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Fully Motorised LEGO Tank Has A Cool Mine Flail

This is one compact custom tank built by Tommy Styrvoky, full of motorised goodies inside with a working mini mine-clearing flail outside.

LEGO Exoskeleton Is Like A Tiny Pacific Rim

Now if we can just scale it, we’ll be able to kick those Kaiju’s asses.

Calculating LEGO Brick Combinations Is Ridiculously Complex

In 1958 LEGO estimated that six standard LEGO bricks could be combined together in nearly 103 million ways. Maths professor Soren Eilers discovered that they were off by more than 900 million.

Team Fortress 2's Beloved Minigun, Remade With LEGO Bricks

This LEGO version of the Tomislav, which is an upgrade to the Heavy’s minigun, made by ZaziNombies, is not something for a minifigure, but rather an oversized 90cm long replica, weighing 4.5kg

LEGO Avengers Introduces... Iron Stan

There’s more to the LEGO Avengers video game than the two blockbuster movies. During a Comic-Con panel earlier today Stan “The Man” Lee took to the stage to introduce his two cameo characters as well as a few surprise guests.

The Toys I'd Wait In Line For At Comic Con 2015

The San Diego Comic-Con 2015 dealers room opens its doors on Wednesday evening, launching an extended weekend filled with standing in line to get limited edition stuff. Here’s what’s worth waiting for.

Now That's A Detailed LEGO Metroid Boss Battle

Video: Ridley’s waiting for Samus atop the the Chozo Artifact Temple. Canadian LEGO builder Jared Rosenblitt remade Metroid Prime‘s semi-final battle with LEGO bricks and man those cracks on the floor sure are detailed.

Someone Built A 2.4m Tall LEGO Version Of The Tower Of Orthanc

You’ll need a ladder to fully see everything in Brenden McMahon‘s LEGO version of Saruman’s tower, a.k.a. the Tower of Orthanc, from The Lord of the Rings. The official 2359-piece version isn’t small either, but this one makes it look like a holiday cottage.

Life-Size LEGO Claptrap Is A Bricky Smartass

Simon Liu built this impressive LEGO Claptrap, which stands 2.5-feet tall. That’s pretty much 1:1 scale for the little guy!

The First Five Minutes Of LEGO Raptor Bros And Friends

Or LEGO Jurassic World if you’d rather use the boring official title. Just don’t expect an invite to Motoraptor Mondays at the Habitat.

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