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Look At This Enormous LEGO Star Destroyer

OliveSeon, a team of Korean LEGO builders, have designed and constructed one of the most impressive Star Wars creations I have ever seen.

Supergirl Added To LEGO Dimensions In The Worst Way

Supergirl is coming to LEGO Dimensions late next month, but she’s not coming easy. Not only is Superman’s cousin a PlayStation 4 exclusive, her figure will only be available in Starter Packs, the full edition of the game most fans already own.

Metroid Prime's First Boss Battle Captured Perfectly In LEGO

Last year LEGO builder and Metroid Prime fan Jared Rosenblitt recreated the exciting battle between the terrifying Meta Ridley and Samus atop the Chozo Artifact Temple. To celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary, Jared hit reset and went back to the beginning of the game.

Toy Time Builds LEGO Nexo Knights' Volcano Lair

LEGO Nexo Knights, the most kid-friendly battle between techno knights and dark magic possible, returns to Cartoon Network in the US this weekend for a second season. Seems like as good a reason as any to assemble the 1186 piece Jestro’s Volcano Lair set.

Real-Life LEGO Minifig Cosplay Is An Abomination

Video: Watch as the fine folks from Tested take one of my favourite things in the whole world and transform it into endless nightmare.

LEGO's Buildable Superheroes Are Stupid Cute

Making their debut at San Diego Comic-Con next week and going wide in 2017, Lego BrickHeadz Marvel and DC buildable figures are freakishly adorable.

LEGO Adventure Time Does Things Differently

For the past couple of years, LEGO and Adventure Time have been dreaming of a marriage between the two properties. Those dreams generally involved standard LEGO minifigures. The official LEGO Adventure Time are not standard LEGO minifigures.

The LEGO Force Awakens Demo Shows Off All The New Stuff

In case you were wondering if the ship battles, cover-based shooting and multi-builds were enough to get you to buy another movie-based LEGO game, the free LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens demo has all of those things.

Play Of The Game: LEGO Reinhardt

Video: ZaziNombies — whose work we’ve featured before — has gone and built a 1:1 replica of an Overwatch weapon out of LEGO. And not some little handgun or rifle, either. He’s built Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer.

The LEGOification Of Overwatch Continues

No, there is not a from behind shot available. Yesssss. Bring us more Overwatch LEGO characters, Tim Schwalfenberg. Between your glorious Tracer, last week’s D.Va and Dead Frog Inc.‘s Zenyatta, we’re well on our way to collecting the whole set.

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