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The First Yo-Kai Watch Movie Airs In The US Next Month

The highest grossing Japanese movie of 2015 is coming to North American theatres next month for an entire day! Level-5 and Eleven Arts are bringing the English version of the time-tripping first Yo-Kai Watch movie to select U.S. theatres on October 15.

Ni No Kuni II Sounds Massive 

Don’t fret! Level-5 is still making Ni no Kuni II. That is, lots of Level-5 is making it.

The New Layton Game Is Called Lady Layton 

Level-5’s Layton series has a new protagonist. Meet Lady Layton.

Yokai Watch Is Coming To Final Fantasy XIV

In a somewhat unexpected move, Yokai Watch characters are coming to Final Fantasy XIV in a future update.

Sorry, You Don't Like Yokai Watch More Than This Person

You might like Yokai Watch. You might have the games and the toys, but do you drive a Jibanyan vehicle? I doubt it!

Yo-Kai Watch Is Different Because Its Hero Is So Damn Normal 

Yo-kai Watch follows the adventures of a young boy, a magical watch, and a whole lot of yokai. Magical items are not new. Yokai are Japan’s traditional ghouls and goblins. So what makes Yo-Kai so different? Its hero.

Why Anime Theme Songs Are Sometimes Changed 

The Yokai Watch anime is coming to North America! It will be broadcasted on Disney XD. And the English-language theme song is different. There’s a reason for that, you know.

Yokai Watch Will Arrive In Time For Christmas

Video: Level 5’s super-popular ghost catching series, Yokai Watch, series is finally leaving Japan, and Nintendo said it’s arriving “holiday 2015”.

Level-5's Next Big Thing Is Snack World

Briefly: There will be a manga, anime and games. But we’ll have to wait and see if this catches on like Yokai Watch has in Japan.

Yokai Watch 3 Will Be Set In The US

The previous entries in the huge-in-Japan franchise were set in, well, Japan. In the upcoming game, the main character’s father is transferred to the States, and the trailer is quick to point out what’s American and “totally different from Japan.” Heh.

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