Ghostbusters LEGO, With Giant Marshmallow Man Added

LEGO enthusiast Brent Waller’s awesome Ghostbusters: 30th Anniversary Project, featuring the firehouse and the officially approved Ecto-mobile just got bigger with probably the most iconic and important character of the movies: the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

An Easter Candy Feast Made Entirely Of LEGO

It wouldn’t be Easter without candy, and it wouldn’t be a holiday at Kotaku without LEGO. Let’s kill two sugar-coated marshmallow birds with one Creme Egg.

LEGO Top Gun Should Be On The Front Page Of Every Newspaper

Ralph Savelsberg wanted to build a LEGO fighter jet, so he figured he may as well build one of the most iconic out there: not just an F-14 Tomcat, but Maverick’s F-14 Tomcat from 1986′s Top Gun.

A Delightful Look At The Opening Of The First Legoland In 1968

The Legoland amusement part in Billund, Denmark, is holy ground for fans of the colourful plastic bricks. Back in 1968, when the park first opened, it was an opportunity for charmingly British narrators to say things like “sprawling landscape land of make-believe”.

LEGO Builder Creates Life-Sized Hatsune Miku Statue

Making a life-sized Hatsune Miku statue is not easy. What’s more, it takes time. Lots and lots of time. This, for example, took six months’ worth of work.

Sydney-Siders Can Help Build The World's Largest LEGO Darth Vader

LEGO. You cannot escape it right now. It feels like every week this month has heralded the release of a new LEGO video game and then there’s the LEGO movie itself. Now it appears as though LEGO wants to stretch this attention into May. On May the 4th, the day that is now affectionately being called Star Wars day, the folks at LEGO have hired a LEGO expert in to help build the largest LEGO model of Darth Vader ever built, and they want your help.

Kickass LEGO Transformer Turns Into A Game Boy Advance

New York-based LEGO builder Baron von Brunk has a pretty cool and original ongoing series where he builds LEGO consoles with transforming abilities. He made Nintendo 64 and NES Zapper Megatrons, and while we wait for one that can transform into the Nintendo R.O.B., here’s his latest in the form of a Game Boy Advance.

Game Of Thrones "LEGO" Is As Awesome As It Is Expensive

These figures are called the “Dragon Sword Fighter Force”, but that’s just to get around the copyright police. These are Game of Thrones LEGO minifigs in everything but name, and yes, you can buy them.

Australian Man Literally Owns Over A Tonne Of LEGO

Canberra resident Charlie Bigg-Wither owns a lot of LEGO. So much so that when people go to his house and say, boy, you have a ton of LEGO, he can say, yes, yes I do. For real.

A Little LEGO Star Wars Goes A Long Way

Some people can easily justify dropping $US200 for Red Five’s X-Wing or $US140 for the Millennium Falcon. For the rest of us, LEGO Star Wars Microfighters and a healthy imagination shall have to suffice.