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Painful Laughter, Killing Castro And My Other Favourite Gaming Moments Of 2010

Suicide, laughter and the believed death of a communist leader. These were just some of my 10 favourite moments from my favourite games of 2010. (Spoilers)

Hideo Kojima Takes Manhattan, Attracts Fans In Boxes

Today at the UNIQLO store in New York Metal Gear fans lined up with their best cardboard boxes to meet the man himself, Hideo Kojima. Some waited over 20 hours through sporadic thunderstorms for a chance to see their idol.

Read Hideo Kojima's Full Gamescom Press Conference Intro

We liveblogged Konami’s Gamescom presser and did a bang up job. But those who would rather read the full transcript of Hideo Kojima’s intro and pore over every word, we’ve got that, too.

Kojima Didn't Plan To Be Involved In New Metal Gear Games

Remember when Hideo Kojima said Metal Gear Solid 4 was the last MGS he was designing and he was handing off the series so he could presumably work on new and different titles?

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