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Why Anime Theme Songs Are Sometimes Changed 

The Yokai Watch anime is coming to North America! It will be broadcasted on Disney XD. And the English-language theme song is different. There’s a reason for that, you know.

Yokai Watch Will Arrive In Time For Christmas

Video: Level 5’s super-popular ghost catching series, Yokai Watch, series is finally leaving Japan, and Nintendo said it’s arriving “holiday 2015”.

Level-5's Next Big Thing Is Snack World

Briefly: There will be a manga, anime and games. But we’ll have to wait and see if this catches on like Yokai Watch has in Japan.

Yokai Watch 3 Will Be Set In The US

The previous entries in the huge-in-Japan franchise were set in, well, Japan. In the upcoming game, the main character’s father is transferred to the States, and the trailer is quick to point out what’s American and “totally different from Japan.” Heh.

Professor Layton And Fantasy Life Are Getting Sequels On... Mobile

Proving once again that life is miserable and full of pain, the folks at publisher Level-5 announced this morning that the upcoming Fantasy Life 2 and Professor Layton 7 will both be for smartphones.

New Professor Layton And Yokai Watch 3 Will Be Announced Next Month

This April, Level-5 will holding its own expo in Japan and will announce a handful of new titles.

The Apple Watch Comparison Anime Fans Are Waiting For

Yesterday, Apple revealed a whole slew of information about its Apple Watch line-up. No doubt many anime fans have been wondering the same thing: How does the Apple Watch compare to the Yokai Watch? Good question! Let’s find out.

McDonald's Turns Into Japan's Most Popular Video Game Anime

A McDonald’s in Tokyo’s Odaiba has been turned into the fictional fast food joint Mogmog Burgers from the extremely popular video game and anime series Yokai Watch.

An Unexpected Place To See Yokai Watch Ads

Did you watch the match between Japan and Brazil last night? Neymar scored four goals against Japan in a 4-0 win. Not pretty if you’re a Samurai Blue fan! At least the game gave us one unexpected thing: Yokai Watch ads.

Marvel At How Yokai Watch Has Totally Overtaken Japan

You might have never heard of Yokai Watch. Maybe you have. It’s a 3DS game and anime with hard-to-get toys. In Japan, it’s extremely popular at the moment. But sales numbers aside, what is a good way to tell? Merchandise, that’s how. Endless merchandise.

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