EVE Online's Hurricane Cruiser, Turned Into A LEGO Beast

It couldn’t be easy collecting all the necessary bricks for this giant LEGO battlecruiser, but it’s totally worth the effort.’s creation was inspired by EVE Online‘s “Hurricane” ship, and the extra tiny drones are the best part:

The LEGO Version Of The Armoured Personnel Unit From The Matrix Movies

Dayshot: The LEGO version of the Armoured Personnel Unit from the Matrix movies can’t really get cooler than this. Niki Dregant‘s replica is a 700-piece beast and, as you can see, even in different positions, it’s perfectly the same as the ones seen in Zion during Matrix Revolutions’ final battle.

The Matrix Exoskeleton In LEGO

Photos: From the Matrix Revolutions, the Armoured Personnel Unit in LEGO by Niki Dregant.

Spinning LEGO Rotor Is Brilliant On So Many Levels

Those tiny soccer balls and basketballs are in good hands. Famous for his crazy Lego Technic builds, Akiyuki Kawaguchi’s latest — Tilted Rotors — probably isn’t the easiest solution for moving objects from Point A to Point B. But that doesn’t mean it’s not brilliant.

LEGO Batman 3 Is Getting A DLC Season Pass. I've Got A Better Idea.

Today Warner Bros. announced the first-ever season pass for a LEGO game, promising players six downloadable content packs and more than 40 new characters for $US14.99. What they should really be doing is bundling their DLC with Minifigs and selling it in stores.

Building LEGO With An Excavator Takes A Lot Of Skill

Someone give this Finnish man named Juha-Pekka Perämäki a giant mecha. He’d control that just as easily as he controls this giant excavator. Marvel as he builds a small LEGO truck with it, without mashing the poor figurine’s head or any of the pieces.

Heroic Kickstarter Wants To Build A 4m Star Destroyer

LEGO builder Thomas Benedikt has big dreams. He wants to build a LEGO version of a Super Star Destroyer. And yes, there’s an official model of an SSD already available, but it’s only 4-feet long. Thomas wants to build one over three times larger.

LEGO Team Fortress 2 Sentry Gun Is Just As Tough As The Real Thing

This is a 60cm tall replica of the engineer’s sentry gun from Team Fortress 2, created from hundreds of LEGO bricks. ZaziNombies did a good job on this one, and the mounting doesn’t even look like LEGO.

Batman Patrols The Streets On His RC LEGO Batpod

Despite its size, builder Sariel’s remote-controlled LEGO Batpod is quite impressive and full of tiny features.

Ultimate Collector's Series Slave 1 Lego Set

Briefly: The new Ultimate Collector’s Series Slave 1 has been revealed and will cost $US200.