepping in and doing amazing work in their stead.

The Final Moments Of The First Death Star, In LEGO Form

LEGO builder OliveSeon recreated the Battle of Yavin from Star Wars in a very creative way. Instead of building a huge Death Star he focused on its memorable “trench run” scene and made a detailed six-feet-wide version of it.

Fully Motorised LEGO Tank Has A Cool Mine Flail

This is one compact custom tank built by Tommy Styrvoky, full of motorised goodies inside with a working mini mine-clearing flail outside.

LEGO Exoskeleton Is Like A Tiny Pacific Rim

Now if we can just scale it, we’ll be able to kick those Kaiju’s asses.

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