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Metro 2033 Developer Puts Unannounced Space Game On Hold: Report

4A Games, the studio behind the Metro series of shooters, has been somewhat quiet of late. Last we heard it was working on two titles — a new Metro instalment and another, more radical game: an FPS set in space with a “very unusual design”. However, it appears the latter project has been put on hold, going by one developer’s LinkedIn profile.

How Metro: Last Light Flipped The Script On Players 

Metro: Last Light is relentlessly linear, right up until it isn’t. It gives you a trusty ally to follow, right up until he betrays you. As the game pulls the rug out from under you, leaving you completely alone, it becomes clear: all of this was by design.

Metro: Last Light Developer DLC Pack

The Metro: Last Light Developer DLC pack features a fully stocked shooting range, an AI battle arena, and a museum filled with the game’s characters and creatures. There’s also a solo mission filled with spiders, so screw that.

This Killer Metro: Last Light 'Trailer' Is More Like A Short Film

Video game trailers can be crass, they can be dumb, and they can be misleading. They can also be pretty damned cool. This trailer for Metro: Last Light is pretty damned cool.

Metro: Last Light PC Performance, Benchmarked

When the Metro 2033 was released in 2010 it contributed to raise the PC graphics bar making good use of the latest DirectX 11 rendering technologies such as depth of field and tessellation along with high resolution textures. Before that little was known about the developers of Metro.

The Storied Italian Composition Buried Within Metro: Last Light

The surface of the Earth may be a blasted wasteland, its music shops and symphony halls reduced to smouldering ruins. But as long as humans survive, so too will music. It’s in that spirit that I enjoy the music of Metro 2033 and its equally post-apocalyptic sequel, Metro: Last Light. The games have a distinct musical sensibility, as the grim men and women surviving in the irradiated Moscow Metro carry on the musical traditions of… well, mostly of folk guitar and heavy metal. Cool by me.

Six Critics Are Pleasantly Spooked By Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light is a survivor. Not only did it suffer multiple delays, but it also managed to get through its publisher’s unfortunate closure unscathed. The result is an excellent, albeit slightly troubled, first-person horror shooter.

Metro: Last Light: The Kotaku Review

What will the world look like after the bombs fall? Can God exist in a place without hope? When man’s desire to survive overrides his morality, is the empire he constructs worth saving?

Next Saints Row, Metro Games Will Be 'Faithful To Their Franchises'

Koch Media owns publisher Deep Silver (Dead Island). It now owns both the Saints Row and Metro franchises, along with the studios that made them.

13 Things You Should Know About Metro: Last Light

The first thing I thought while checking out Metro: Last Light during a demo presentation in a Manhattan hotel a few weeks ago, was “Another grey shooter? Seriously?” The second thing I thought was “Gee, this actually looks kind of neat.” The third thing I thought was “OK, now I want to play the first one.”

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