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Do You Make Games? Check Out Lifehacker IT Pro

Kotaku’s sister site, Lifehacker, has often described its unique mix of work, life and technology advice as “looking at the world from a programmer’s perspective”. Today it expands that focus on technology, while making it easier than ever to find the stories that interest you the most, from saving money on bills to finding the most rewarding career path. Lifehacker’s content now sits in three main channels: Work, Life and IT Pro (advice specifically tailored for the IT crowd). And don’t worry: when you come to the Lifehacker home page, you’ll still see every single story across all channels in reverse chronological order, just as you do now. Take a look.

Developers -- Lifehacker Wants To Meet You!

You guys and girls are so awesome you just spontaneously have your own meet-ups all around the country — but Lifehacker? Well its looking to host a meet-up that is developer focused. We seem to have a lot of developers here at Kotaku, so I thought I’d let you guys know.

How To: Retro Gaming On Android And iPhone

Just a heads-up — there’s a great piece on getting old-school emulators up and running on your iOS/Android-powered phone over on Lifehacker, so you can take your retro-gaming activites wherever you go.

I know I fall apart without a good dose of Money Puzzle Exchanger every so often. Though nothing quite beats playing it on a full-size arcade machine.

We're Looking For A Weekend Editor!

So, anyone want to work at Allure Media across Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker? We’re looking for someone to cover the weekend shift on our technology sites – if that sounds like something you think you could do then let us know!

Kotaku vs. Lifehacker: The Xperia Play

We had a look at the Xperia Play, and left a little unconvinced. Angus Kidman, the Australian Editor of our sister site Lifehacker, however, felt differently. In the interests of fairness the pair of us decided to duke it out over the issue – am I wrong about the Xperia Play? Find out below!

Where Is The Cheapest 3DS In Australia

As we reported yesterday, Nintendo fully expect the 3DS to sell out at all retailers come tomorrow, but just in case you feel like chancing your luck our very own Angus Kidman over at Lifehacker, in a typical show of efficiency, has created a round up of all the best Nintendo 3DS deals in stores across Australia.

Google Now Guesses Release Dates For Movies And Video Games

Google has some pretty neat built-in tricks, and it seems they’ve just added another one: with just a quick search, Google will try to tell you the release date of any movie or video game. [Lifehacker]

How To Ditch Slow Wireless Speeds Go Completely Wired

Wi-Fi provides a convenient way to connect the computers in your home without the hassle of wires, but Wi-Fi is also slow and unreliable compared to a wired connection. Here’s how to go wired where it counts. [Lifehacker]

Check Out Techlines Today At Midday!

Techlines is a live panel discussion on all the latest tech trends, and the latest episode will be shown on Lifehacker tomorrow at midday. The subject? Cloud computing.

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