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Dragon Age And Mass Effect Companions, Ranked

It’s that time of the year again. Everyone is ranking their favourite games of the year or their most anticipated games of next year, but for Bioware fans — with the last of Dragon Age Inquisition’s DLC being released this year — there’s only one list that matters: a definitive ranking of all 51* companions from the Mass Effect and Dragon Age games.

When Being Bad In Video Games Is Better Than Being Good

The idea of choice in video games has been touted as a desirable feature for some time, and even though your choices don’t always have meaning, it doesn’t look like they’ll be going away any time soon. As much as some games give you the choice to be delightfully evil, most people will still feel the urge to do the ‘right’ thing. Just this week, many have been intrigued by Fallout 4’s ‘sarcastic’ dialogue option — while not everyone actually dares to press it. So here for your benefit, I’ve rounded up some of the top moments where making the ‘wrong’ decision actually results in a more interesting experience.

When Video Game Romances End In Rejection

You can’t always get what you want.

I don’t know about you, but I’m super into video game romances, as popularised by BioWare RPGs and things of the like. They’re my (and, I think, a lot of people’s) secret shame. It’s probably not healthy to get so emotionally invested in watching piles of ones-and-zeroes making goo-goo eyes at each other, but here we are.

Mass Effect Gets Its Own Theme Park Ride

Following Ubisoft’s announcement of their new Malaysian theme park earlier this month, now, we’ve got Bioware talking about a Mass Effect-themed attraction in a US theme park. Smaller in scope, sure, but at least it’s close by.

Explore The Surface Of Mars With These 7 Games

It’s been a while since Mars has been back on the radar, but with this morning’s announcement people are thinking about the Red Planet in a whole new light. So with NASA’s revelations in everyone’s mind, here’s a collection of some of the games that let you traverse the surface and atmosphere of our planetary neighbour.

More Mass Effect Minimates, Less Blind Groping

More Mass Effect Minimates, less blind groping. Following up on its blind bag from earlier this year, Diamond Select is wide-releasing a four-pack of ME figures early next year, including a Shepard with swappable John and Jane heads.

Want The Reaper From Mass Effect In GTA 5? There's A Mod For That

If you thought GTA 5 didn’t have quite enough gravitas and you wanted to up the drama stakes a little, why not drop the Reaper ship from Mass Effect 3 right in the middle of the city?

GTA V Mod Swaps Harmless Blimps For Mass Effect's Reapers

Grand Theft Auto V resident berdu captures a Reaper creepily hovering over Los Santos, thanks to a new mod that infuses a little Mass Effect into Rockstar’s game.

This Mass Effect Krogan Cake Looks So Good You Won't Want To Eat It

Some people have so much talent it hurts. And as someone with a sweet tooth, I’m completely in awe of the genius behind this Mass Effect cake.

Gaming Heads Is The One Responsible For This Mordin Statue

Dayshot: Gaming Heads is the one responsible for this Mordin statue, which is good, ’cause someone else might have gotten it wrong. Sorry. In any case, the statue stands 20.5 inches (52cm) tall, will be out next year, and comes in two flavours: exclusive (with console) and regular (without console). Check below for more pics.

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