lord of the rings

Shadow Of Mordor's Lore, Explained In Two Minutes

Is there anything more confusing than video game lore? Oh, right: Lord of the Rings video game lore. I could’ve sworn there were other gamers out who’ve been having a hard time figuring out what the hell is going on in Shadow of Mordor’s main story. Finally, I can say for sure that I’m not alone.

Nobody Knows How To Permanently Kill Shadow Of Mordor's Orcs

Ever since Shadow of Mordorcame out, many gamers have taken to its unique brand of orc-killing with a gusto. There’s just one problem: some of these orcs keep coming back from the dead. And while developer Monolith says this is partly an intentional feature, they haven’t given me a straight answer for how it works.

The Most Endearingly Excessive Lord Of The Rings Fan

Say you love a popular fantasy or science fiction series. Then say your significant other doesn’t love that same series. Do you just accept your differences and go about your lives? That’s one way to do it. Here’s another.

Shadow Of Mordor Player Pulls Off Massive Betrayal

Sauron’s entire high command, all going after a single warchief at once. He never stands a chance.

Pokémon's Johto Region As A Middle Earth-Style Map

Artist Adam Rufino created a Middle-Earth-styled version of Johto, the setting of the Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal games. Really cool details, and it also reminds me of all those 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons maps of the Forgotten Realms.

Why Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Left 'Lord Of The Rings' Out Of Its Name

Video: Confused why Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor left “Lord of the Rings” out of its name? Well, lead designer Bob Roberts just explained to Eurogamer that the omission was a deliberate choice to make sure the game was seen as “clearly its own thing” by keeping it “separate” from established LOTR franchises. Mystery solved!

Shadow Of Mordor On Xbox One Vs PS4 Vs PC

Depending on what platform you want kill orcs on, things will look a little different. Mind you, there doesn’t seem to be a version of Shadow of Mordor that is particularly lacking in the visual department. The game is a looker!

The Wonderfully Hideous Orcs Of Shadow Of Mordor

It’s so easy to resort to lazy and hurtful stereotypes whenever we talk about orcs. If nothing else, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordorshows us how disrespectful this is. These monsters may be hideous, but they’re also individuals with hopes and dreams — unique and precious like snowflakes. Let’s celebrate them as such.

The Combat In Shadow Of Mordor Sure Feels Familiar (In A Good Way)

The enjoyable fighting system in the superb Lord of the Rings game Shadow of Mordor is clearly inspired by the enjoyable fighting system in the superb Batman Arkham games. Let’s compare, shall we?

You'll Have To Pay Extra To Fight Sauron In Shadow Of Mordor

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor comes out tomorrow. While Tolkien fans will be delighted to finally play a Lord of the Rings game that’s actually really, really good, others might be disappointed that Sauron doesn’t make much of an appearance. Turns out: he’s in Mordor, you just have to pay more to get to him.