mass effect

New TV Show Makes A Pretty Good Joke About Mass Effect's Ending

The characters on HBO’s new show Silicon Valley work in tech, and they clearly know a thing or two about video games. So when it comes time to articulate the pointlessness of one of their peers, they have got a pretty solid frame of reference to work with.

Dragon Age Was Terrible At Twitter

For its birthday, Twitter today showed off a neat feature that lets users find their first ever Tweet. Mostly so others can revel in your embarrassment. So it is with a couple of BioWare games, as the Dragon Age team’s first tweet wasn’t exactly one for the ages. Mass Effect‘s response, however, was better.

Be The Shepard And Buy Your Very Own N7 Mass Effect Jacket

Commander Shepard’s adventures through the galaxy may have ended a few years ago, but his / her legacy lives on, with the most recent form of remembrance being this nifty Mass Effect-theme leather jacket.

An End, Once And For All

Here’s violinist Taylor Davis and pianist Lara de Wit performing one of Mass Effect 3‘s most memorable musical compositions.

Arrested Development Meets Mass Effect

Simple, but I can’t stop smiling.

The Heroes And Villians Of The Legend Of Zelda, In Samurai Form

Man. I can’t be the only one that would play a Zelda game in this style, right? It’s sumi-e, to be specific — it’s a type of Japanese brush painting. You might already be familiar with the style if you’ve played Okami. Either way, the Link above was drawn by artist myCKs — and there’s more where that came from.

Commander Shepard: A Dramatic Reading By Commander Shepard

You’ll never be better than Commander Shepard. Or his voice actor.

What Games Taught Me About Having Two Girlfriends At Once

Sometimes, when we are lying in bed — after the giggles subside and our hands finally give it a rest — my girlfriend likes to joke about how video games prepared me for a life where I “go out with all the cuties”.

Is Mass Effect's Commander Shepard In An Old Spice Ad?

It sure looks like him! But, what’s with the nunchaku? And is he riding a raptor? With a rastacap?

Fan Writes 400-Page Blueprint To 'Fix' Mass Effect 3

Some Mass Effect fans protested the trilogy’s conclusion with cupcakes; others used Internet petitions. Gerry Pugliese was a little more ambitious. The self-proclaimed “huge Mass Effect fan” wrote a 400-page script that he calls “a fan revision, and blueprint, for fixing Mass Effect 3.”