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How True Are Japan's Latest Gaming Rumours?

The gaming industry is constantly full of rumours. More so in April where you have the gullible falling for all the crazy April Fools pranks that pop up.

The Video Game Anime That's Taking Japan By Storm

This week, I spent four mornings out and about. I went to store after store. My mission was to locate toys from a popular anime. Boy, did I ever fail.

JRPG That Mocks Boring JRPG Tropes Turns Out To Be Pretty Boring

For as long as there have been RPGs, there have been people making fun of RPG tropes. The Internet is sprinkled with jokes about level grinding and home invasion, to the point where Jokes About RPGs deserve their own slot on the Grand List Of RPG Clichés.

No, This Next-Gen RPG Isn't Called 'Wonder F**k'

Level-5, known for the Professor Layton series, is inching closer to releasing their next big multi-platform project, Wonder Flick. However, some people are not quite sure about the name.

It's Just Like Your Town, Except Monsters Attack Every Friday

Here’s the trailer for Attack of the Friday Monsters, a new game that came out for the 3DS eShop today. It looks kind of amazing — a visual novel set in a sleepy Japanese village where monsters attack once a week.

Pranksters, Get Your Ridiculous Level-5 Wallpaper Right Here!

Recently, Level-5 held a popularity contest, with the most popular characters appearing in a special wallpaper. Good thing internet pranksters apparently rolled the poll, because the ensuing wallpaper is all kinds of fun.

Nintendo And Japanese Game Makers Win Another R4 Legal Victory

Today, Nintendo won another legal battle against R4 devices against two Japanese distributors. Upholding the ban on R4 devices, a Tokyo court ruled that the accused, two Tokyo-based R4 sellers, must pay a sum total of nearly $1 million in damages to Nintendo and 50 or so other companies that had joined in the suit.

App Review: Don't Tell Professor Layton, But I'm Certain This Is Not His Son

The biggest mystery of Level-5′s Layton Brothers: Mystery Room is who exactly is Alfendi Layton’s biological father, because it sure as hell isn’t the good Professor. Professor Layton is a stocky fellow who travels the world with his companions, solving an endless string of mind-bending riddles.

Perhaps Blame Internet Pranksters For Scorning Professor Layton

Remember how 4chan voted Kim Jung-un as Time‘s Person of the Year? Well, something kind of like that might have happened in Japan — but minus Time and the communist dictator.

This New 3DS EShop Game Sounds Pretty Fantastic

The Starship Damrey is a video game. It’s for 3DS. It’s out today. It’s called The Starship Damrey.