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The Most Depressing Theories On What Limbo Means

Limbo isn’t a straightforward adventure. It’s confusing. But it’s a good kind of confusing that inspires people to band together and try to solve its mysteries.

Mod Turns Dark Souls Into Black And White Nightmare

A simple tweak gives the world of Dark Souls an exceptionally eerie quality.

Make Dark Souls Look Like Limbo, At Least If You're On PC

Want to make Dark Souls even harder? Simple — completely remove the HUD, and turn everything into a hundred different shades of black and white. Turns out it’s ridiculously easy to do, too.

10 Of The Best One-Night Games

Whether it’s an RPG that tells a story over dozens of hours, or a strategy game that takes months to master, games are often a considerable time investment. For many people this is central to gaming’s appeal: nowhere else in art can you find such complete worlds to lose yourself in or such stern challenges to overcome.

If Limbo Was A Movie, It Would Look Like This

The eerie, kind of creepy atmosphere of 2010’s Limbo is captured perfectly in this short film by Jesper Eriksson. It’s kind of uncanny, to the point that I was surprised to find no mention of the game in an interview with Eriksson about the short.

New Game From The Lead Designer Of Limbo Pops With Colour

Ingenious puzzles and a chilling black-and-white aesthetic helped make 2011’s Limbo a critically acclaimed hit. Now, the guy who crafted much of that indie success’ gameplay has something new coming out, a stripped-down platformer called 140 that’s exploding with rainbow hues.

I Would Play An Entire Game Of Mario And Limbo Put Together

It’s not a full, real game yet, but Newgrounds user executive11 is working on it. For now, you can bounce around in the pretty half-Limbo, half-Mario world.

We Are Explorers: In Search Of Mystery In Videogames

My favourite video games are the games I don’t fully understand. They stay with me after I stop playing. They ask questions I cannot answer. They resonate with mystery.

Wall-E Meets Limbo Is Great For Wallpaper, Not So Great For Smiling

This might be the saddest combination of characters/worlds ever. Thanks, z0h3, for making me go “aww” and then promptly “aww.” They were two totally different “aww”s, I swear.

If Radiohead Had Performed The Limbo Soundtrack

I usually don’t like listening to outside music while I play games, and certainly not while I play atmospheric games like Limbo. And yet if I had to choose a soundtrack for Playdead’s dark little game, I could think of worse albums than Radiohead’s Amnesiac.

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