Plants Vs Zombies Vs LEGO

Oh, if only this was an actual LEGO set. Well, actually, it can be if enough people vote for it, thanks to LEGO’s Ideas program. Which I’m guessing people will do, because even as a pitch it looks as good as you’d expect from the finished product.

Classic Comic Book Covers Rebuilt With LEGO

A LEGO art show called Comic Bricks! was part of Designer Con last weekend in Los Angeles. Builders were asked to recreate a comic book cover of their own choice. Looking at the photo gallery it’s quite obvious that they all did good and were very, very creative.

We're Dangerously Close To Getting An Official Doctor Who LEGO Set

The results of the latest LEGO Ideas review are in and at least two fan-built projects will soon be official LEGO sets. The ornithology-focused LEGO Birds Project and a set based on The Big Bang Theory are coming, but the real exciting news is that the board is still considering two different Doctor Who sets for release.

LEGO Westeros Has A Lot Of White Bricks (And A Peeing Tyrion)

Displayed at an Italian convention, the creators of this massive Game of Thrones LEGO build chose a rather unusual centrepiece: a peeing Tyrion Lannister.

That's How You Build An Outer Space LEGO Colony

Made by Tim Goddard and Andrew Hamilton, the colonized LEGO planet of Panduro is huge, full of little trucks, spaceships, multiple monorails and fully automated trains.

Huge LEGO Pirate Island Even Has A Functioning Waterfall

Two talented LEGO builders, Eli Willsea and Grant Davis built a a pirate-themed island for this year’s BrickCon and they didn’t mess around. It’s a gigantic build with old ruins, secret coves treasure and a brilliant working waterfall that flows with tiny bricks.

Fake League Of Legends LEGO Looks Awesome

This isn’t LEGO. Nor is it an official League of Legends product. But Chinese toy companies Decool and Bozhi care not for international copyright laws.

Is That You, Dog From Half-Life 2?

Dayshot: This insanely good LEGO mech looks like him. Such a cool build, with a really detailed workshop, all made by the talented Kosmas Santosa.

Destiny LEGO Is Easier To Level

Oh, hey, that’s my ship. That’s my ship, right down to the colour scheme!

Official Civilization LEGO Doesn't Include Nukes (Or Pottery)

It’s not a smug Gandhi, or a Great Library, but this new project on LEGO’s Ideas platform is nevertheless an official piece of Civilization LEGO. It just needs some votes to help turn it into a real thing you can buy.