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Toy Time Plays With LEGO's Take On A Gaming Classic

Back when I was a kid growing up in the outskirts of Philadelphia it seemed as if every house on the block had a copy of the classic wooden Labyrinth marble maze game. Now that I’m technically an adult I’ve got one of my own, only much cooler.

6000-Piece LEGO Replica Of Halo 5's Rocket Launcher

That’s the SPNKr, Halo 5’s iconic double barrelled rocket launcher in all its glory, remade with LEGO bricks by Nick Brick.

LEGO Library Of The Undead

Briefly: Awesome dungeon-style build by Deus Otlosus, that looks like an intense encounter straight from a classic RPG.

Retro LEGO Desktop Really Takes Me Back

LEGO retro-tech master Chris McVeigh uses muted brick colours to travel back in time to the late ’80s, early ’90s, when the computers were beige and the floppy disks plentiful.

Rogue One's LEGO Trailer Is As Good As The Real One

Video: The Star Wars: Rogue One trailer was released on April 7. That’s less than a month ago, and already, a team of fans have gone and made something that actual LEGO game developers Traveller’s Tales would be proud of.

No One Is Missing From This Fan-Made LEGO Mos Eisley Spaceport

A wretched hive of scum and villainy. LEGO and Star Wars enthusiast I Scream Clone and his friends built a quite busy and enormous blocky version of Mos Eisley, including pretty much everything that can show up in a desolate place like this.

LEGO Turned Into Delicious-Looking Food

Builder Tary is a genius at turning unappetising LEGO bricks into yummy-looking treats.

Custom LEGO Star Destroyer Is So Huge It Has A Three-Level Interior

The comparison with the official 2014 Star Destroyer in the foreground shows how awesome and big this custom ship really is. Doomhandle’s ISD Tyrant is so massive, that he was able to fit a hangar bay, multiple ships and three levels of various rooms inside.

Goombas And Roombas.

Goombas and Roombas. LEGO builder Cecilie Fritzvold (via The Brothers Brick) created this micro scale Super Mario Bros. play session, complete with a robot vacuum cleaner to handle chores while the player is otherwise occupied.

It Took 20 Pounds Of LEGO To Make Doom's BFG 9000

The gloriously-named ZaziNombies YouTube channel creates LEGO versions of video game weapons, among other things. Somehow they have gone five years without building Doom’s famous BFG 9000. Maybe it just took them a while to gather the 5,000+ bricks.

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