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New Professor Layton And Yokai Watch 3 Will Be Announced Next Month

This April, Level-5 will holding its own expo in Japan and will announce a handful of new titles.

The Apple Watch Comparison Anime Fans Are Waiting For

Yesterday, Apple revealed a whole slew of information about its Apple Watch line-up. No doubt many anime fans have been wondering the same thing: How does the Apple Watch compare to the Yokai Watch? Good question! Let’s find out.

McDonald's Turns Into Japan's Most Popular Video Game Anime

A McDonald’s in Tokyo’s Odaiba has been turned into the fictional fast food joint Mogmog Burgers from the extremely popular video game and anime series Yokai Watch.

An Unexpected Place To See Yokai Watch Ads

Did you watch the match between Japan and Brazil last night? Neymar scored four goals against Japan in a 4-0 win. Not pretty if you’re a Samurai Blue fan! At least the game gave us one unexpected thing: Yokai Watch ads.

Marvel At How Yokai Watch Has Totally Overtaken Japan

You might have never heard of Yokai Watch. Maybe you have. It’s a 3DS game and anime with hard-to-get toys. In Japan, it’s extremely popular at the moment. But sales numbers aside, what is a good way to tell? Merchandise, that’s how. Endless merchandise.

Why Yokai Watch Shoplifting Made The Evening News In Japan

Right now, Yokai Watch is incredibly popular in Japan. The 3DS games, the kiddy arcade games, the toys, and the anime are all smash hits. And one network news channel recently reported about a Yokai Watch shoplifting incident.

Buying Japan's Most Popular Toy Was Crazy Hard

You know the routine. New popular toy comes out. It quickly vanishes from store shelves. And when it’s finally in stock, you gotta line up. That was this morning, but with a slight twist and months of waiting.

There's A Good Reason Why This Game Is Japan's Current Bestseller

Yokai Watch 2 (妖怪ウォッチ2), the sequel to the exceedingly popular Yokai Watch, has been selling like gangbusters in Japan. And for good reason. Not only is the TV anime going strong and related toys disappearing off of store shelves faster than they can stock them, but the game itself is a whole lot of fun.

How Yokai Watch Was Engineered To Be A Massive Hit

Yokai Watch, Level 5’s popular spirit collecting game, is still going strong, with the game remaining in Japan’s video game sales top 10 list for nearly a year. There’s no catching lightning in a bottle like with Pokémon, but according to developer Level 5, if you really try, you can get pretty close.

Yokai Watch Could Be The Next Pokemon

Yokai Watch? WTF is that?” was my first response when I heard about the 3DS game that had Brian ransacking toy stores. Yokai Watch is pretty much a Pokemon style game from Level-5 of Professor Layton fame, where the objective is to collect cute little fairy-like monsters — called Yokai — to battle with.