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Nobody Expects The Warhammer 40K Inquisition

This is Alexey Konstantynov from Ukraine (a member of Arthammer Workshop) in a 40K Inquisitor outfit that is just incredible.

Éomer, Son Of Éomund, You Sure Look HD

Dayshot: It’s one thing to draw or paint a character you like, and another to model them in high definition — as Nimlot26’s version of Éomer (his version of the Karl Urban version of Éomer) shows.

LEGO Dimensions' Voice Cast Is Just Nuts

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future, Stephen Merchant and Ellen McLain from Portal, Gary Oldman as the game’s big bad and two different Chris Pratt performances — LEGO Dimensions‘ definitely got talent.

Hobbiton, Via Minecraft, Is Just Beautiful

Just when I thought I was sick to death of seeing these kind of things, along comes a Tolkien tribute to blow my socks off.

Shadow of Mordor 'Game Of The Year' Edition Coming May 5

Briefly: A $US50 “Game Of The Year” edition of Shadow of Mordor is coming out May 5 — as in, next week — for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. No word on last-gen versions. If you haven’t played Mordor yet, this is a good chance to get all its post-release goodies without having to pay extra for the crappy parts of its DLC.

Watch The Hobbit In Just 72 Seconds As Reenacted By Lego

Some time ago I was a huge fan of 30 Second Movies As Reenacted By Bunnies. I’m not sure why, but after so many of them, they kind of lost their spark. This short YouTube clip is pretty great though, and I’m thinking that maybe Lego just makes everything better.

Shadow Of Mordor: The Bright Lord: The Kotaku Review

The Bright Lord, Shadow of Mordor‘s new DLC campaign, promises an epic showdown with Lord of the Rings head honcho Sauron. It was designed in part to address a common fan complaint about the original game’s anticlimactic ending. But while it does give players a chance to fight Sauron, I’d hardly call it an epic battle.

The Beautiful Handwriting And Maps Of The Lord Of The Rings Movies

One of the few things that wasn’t computer-generated in the recent Hobbit movies was all the sweet Middle Earth calligraphy, which was done by the same artist responsible for the most of the books (and maps) of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

Explore Gondor's Ancient Capital From Lord Of The Rings In Minecraft

Dayshot: Osgiliath, capital of the Kingdom of Gondor, was the Kingdom’s greatest city before it was eventually abandoned in the Third Age. Now, you can take a walk in Osgiliath, both in its glory days and beyond, courtesy of two fantastic Minecraft builds.

Now There's A Three-Hour Cut Of The Hobbit Trilogy

Just in case a four-hour version of an eight-hour trilogy was still too long for you, professional video editor David Killstein has now gone and made an even more drastic cut of Peter Jackson’s overblown Hobbit adaptation.

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